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Scathe v11.1.1 upd.01.10.2022

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Scathe — is a dynamic first-person shooter game that invites players to join forces and go inside a huge labyrinth, fraught with many insidious enemies and traps. Try to find all the hellish stones hidden in this world and crush everyone who dares to stand in your way, not forgetting to upgrade your character’s skills. In total, up to four players can take part in the cooperative mode, each of which will have to pick up cool weapons and engage in a furious battle with all kinds of monsters. The search for hellstones can take a long time, so take care to look for supplies and medicines in advance, monitoring the health of your fighter.

This game has been updated Today, 07:04 to the latest version v11.1.1 upd.01.10.2022.

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  • Tainted Grail Conquest v1.60 (59123) - GOG

    Tainted Grail Conquest Game Free Download Torrent
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    The world of Tainted Grail Conquest — was created by Polish writer Krzysztof Piskorski. This is an alternative version of the universe, known from the legends of King Arthur, in which the Knights of the Round Table were killed, and the world plunged into chaos caused by a dark force called Wyrdness. In Tainted Grail Conquest, the game world is most often viewed from above, although the camera often changes its position, zooming in and out to show us events from different angles. Developed by Awaken Realms Digital, the game is an RPG with clearly defined roguelike and card game elements. The map on which the game takes place looks a little different each time.

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  • BrightSeeker Build 9585151 upd.01.09.2022

    BrightSeeker Game Free Download Torrent
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    BrightSeeker — block attacks, shoot and throw various objects. Try to defeat rather powerful robots, upgrade the main character and defeat very dangerous bosses. In addition, an absolutely amazing world to explore awaits you, in which magic and technology have been at war for quite a long time. This action role-playing game will take place in an incredible fantasy world filled with mechanical enemies and other creepy dangers. Make your way through crowds of opponents, try to find the last follower of the ancient gods and, of course, help the main character to take his revenge. In order to block projectiles, you will have a faithful shield at your disposal. At the same time, you need to carefully calculate your blocks in order to reflect the projectiles exactly back at the opponents! In addition, you can improve and even change your abilities, which allows you to use your own style of play.

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  • Undetected v1.0 (59048) - GOG

    Undetected Game Free Download Torrent
    GOG Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Undetected — is a third-person adventure that invites you to go on an exciting adventure and try to get a lot of new experiences. The story of the game tells about a secret agent who was sent to the very heart of a large military corporation to clarify the circumstances of the disappearance of a whole group of agents. You have to move unnoticed, use every opportunity to achieve success and do not forget about spy gadgets that will save you from detection. You have to do the impossible and find information about the missing agents. Try to properly use your new inventions to neutralize the guards. Hack the security system and strive to realize your potential.

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  • Criminal Dissidia Build 9623802 upd.01.10.2022

    Criminal Dissidia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Criminal Dissidia — is a great combination of anime style, card fights and magic. The user will plunge into the open world of the fantasy universe, which is fully available for research and study. The player can freely move around the locations, find something interesting in them, or be distracted only by the journey if he likes to risk the character’s life. The action takes place in Kiria, which, in addition to magical peoples, contains a huge variety of monsters. And soon the kingdom is threatened by an attack from the Mutanians. Mobius requested a prophecy that told them that only the coming of the Champion could be expected to save the entire sentient population. But who exactly will become him and where to look for him is still unknown, and the protagonist still does not know that this fate is destined for him.

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  • Mosaic Chronicles Build 9620621 upd.01.10.2022

    Mosaic Chronicles Game Free Download Torrent
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    Mosaic Chronicles — is always perseverance and hard work, but what beautiful patterns are obtained in the end. This mosaic puzzle is gradually assembled on each picture from pieces of colored glass, and gradually a wonderful picture appears before your eyes. The game Mosaic Chronicles is based on the stories of the wonderful Belarusian writer Olga Gromyko and gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy the unobtrusive and so peaceful gameplay. Yes, this is a puzzle, but what a beautiful one, accompanied by pleasant music and having a story line. The writer’s stories were called Horoscope and Lucky Knot, and traditionally tell about how good conquers evil, and how difficult it is to save the princess from the evil monster.

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  • Cult of the Lamb Cultist Edition v1.0.17 upd.01.10.2022

    Cult of the Lamb Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Cult of the Lamb — is a rather dark roguelike that puts you in the role of a cute little lamb. At some point, your ward becomes obsessed with some sinister ideas that continue to develop after a life-threatening incident. Then a stranger saved your character, and now the lamb decides to thank his savior. He does this in the strangest way, creating a kind of sect with hundreds and thousands of followers. They preach incomprehensible ideas, the meaning of which is to increase enmity.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:41 to the latest version Cultist Edition v1.0.17 upd.01.10.2022.

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  • Dungeon Master Build 9619354 upd.01.10.2022

    Dungeon Master Game Free Download Torrent
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    Dungeon Master — is a unique 3-player action adventure with a deep story. You will have to go through many trials to meet the one who left you. Trust the one your heart is searching for. Choose what is more important to you, revenge or happiness. This game is completely unique and made in a very interesting style, it has its own features and capabilities. Many different funny enemies. The gameplay will be more interesting with atmospheric music. An incredibly exciting story awaits every player. Nice and fun combat system. Go through this adventure, defeating your enemies and restoring justice, you are free to choose the path you take.

    4.52 GB
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  • WTC Relentless Protagonist SxS Build 9618772 upd.01.10.2022

    WTC Relentless Protagonist SxS Game Free Download Torrent
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    WTC Relentless Protagonist SxS is an interactive comedy drama thriller visual novel set in a semi-fictional world of secret organizations. Due to the machinations of Grendel’s mother, the main character and Grendel Jinx are forced to work together to stop an enemy group from launching a devastating weapon. Unfortunately, the mission doesn’t go as planned, and both the protagonist and Grendel find themselves trapped at Pleasant Grove High School, where everyone believes they are transfer students. After the initial shock, the pair gradually get to know their classmates and things seem to go well at least for a short time. However, soon both teachers and classmates will meet a violent end. If neither the main character nor Grendel wants to become another victim, a way out of the predicament is needed. Will the main character and Grendel be able to solve the mystery. These are murders caused by invisible aliens called enemies of civilization, or something more mundane.

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  • IMAGO Beyond the Nightmares v1.0 upd.01.10.2022 - DOGE

    IMAGO Beyond the Nightmares Game Free Download Torrent
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    IMAGO Beyond the Nightmares — explore a rather hostile world, the plot of which will unfold on the fine line between reality and dream. Meet mysterious creatures on your way, discover intriguing secrets and just enjoy the game story with the dream detective. Once our hero worked as a detective. But one day he is attacked by mysterious hallucinations, which are transferred to a rather unusual place. Here, mysterious creatures can find hidden keys to the truth incomprehensible to the human mind. The plot itself begins with the fact that the protagonist is hired to investigate the strange disappearance of the nephew of an oil magnate. Marty takes his trusty assistant Arthur a rag puppet and sets off to explore Pacific Island. But as soon as he gets there, he immediately becomes the center of an environmental disaster, in which, apparently, his employer is to blame. To complicate the situation, an unknown person will follow on your heels.

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