About Us

We are a young and promising project, which is aimed at giving the opportunity to try the novelties of the gaming industry for free.

Today right here on SkidrowGameReloaded.co, you can download games via torrent on your computer, and some 5-7 years ago you had to go to the disk store and leave a considerable amount. In addition, it happened that, seeing the price, had to return home empty-handed. Then there were two ways out: to save or look for a treasure disk from friends. Often he was at such acquaintances who live even further than the store, and give a physical carrier with trembling hands: «And what if you spoil?». Maybe something nostalgic is in those times, and SkidrowGameReloaded.co not at all against pleasant memories — enjoy them while the game is swinging. Only strongly ponostalgirovat will not work — with our service games are downloaded very quickly.

What is this site:

SkidrowGameReloaded.co — this is a 100% up-to-date solution for demanding gamers. Let the web is still a lot of places that allow you to download games for free torrent, but here the order reigns. We are against blocking the site with unnecessary files, against things that are clearly not worthy of interest in connection with any game mechanics, graphics, plot. We treat games as works of art, we believe that all gamers deserve access to the best, and make it possible.

Also, to the undoubted advantages of the site is that:
  1. the user does not need to register to gain access to the files,
  2. these files are provided absolutely free of charge,
  3. there are no ad units — these pieces are not just annoying, but also slow down the process of surfing the site.