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GOG version this latest and full release of pc game House Flipper. If you still have not guessed, this time it will be a question of a home repair simulator. That is, in the game you have to redeem old houses, carry out cosmetic repairs in them and then try to sell more expensive. Cope with this task? Then do not waste time! The game is developed by the company Empyrean, which is confident in the success of their offspring. In fact, success can be quite, because no one has done this kind of game projects. Therefore, you just have to wait for the release of the game and right after you can download House Flipper torrent for free. Now you can do detailed repairs and try to do it as best you can, whether you succeed, for now just stock up in patience.

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  • House Flipper Pets Build 8727030 upd.13.05.2022 - FLT

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    Will you find a place for someone special in a newly renovated house. House Flipper Pets you will have the opportunity to take care of a wonderful companion and have a great time together. Your new furry buddy presents one of the ten popular dog or cat breeds, but that’s not the end of the great news! DLC will also allow you to choose between other animal species such as rabbits, turtles, parrots or hamsters. Take your new pet, take care of him and make him feel loved. Make sure you spend a lot of time playing games, teaching them, and creating comfort in your new home. Build a unique relationship with your charming neighbor.
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  • House Flipper Cyberpunk Build 5852459 (upd.20.11.2020)

    House Flipper Cyberpunk Game Free Download Torrent

    House Flipper Cyberpunk — even the construction sim has gone cyberpunk. The inevitable theme of 2020 was cyberpunk, and now it’s here to expand the relevance of House Flipper. A simulator about cleaning and repairing dirty houses for selling them for a profit. The House Flipper Cyberpunk DLC is free and lets you clean up and flip an apartment that used to be owned by a hacker in the grim city of Neo Tokyo. It contains over 60 cyberpunk items such as a dataprince’s chair, a variety of netrun cabinets, and a neon sign that reinforces the genre’s most important theme. There is also cybernetic leather for your hands, so while you wash, paint or whatever, you can pretend to be a cyborg.

    This game has been updated 21-07-2022, 05:34 to the latest version Build 5852459 (upd.20.11.2020).

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  • House Flipper Garden v1.2038 - CODEX

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    House Flipper repair simulator suddenly became a sensation. The game paid off all the costs of the Empyrean Studio on the very first day and remained at the top of sales for a long time Since that time, developers have released a number of patches, edits and improvements, and at the same time began work on console and mobile versions. And now, developing the achieved success, they announced the first paid addition to the game. DLC House Flipper — Garden will pay attention to that part of the game that looked unfinished from the very beginning. Having bought an abandoned house, we could restore order in it, make repairs and furnish to taste. But at the same time household plots remained in the most unsightly form. Now it’s over.

    This game has been updated 27-02-2022, 09:18 to the latest version v1.2038.

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