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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter — is a story based paleontologist simulator. You have to explore various territories, study dinosaur fossils and much more in order to finally fulfill your dream and open your own museum. Go in search of fossils of extinct species that once dominated the Earth. Enjoy the diverse landscapes of the United States, overcoming off-road, rivers and various obstacles in the wild. Break rocks, drain ponds and search for your prize in a vast area. Getting fossils is not so easy, especially if you have to dig yourself. Use GPR to search for clues and discover remains of extinct species. This will help you better understand the distant past of the Earth. If you think that it is enough to find the right place, you are wrong.

This game has been updated 26-10-2022, 08:10 to the latest version v2.1.8 upd.26.10.2022.

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