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Subverse — is a hybrid of a shooter and turn-based strategy game with strong erotic elements. Players explore an alien galaxy, complete missions, develop characters and a spaceship. Success is rewarded with numerous and extensive sex scenes with subordinates. The game is also enriched with RPG elements. During the game, players need to develop the skills of their subordinates and improve the ship. The player can also breed genetically modified monsters to support him or her during battles. The turn-based battles also involve warriors recruited during the adventure. Success is rewarded with sex scenes with these characters. Each warrior has many sequences of this type, and the game does not require monogamy from any player. The heroines have extensive stories and their own so-called loyalty missions, the completion of which provides access to subsequent erotic scenes and additional combat abilities.

This game has been updated 22-07-2021, 04:44 to the latest version v0.2.2 (upd.22.07.2021).

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