Car For Sale Simulator 2023 v0.3.2a (upd.11.05.2024)

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Car For Sale Simulator 2023 is an immersive simulator with an original idea, as well as diverse gameplay that will not let you get bored even after dozens of hours spent in the game. You have to open an institution for the resale of cars, as well as do everything possible to ensure that the business succeeds. Manage your available funds wisely, buy cars of different quality, and then resell them or add unusual items to your own collection. Addictive gameplay will appeal to all connoisseurs of this genre, and nice graphics and a variety of actions will not let you tear yourself away from what is happening on the screen. It is easy to guess that your main task will be to find suitable cars, but this is only a small part of what you have to do.

This game has been updated 11-05-2024, 07:03 to the latest version v0.3.2a (upd.11.05.2024).

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