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Ballads of Hongye is a strategic simulation where we go to the vastness of a city in China. Here you will play the role of the leader of a small town that needs to be brought to prosperity, making the life of the townspeople comfortable and safe. At first glance, such a task may seem simple, but in fact, the main character is responsible for a large number of aspects. It is worth noting the main feature of the game is the complete freedom of action provided to you, and therefore you can create a city that you see fit. You have a lot of opportunities to achieve a particular goal, but you need to learn how to use them correctly in order to achieve a positive result. The main thing is to establish profits and the economy as a whole, because the development and prosperity of the settlement will depend on this. The visual performance of the game is bright and colorful, well-crafted and has a unique style.

This game has been updated 30-12-2022, 09:57 to the latest version Build 10227928 (upd.30.12.2022).

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