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100 Percent Orange Juice — is a board game with characters from other Orange Juice games for example, Suguri, from acceleration SUGURI, Sora and QP, from QP Shooting Dangerous, for example. Each of the 4 players plays in turn, rolling a die to determine how many squares they move around the board. Depending on the area, they land, they can gain stars, lose stars, teleport at random, fight enemies or acquire cards from the central deck more on this later. To win the game, the player must land on the home square having a certain number of stars or a certain number of battles of her choice. There are about 16 different boards, each of which has certain events that affect all players every few revolutions.

This game has been updated 27-12-2021, 13:53 to the latest version v3.9.4 + All DLC.

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