1406 - HOODLUM

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1406 — an adventure game that will open you the incredible story of the main character. You will take on the role of an inspired writer who is an expert in the topic of paranormal phenomena. In order to finish your book and find the necessary inspiration, you decide to go to one of the gloomy cities with a terrible story. According to legend, this city has in itself otherworldly forces. Although the hero and the expert in such topics, but still he still does not believe in the existence of any otherworldly creatures. This kind of activity brings him only a good income and nothing more. You will begin your new day with a search on the Internet for the strangest places, and, having found a suitable city, you immediately go there. Still not understanding what is waiting for you ahead, you decide without any fear to collect the necessary information.

Forge and Fight v21.03.2019 - SKIDROW

Forge and Fight Game Free Download Torrent
Forge and Fight is a game that makes it easy to create all sorts of strange and amazing melee weapons, and then test them in a deadly battle arena. Creating your own weapons in Forge and Fight is quite simple — you simply select the handle, then add connectors, blades, and an assortment of other deadly items in pieces. Chains, pipes, and multi-connectors are good for imparting structure to your weapon, while a wide range of swords, axes, balls, blades, and spikes are perfect for causing pain. You can even add flamethrowers, mini-guns, boxing gloves and circular saws to create a mixture of several weapons.​

Heathen Engineerings Terran - DARKSiDERS

Heathen Engineerings Terran Game Free Download Torrent
Heathen Engineerings Terran is a new letalka with elements of a sandbox, the plot of which develops in the distant future, this time when humanity, thanks to technology, went beyond the limits of flesh and bones, and became a component or one with the machine. Having begun your journey as a space pilot, you, as one unit with your ship, should discover many new, previously unknown galaxies. Joining various factions and corporations, mafia syndicates, or working for yourself or a criminal gang, you will have to make difficult decisions on which the life of all living things will depend. Creating massive space fleets, you will learn to enter into the necessary contracts, supplying their ships and weapons beyond your habitat.

Grand Battle v1.0 - PLAZA

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Grand Battle is a unique, made in the classic style of RPG combat, with elements of Indie and action. According to the story, which is told in this game, a huge meteorite flew in, which brought down its anger to the planet, after which terrible creatures began to manifest themselves, monsters who are ready to destroy everything around. Your task is to destroy the dishonest on your way, to find out who and why is behind this madness. The player will be presented with a colorful universe, through which it is worth going to victory. There are ten different game characters to choose from, which you will become familiar with during the game. There is also a gradation according to the classes of players.​

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom v4.00 (upd.20.03.2019) - CODEX

Ni no Kuni II Revenant Kingdom Game Free Download Torrent
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In the long-awaited sequel to Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch, you will take on the role of the exile king, who needs to save his kingdom from all-consuming darkness. Help Evan enlist the support of friends and mysterious spirits, go back to his former possessions and return the world to these lands. You will find an exciting immersion in the atmosphere of a fantasy fairy tale, created by the forces of the studio Level-5 and Yoshiyuki Momos, the famous animator Ghibli. Young King Evan, monsters and goblins, living in the underground labyrinths of the castle, mythical heroes, dark forces, fairy prince from a different dimension, crafty inhabitants of the invented kingdom, dragons. On the same level as the bitterness of loss, distrust and despicable betrayal of close people, the threat of dark forces is the team work, the responsible mission to protect your home, the unexpected hand of helping new allies, unique combo techniques — that’s what awaits you in the Japanese role-playing game.

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Spike Volleyball v20190320 - CODEX

Spike Volleyball Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT
Spike Volleyball is a game whose foundation is taken from the world of sports, in which you will plunge into your head and take on the role of a professional volleyball player. Here you will have a choice between five dozen teams, which include both women and men. Make a decision and choose one of the given teams, which you must by all means bring to victory. You will take part in various kinds of tournaments, including the most ambitious world championships, in which you need to collect as many victories as possible. The gameplay gives you the opportunity to participate in matches, to pass tests that increase professionalism, so that you become the best world player.

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Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Minor Factions v1.94 - PLAZA

Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Minor Factions Game Free Download Torrent
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Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion Minor Factions — Rebellion offers you to fulfill your childhood dream and go to a far space to become not just an astronaut, but a real galactic pirate, who swims between galaxies and planets, just because he wants it so. The main menu already meets the players with an amazing ton, demonstrating a good composition performed with the help of classic instruments. You will not only become the helm of a huge galactic cruiser, but also lead and lead a fleet that intends to fight the mercenaries and rebels, who began to appear in almost all corners of the universe.

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Novus Inceptio v0.54.003 - SKIDROW

Novus Inceptio Game Free Download Torrent
Novus Inceptio is a realistic science fiction sandbox with RPG elements. What is only the system of aging: your hero can die not only from natural disasters, but also elementary from old age. And the aging system in the game also applies to all plants and animals. From this, the surrounding world seems alive and constantly changing. This system gives the player completely new possibilities. For example, a ferocious and dangerous predator, which you could not conquer in any way, will weaken to old age and become easy prey for you. Your character, depending on your actions, acquires and develops skills, and those skills that are not used for a long time, deteriorate in terms. If the game drags on, and this is not surprising, because you are waiting for a huge world and just a great crafting system, the player can so keep the hero’s recruited skills and again become young and strong.

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Project Winter v20.03.2019

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Project Winter is a multiplayer action strategy game in which you have to face social problems and survive in adverse conditions of the surrounding world. The basis of the gameplay lies precisely in teamwork, if it is coordinated, then you will be able to pass all the tests with ease. To achieve a positive atmosphere in the team will not be so easy as it may seem at first glance. For a start, you will go on a long journey to explore the area and get useful items for yourself, as well as valuable resources.

IT'S WINTER Build 20190320

IT'S WINTER Game Free Download Torrent
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IT’S WINTER is a casual game, played in the genre of a simulator, where you will plunge into the dark atmosphere of an unusual world. You will encounter this solitude, to get out of which there is no possibility. All that surrounds you: humming fridge, broken radio and endless snowfall. This game is presented as part of a multi-format project, which includes a short film, a book, a music album and even a performance. All that the game gives you is a dull existence in the role of the protagonist, who is surrounded by longing and loneliness.