Subnautica (Stable) v71137 (upd.19.12.2022)

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Subnautica Stable — amazing game about a wonderful and diverse underwater world. A stunningly diverse alien underwater world will surprise you with every new game. This sandbox contains stunning beauty cinematic scenes that fill your adventure with the necessary realism. You will play for the survivor, the only capsule of which disconnected during the crash of the colonization spacecraft «Aurora» on a water-type planet. You can personally develop submarines for your purposes and even create submarines with a panoramic view from the transparent walls. All this will help you explore the vast expanses of the oceans. Random generation will constantly surprise you with incredible inhabitants of the sea depths.

This game has been updated 19-12-2022, 13:41 to the latest version v71137 (upd.19.12.2022).

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