Oneiros v1.0.7 (upd.27.03.2020) - HOODLUM

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Oneiros — wonderful puzzle game with adventure elements, where you will look for a way out while exploring the room in which you are. If you like this kind of game, you want to spend many hours searching for clues, while looking into each cabinet, then the game is for you. The game has a storyline where a guy named Liam wakes up in a room that is very similar to his, but the doors are closed and in order to get out of it, he needs to examine the premises from a first-person perspective. I would like to highlight some of the most important characteristics that will become key in choosing between playing or not playing this puzzle. So, the player starts the gameplay, gets an exciting puzzle, a beautifully drawn surreal world that is not empty, it has the maximum content with details that make the game interesting. All these details can and should be used during the passage.

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Sons of Ra v1.0 (upd.27.03.2020)

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Sons of Ra — is a great strategy game that is made in the style of a chessboard, where you control your warriors, arrange them and indicate where they are going to battle. The game has been repeatedly noted by various game awards for its correct direction and implementation. A strategic quest that begins in ancient Egypt, immediately after the death of the great Pharaoh. You understand that power cannot be without a leader, but there are a lot of leaders and those who want to become them, so you need to resolve the situation in the old proven way. Only one person deserves the great title of the Pharaoh of Egypt, and only you will be able to become one, unless of course you think through the battle strategy well and lead your warriors correctly.

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The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners v163421 (upd.27.03.2020)

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The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners — is an extensive action game created for VR kits. The game was developed and released by Skydance Interactive, and was based on a license for the popular comic book series The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman. The action of The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners takes place several years after the start of the mysterious epidemic that turns people into living corpses. Survivors are forced to fight for survival — not only zombies, but other people pose a threat in this inhospitable world.

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Fantasy General II Onslaught v1.01.09585 - CODEX

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Death comes from heaven in the Onslaught expansion for Fantasy General II. Giant armored eagles roar in the sky and dive into enemy lines, while flying Nightmares wreak havoc on their victims. A fiery bird screams high in the sky, and a rider in Pegasus throws his magic potions at an enemy. In the war for Keldonia, the sky becomes a battlefield. The add-on introduces 13 new air units, which significantly expand the original line and allow for new brave tactics and maneuvers. Eagle bombers, Firebirds, Pegasus, Monster Hunters. Onslaught also adds an entirely new campaign in which a strange dream leads you in search of the mysterious Book of Krell.

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Fantasy General 2 v1.01.09585 - CODEX

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Fantasy General from was a 1996 war game for people who rightly believed that an excellent tank general did not have enough dragons. And this led to the appearance of wizards, undead, and furs. More than two decades later, this year a second wind suddenly appears in the form of Fantasy General 2. 300 years after the first game, you will command the armies of fantasy warriors as the son of a barbarian leader, trying to prove yourself a strong old man of your clan. You will fight again on the basis of hexagonal battles, but this time with a developing army of recruits and potential champions, each of which is the sum of their experience, abilities and equipment.

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Godhood v0.17.5 - GOG

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In Godhood you will witness the birth of a deity who will obey your instructions. As befits a creature without a material shell and enormous power, over time you will have fans. Evaluating your actions, they will determine their level of interest and faith, so it is important to choose the positive and negative sides of the future government.

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