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Pacify is a new horror game, with elements of adventure, where the main character has to explore the vastness of a dark, scary and dangerous house with terrifying secrets. Dark and narrow corridors, and utterly unknown at the end of each. What awaits you around the corner, you can find out with a great game from the studio Shawn Hitchcock. The development of events, directly depends on you, the situation can change dramatically. In the center of events, a strange, little girl who cannot control herself and is divided into good and evil. Depending on what is happening inside the game, its state may change. At last, evil takes the mind of a girl into your own hands, you have to take your feet in your hands, and run far away, within a large, dark house.

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Not For Broadcast v2020.3.4a

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In Not for Broadcast from NotGames and tinyBuild you will find yourself in the hardware of the main national television channel and decide for yourself what is worth seeing for citizens and what is not. Power in the country was seized by a radical party in the yard — the anti-utopian 1980s, censorship is welcome and rewarded, and the struggle for honest coverage of events is fraught with grave consequences. TV spots in Not for Broadcast were shot live. In November, the game will appear in «early access», where it will spend at least a year and a half. In the process, developers will append the script and stage new scenes.

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ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.05 (upd.14.06.2020)

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ULTRAKILL — is a dynamic and exciting game project developed in the shooter genre, where all actions take place in a first-person view. The game world is quite dangerous, it has prepared for you a lot of battles with the most insidious opponents, as well as traps and tests on the way to a given target. It is worth noting that the game includes an outstanding storyline with unexpected twists. The locations are different and each should be studied up and down to think through their actions and repulse the enemy.

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Cattle and Crops v0.9.6.5 (upd.14.06.2020)

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Cattle and Crops — is another cool farm simulator game for PC in which you will need to master the management of farm equipment and engage directly in the farming itself. And the first thing would like to note the graphics, thanks to which this simulator and stands out against the backdrop of a huge number of others. The most beautiful landscapes, open spaces, nature, farm equipment, tractors, roads and even the city near which all the events take place everything looks really cool, realistic and beautiful. At the same time, the world itself is open, and you can travel through it for your pleasure without any restrictions. By the way, you can travel around the world, both on a tractor, for example, and on a pedestal, taking control of your main character directly.

This game has been updated 14-06-2020, 04:43 to the latest version v0.9.6.5 (upd.14.06.2020).

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This Land Is My Land v0.0.3.13779

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This Land Is My Land — is a stealth action game about the advent of a native Indian who had to enter into a personal war against the people of the conqueror. The game takes place in an open, ever-changing world. The newly formed settlement will eventually turn into a flourishing city, the camps of your fellow tribesmen will constantly move, and punitive patrols will choose new routes. Changes apply to both the current session and subsequent restarts of the game. As mentioned earlier, the main enemies are people who have come from afar. They want to enslave new lands, which is why they are gradually getting rid of the indigenous population.

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Project Hospital v1.2.20333

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Project Hospital is a construction simulator in which you have to build a hospital and manage it. At Project Hospital you can be both an inspired architect, a successful manager and a talented doctor. Design your own hospital, customize every detail and take immediate medical duties. Sign contracts with insurance companies to get patients with the most interesting diagnoses, conduct research, laboratory tests and use a variety of medical equipment to solve difficult cases. Treat your patients with the most advanced methods, earn a reputation and get access to the most advanced equipment. An interesting construction simulator.

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Astrox Imperium v0.099

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Astrox Imperium — a simulator with elements of an action in which you have to conquer global outer space. You will take on the role of the protagonist, who was expelled to a distant sector of space, having set off far from the best ship. In your arsenal, a meager set of weapons, which includes a small beam and a laser. Here you will fight for your own life, passing the numerous tests that the game has prepared for you. Outer space is dark and hides a lot of secrets. Solving the secrets of the world, you can discover new opportunities.

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MMORPG Tycoon 2 v0.17.109 - Early Access

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MMORPG Tycoon 2 is a new role-playing game that contains several genres, such as a sandbox, a simulator and a strategy, all in one bottle. Your main goal in this small game is to create your own MMORPG world, which will not be similar to everyone else. From scratch, you need to create your own universe, which will be inhabited by monsters. Catch cheaters and ban them, issue warnings to poor subscribers so that they do not interfere with other players. Help subscribers who are stuck, or hire game masters who will do it for you. Become a traditional boxed product with a monthly fee or use the Free-to-Play strategy and instead set microtransactions for potions, weapons, or other goods and services.

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