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Ad Infinitum is, first and foremost, a story about the horrors of war and its consequences. The plot centers on an unnamed protagonist, a young soldier who survived the First World War. But even at home he is haunted by memories, and the slightest little thing brings back painful memories. His damaged mind freely destroys his memories, and the poor man is forced to travel through surreal scenes full of violence and brutality. Moreover, he is being pursued by monsters that he cannot shoot at, and he can only escape from them by buying time. Will the former military man be able to escape from the madness that has engulfed him and maintain his sanity and life? The review is conducted in the first person.

This game has been updated 31-10-2023, 05:17 to the latest version v1.0.5.270558 (upd.31.10.2023).

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