Alliance of the Sacred Suns v5.6 (upd.02.10.2021)

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The hero of the Alliance of the Sacred Suns is the newly elected ruler of the intergalactic Empire, which will soon collapse, and he needs to quickly make the right decisions. The space simulator combines elements of 4x strategy with an RPG, where the player’s task is to protect the people from the invasion of a powerful enemy, uniting all the noble houses that are at war with each other. The events of Alliance of the Sacred Suns unfold in the distant future, when the human colony, the only one that managed to survive, is on the brink of destruction. The great noble houses completely control the feudal territories, and the life of ordinary people has actually slipped back to the Middle Ages. The hero is the young Emperor, who only recently ascended the throne, who needs to create a prosperous future for his people. User creates a ward, picking up the necessary abilities and other characteristics.
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