WOT / World of Tanks v1.

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Download world of tanks torrent latest version of the game at this time is possible in this news without any restrictions. This is a global multiplayer online game, entirely timed to armored cars of the mid-20th century. Players will get the chance shoulder to shoulder to fight with the iron giants' admirers from all corners of the planet, defending the means of complaint for a major tank domination. Advanced system of pumping and becoming will allow you to experience any of the machines presented in this Irge. From this news you will learn how to download the tanks of the world of tanks in just a few minutes, and quickly start the fight.

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Castlevania Anniversary Collection v1.1.0 - CODEX

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Castlevania Anniversary Collection — in honor of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, KONAMI decided to please all fans with the release of three collections of classic arcade games, as well as the Contra and Castlevania series. In addition to 8 games, the collection will include a special book in electronic form telling about the history and development of the mentioned titles, interviews with developers, sketches, art, design documents and other materials curious to fans.

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Contra Anniversary Collection Update v1.1.0 - PLAZA

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Contra Anniversary Collection — this year, Konami celebrates its 50th anniversary and on this occasion decided to surprise the players with a reprint of their cult franchises. As it became known, the developers will release a collector’s edition of Arcade Classics, Castlevania and Contra in the Anniversary Collection versions. The gaming community was immediately delighted with the retro-games, and was also surprised that Konami decided to make reissues, and not, as recently adopted, for mobile platforms.

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