Ary and the Secret of Seasons Build 5485236 (upd.01.09.2020)

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Start an amazing journey through the magical world of Valdi. Ary and the Secret of Seasons — play as young Ariel, who was written to become the Keeper of Winter. The heroine knows how to manage the change of seasons, control the weather, thanks to which she successfully overcomes obstacles on her journey, solves riddles and eliminates enemies. Once given her magical world was threatened with destruction by black magic. The legendary warrior sealed evil in the Vault for eternity and sent four wise men to guard. They created the legendary Guardians of Seasons, which kept its secrets and secrets. But now a mysterious force once again brings confusion in Valdi, and brave Ariel goes to the aid of the Keepers of the Seasons. Thanks to her ingenuity and perseverance, Ari solves the tasks without problems and even monsters on the way will not confuse her.

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Evergate Build 5487187 (upd.01.09.2020)

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Evergate is a colorful and perfectly executed platformer game where you will go to a two-dimensional world to cope with numerous puzzles. The game includes several fascinating levels of varying degrees of difficulty that you will go through with the control of the light beam. You will take up the management of an unusual character, and a real childish soul, which is sent to meet the adventures passing through the afterlife. You will be able to jump, run, turn around and do everything to achieve the goal.

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Lennas Inception v1.1.0 Build 200901

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Lennas Inception — the legendary hero is dead, and a strange bug spreads throughout the kingdom. Explore dangerous dungeons and defeat eight archangels to clear the kingdom of glitches and restore the former order. In this game you need to help a hero named Lenna explore dark dungeons, simultaneously destroying monsters and search for divine artifacts, download Lenna’s Inception below. In general, this is a good role-playing adventure game in which the main character Lenna is an adventurer, he decided to dive into dungeons with monsters to search for artifacts. The game has many puzzles, generated maps, a battle system, initially you only have a sword, see how to fight and use objects in the lower left corner.

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Itorah upd.01.09.2020 (demo)

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Itorah is an adventure platformer where you explore the mysterious world of Nahukan. This alternate reality is inhabited by unknown creatures who constantly wear masks. It is here that you will find yourself in the role of the only person — a young girl named Itora. She had a responsible mission to save the world dying from the black plague. Go along with your heroine on a dangerous journey along uncharted paths and paths. You will have to face hostile creatures that are trying to interfere with your mission. You must not only survive, but also try to win in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

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IxShe Tell v1.03 (upd.01.09.2020)

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IxShe Tell — is a very atmospheric Japanese visual novel in which you have to go to an academy where romance was once banned, and plunge into the adventures of lifting that ban. The events of the game take place in the Kenseikan Academy, where the main character, Ninomiya Hajme, was transferred to this academy. Then, upon arrival, he learned about an unusual ban that extended to the entire academy. It turns out that any romantic relationship between peers was still prohibited here. But the main character has achieved the cancellation of this ban and now the academy has healed a new life.

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The Universim v0.43.33267 (upd.01.09.2020)

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The Universim — is probably the most ambitious simulator of God, because the player has to start with a small settlement on an uninhabited planet and try to evolve to intergalactic flights and colonize new planets. You will face a serious struggle for survival, you need to take into account all the smallest details and guide society along the path you need. The planet on which you will develop is generated at random, as well as climatic conditions and various natural disasters. Initially, it’s worth starting with the fact that you need to open fire. This discovery will help protect your settlement from wild animals and sudden temperature changes.

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Radical Relocation v1.0.0P9 (upd.01.09.2020)

Radical Relocation Game Free Download Torrent
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Radical Relocation — is a fascinating simulator based on physical interaction with the world, where you are given a very simple mission at first glance. Take on the role of the protagonist of an ordinary person who is concerned about moving from one place of residence to another. You do not have extra financial means to contact the carrier, so a personal car comes to the rescue, which must be loaded correctly in order to cope with the task at once. There are more than enough things, so you have to be smart and logical thinking when picking.

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