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Afterparty — humorous adventure from the creators of Oxenfree. The plot of the game is about Milo and Lola — college students and sidekick friends who died and went to hell. To get out of the underworld, you need to drink Satan. To pass you will need to go around all the drinking and entertainment establishments of hell, meet the ancient demons and prepare both physically and mentally for the battle with the devil. The dialog box resembles a game from Teltale with three answer choices, with the option «drink» instead of «silence». Various drinks will give temporary bonuses to enhance your performance, for example, «wit» or «courage». The developers note a high level of passage variability depending on the drink you choose and the replica, the game will throw up new unique situations and ways of passing.

This game has been updated 27-11-2022, 11:34 to the latest version Build 8011672 (upd.27.11.2022).

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