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My Summer Car Game Free Download Torrent

My Summer Car Game Free Download Torrent

Fans of retro cars will appreciate the computer game My Summer Car, the story line which involves the repair of old and battered cars. The player will have to repair the retro car, in other words, give the car a second life in the virtual world of a distant Finnish village of the 1990s. Naturally, the reconstructed car will have to be tested on curves and bumpy country roads. Moreover, it will be necessary to repair almost improvised means, because the necessary parts are delivered by mail, and postal deliveries, you know, are not as fast as we would like.

Game Details

About This Game


Computer game My Summer Car can rightfully be called a «soul game» for several reasons. Firstly, its developer Johannes Royola in no way pretends to play the level of «aerobatics», because the gamer will not find in the game super-level graphics. However, this professional and amateur motorist will appreciate the physics of the game. According to the author of My Summer Car, his brainchild is the most believable simulator, which really demonstrates the importance of each part and element of the machine. The game presents a fairly complex system of driving. With proper reconstruction and control, the machine can develop speeds from 80 to 165 kilometers per hour. If you want a gamer, you can «order» the engine, which will accelerate to 200 kilometers. However, according to the author, on the country roads of the virtual world, not every user can cope with the control at this speed.

Secondly, and it’s rightfully called another advantage of this game, the story line My Summer Car is developing not only around the engineering system of the car. Every move or decision of the player is part of his virtual life, in which there are rest, temptations, entertainment and just everyday troubles and problems. For example, after drinking a bottle of beer, the protagonist will react more slowly to the external circumstances of the virtual world. In addition, the hero must be watered, fed, dressed and… directed to the sauna to relax, as the sauna is an integral part of the Finnish culture.

Key Features

  • Added engine spare parts to Fleetari for instant purchase
  • Fixed issue with some pistons not breaking off properly in case of failure
  • Fixed issue with timing cover removal
  • Fixed issue with radiator fan animation
  • Made Headgasket wear little slower
  • Added disclaimer and theme music to the main menu
  • Increased the required force for suspension failure
  • Fixed issue with hitch-hiking drunk kilju guy not triggering his life stories correctly
  • Repair shop is now fully closed outside of working times
  • Pistons will now lose their power when the condition goes under 10%, total breakdown at 0%
  • Added music mute button to main menu
  • Fixed Satsuma radio players getting stuck if car ACC was shut off

System Requirements

OS: 64bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: +3 GHZ dual core processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 TI or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Soundcard

OS: 64bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 1 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Soundcard


My Summer Car Game Free Download Torrent My Summer Car Game Free Download Torrent My Summer Car Game Free Download Torrent



1. The first thing we do is download the game’s installation files.
2. After downloaded, go to the folder and run the file «setup.exe».
3. During the installation, we specify the location on the disk where we want to install it.
4. At the end of the unpacking process, a shortcut appears on the desktop.
5. Launch the shortcut, and the games!

Download My Summer Car v23.02.2023 - SKIDROW [ 354 MB ]

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Game Update History:
  • My Summer Car v03.08.2022 → v23.02.2023
  • My Summer Car v07.07.2022 → v03.08.2022
  • My Summer Car v15.06.2022 → v07.07.2022
  • My Summer Car v26.01.2022 Hotfix → v15.06.2022
  • My Summer Car v14.01.2022 → v26.01.2022 Hotfix [ 26.01.2022 ]
  • My Summer Car v10.01.2022 → v14.01.2022
  • My Summer Car v27.11.2021 → v10.01.2022
  • My Summer Car v26.10.2021 → v27.11.2021
  • My Summer Car v25.10.2021 → v26.11.2021
  • My Summer Car v24.10.2021 → v25.10.2021
  • My Summer Car v23.10.2021 → v24.10.2021
  • My Summer Car v19.10.2021 → v23.10.2021
  • My Summer Car v13.10.2021 → v19.10.2021

This game has been updated 22-02-2023, 14:42 to the latest version v23.02.2023.

Comments 19

Anthonuy 14 October 2017 13:11
I have a problem with link
Please help
Skigameco 14 October 2017 13:47
Anthonuy, the link has been tested, it works. The game has been updated, you can download it again.
DatDuuude 24 October 2017 07:03
Is this the real version released today??

Is this the real version that was released today??

Nevermind thanks alot games awesome will be buying when its out of beta
Skigameco 30 October 2017 08:30
DatDuuude, yes, this is the latest and up-to-date version of the game.
SavageAUS 2 December 2017 02:36
Thanks for the latest update, looking forward to the full release of this game and not the beta. Keep up the good work!
MrBarni 26 December 2017 05:51
So far this is the best site u can download games from thanks.
Skigameco 2 February 2018 07:24
The game My Summer Car is updated to the current version of 02.02.2018.
cykablyattron69 8 February 2018 12:40
ok this is ok i am ok with this ok?
Skigameco 9 February 2018 03:25
cyblttron69, with the game all right.
cjtron 25 February 2018 06:33
Great man! Thansk for sharing the updated version, I couldnt find it anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have no words how greatful and happy I am right now, thank you!!
thewhiteboythatcould 5 March 2018 19:55
I saw this game in video and played it. And never had a game like it. This is the best place to down load this game.
Skigameco 18 March 2018 07:08
My Summer Car Update - 32bit Experimental - 17/03/18 - Mar 17

Steam update files ONLY!

You need to have game version 15/03/18, with the correct checksum, or this update will not work correctly.

Download: MSC_Update_32bit_e170318.rar (6.8Mb)
Evan 2 April 2018 23:43
Hi, we downloaded the file "my_summer_car_v16032018_ste_1.torrent" and followed the instruction. 

But we cant get through the game.  When we click the new game, we are prompted with the driving license.  We are stuck in there.  

Need help.
Skigameco 3 April 2018 09:22
Evan, hi, all right, this is a conditional start to the game, you need to fill in all the fields in the driver's license to start playing.
Bot 2 September 2018 12:48
Update please!
Skigameco 3 September 2018 09:04
Bot, updated to v03.09.2018.
Skigameco 4 October 2019 06:51
UPDATE 20.08.2019

-Adjusted and fixed Bus schedules and added timetables at the bus stops
-Car doors will now lock to open position when opened to full angle
-Shopping bag contents are now being saved, no more exploding open during load!
-Racing Muffler can be now spray painted
-Worn down Satsuma Starter might now refuse to turn
-Fixed Headgasket smoke sometimes getting stuck after replacing the Headgasket
-Map and environment changes
-Changed driving head bob to three different settings
-Computer now reads DIR-command
-Added setting for HDR, default OFF
-Removed one useless bolt from the Brake Lining assembly
-Added visual leaks to help to diagnose car problems
-Broken Store windows are now being saved, and temporarily replaced with plywood
-Decreased Pistons and Crankshaft wear rate
-Added Water wells around the map
-Junk car locations are now randomized
-Added fourth hidden junker car
-Added rack to Moped that can hold one or more objects (max 30 kg)
-Added two more CD's for player imported songs (CD's won't spawn in the game if they are empty)
-Added visual wear to the Pistons
-Made house fire smoke higher so player can see it from greater distance
-Fixed bug with police officer not showing a stop sign and still fining for not stopping
-Added GT trim stuff
-Fixed various issues with Bus failing to stop properly
-Store product quantities are now being saved, and products are re-stocked every Thursday
-Changed Rally timing to be FPS-based instead of CPU time (slower computers will get improved Rally stage times)
-Grill and Garbage Barrel might now cause house fire if burned inside
-Fixed bug with Camshaft Gear not randomizing its rotation when installed for the first time
-Fixed issue with Auto Clutch -setting related to Clutch wear
-Added AI rally cars that race the stages during Saturdays and Sundays
-Added rally broadcast to TV (no sound currently)
Skigameco 24 January 2020 02:37
UPDATE 23.12.2019
-Added drag racing with AI drivers
-Lätänen (driver) is now boss of the bus
-Added dynamometer to Fleetari repair shop
-Added linelock to Ferndale (Activated with "Boost" button)
-Added side skirts to the fiberglass body kit
-Added interior light to tractor
-Added tool cart to repair shop
-Added rear working lights to Truck
-Added car Antenna set to Parts Magazine (are required to filter out the radio static noise)
-Added Exhaust Dual Tip to Parts Magazine
-Added Kickstand to Moped
-Adjusted fuel calculations for some vehicles
-Fixed issue with house pee stains appearing when not urinating at home
Skigameco 13 October 2021 06:16
-Added Fuse Table to the house, replacement Fuses can be bought from the Store
-No more traffic infractions when walking by the Police checkpoint
-Electricity black out will now prevent of using running water in the house

-Fixed possible issue with Sewage wells not always registering the Hose
-Fixed bug with Oilpan leaking infinitely
-Fixed bug with Wood Carrier automatically picking up Firewood
-Added TV to Jail

-Fixed bug with going back to Jail if saving with 0 days left
-Fixed bug with Valve adjustment screws jumping to incorrect setting when adjusting
-Valve screw rotations also now match the adjustment
-Adjusted highway AI vehicles driving behaviour
-Added overtaking and (some) braking abilities to Bus
-Fixed bug with getting caught in Police checkpoint while being a passenger in AI car
-Made Truck steering worse with bump steer and general looseness of the front axle
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