Dark Quest Board Game v0.80 (upd.22.01.2023)

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Dark Quest Board Game is a tabletop RPG that has been brought to life as a PC game. Exciting adventures and exciting battles with the evil that is advancing on your lands await you. Choose a hero to your liking and hit the road. You will have to confront a powerful sorcerer who managed to acquire an assistant. Together with his apprentice, the insidious magician rebelled against the existing way of life and fixed his views on the lands that lived peacefully until recently. Their magic is so strong that only the best warriors of all tribes can resist it. You must send out the sad news and assemble a full-fledged army that will repel the created monsters.

This game has been updated 22-01-2023, 02:50 to the latest version v0.80 (upd.22.01.2023).

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