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Low Magic Age v0.91.28.3

Low Magic Age Game Free Download Torrent
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Low Magic Age — a turn-based role-playing strategy in which you will find an unusual fantasy open world, adventures, battles, a sea of random events and more. Unfortunately, not so much is known about the plot of the game at the moment. But on the other hand, it is known that you will have to play in the setting of a fantasy medieval world, through which you will have to travel as a hero, whom you yourself will surrender. During the trip you will have to fight with a huge number of enemies, complete dozens of difficult tasks, not counting side ones.

This game has been updated 10-07-2020, 04:31 to the latest version v0.91.28.3.

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Deadly Days v1.5.5F1 (upd.10.07.2020)

Deadly Days Game Free Download Torrent
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Deadly Days is an action casual game developed by Pixelsplit for the PC platform. The environment in the game belongs to the retro style, and the following features can be distinguished strategy, action, indie, casual game, rogue-lite, zombies, survival, top view, pixel graphics and others. You will have access to such game modes as single player. Shortly before the apocalypse, MKing fast-food chain launched a new burger.

This game has been updated 10-07-2020, 17:21 to the latest version v1.5.5F1 (upd.10.07.2020).

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Mr. Driller DrillLand upd.09.07.2020 - Goldberg

Mr. Driller DrillLand Game Free Download Torrent
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Popular puzzle game Mr. Driller DrillLand — will debut on PC. Embark on a secret amusement park known as DrillLand, 500 meters underground. Explore and conquer five attractions with a simple but addictive gameplay that guests of all ages can enjoy. And the rest is Mr. Driller DrillLand is a typical action puzzle game. Get deep into the earth, penetrate new levels, open new locations and pass tests, and then fight with mythical monsters. The essence of the game is quite simple. You will have to go on a journey underground. Along the way, you will have to destroy numerous blocks painted in different colors. But this will need to be done carefully, because some blocks serve as supports for others, and if they are damaged, the remaining blocks may collapse on the main character.

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Fires At Midnight - PLAZA

Fires At Midnight Game Free Download Torrent

Fires At Midnight — is a visual novel game developed by Persona Theory Games for the PC platform. The environment in the game refers to various categories of casual game, indication, adventure, meat, violence, nudity, sexual content, non-linearity, the game has a deep plot, the cinematic atmosphere will allow the player to relax and immerse himself in the gameplay as much as possible. The storyline is quite voluminous and interesting, starting in a world that lives by completely different rules than we are used to.

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Beat Hazard 2 v1.22 - SKIDROW

Beat Hazard 2 Game Free Download Torrent

A unique combination of arcade shooter and music player, Beat Hazard 2 adjusts to the user’s preferences, and adjusts the gameplay according to its audio library. Prequel has improved graphics and dynamics, support for most streaming services and a new system for creating bosses — now they are generated depending on the playlist. Gamer controls the spacecraft, fighting off the endless hordes of invaders. A special feature of the concept is the connection of the gamer’s music library, on which the gameplay depends: in particular, the rate of fire of the weapon, the rate at which new enemies appear and the appearance and abilities of the boss.

This game has been updated 6-07-2020, 06:25 to the latest version v1.22.

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Clicker Heroes 2 v0.14.0 (upd.03.07.2020)

Clicker Heroes 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Clicker Heroes 2 — this is the second part of the popular game in the style of the clicker. The world of the game has prepared for you fascinating tests, and is also open for research and study. To begin with, you will need to choose a suitable hero for yourself, and then to improve it. Each of the heroes offered to you will have unique characteristics and features, so try to choose the one who will please you. Together with him you will plunge into a diverse adventure world with interesting tasks. And numerous locations.

This game has been updated 3-07-2020, 04:19 to the latest version v0.14.0 (upd.03.07.2020).

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The Otterman Empire - CODEX

The Otterman Empire Game Free Download Torrent

The Otterman Empire — new exciting and adventure game that has excellent graphics, interesting gameplay and many positive aspects. This game, positions itself as a multiplayer, but at the same time there is an opportunity in proud solitude to go on a long and difficult journey, to conquer various galaxies. Here, as many as eight planets are realized, on which you can fight with the enemy. Earn donut stars to eventually unlock new skins. As the main event venue, the game features the Ottoman Empire, travel and win.

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Out of Space v1.1.1b6 (upd.28.06.2020)

Out of Space Game Free Download Torrent
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Out of Space is a casual strategy and simulator of life in outer space. Here you have to learn how to live in a spaceship, build a normal life and do much more.The plot of the game is quite simple and is based on ordinary living in an unusual setting. You and your friends go on a spaceship, which in the future should become your home. Now you are in outer space and you must survive, but it will be very difficult to do this, because every new day will present more and more problems.

This game has been updated 28-06-2020, 08:36 to the latest version v1.1.1b6 (upd.28.06.2020).

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The Last Sky v1.0 - CODEX

The Last Sky Game Free Download Torrent

The Last Sky — is a new addictive puzzle-style game with beautiful graphics and well-thought-out gameplay. In the modern world, games are valued not only for the beauty and brightness of the picture on the screen, but also for the game development, including the storyline. This game is filled with love and emotions. The story begins from the moment the protagonist Jake allows you to penetrate your own consciousness. Now the player can walk through his thoughts in search of the contradictions between life and death, between good and evil, and can also find the meaning of love. At most, the game can be attributed to the visual odyssey, because three-dimensional graphics perfectly convey the atmosphere of the game.

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Billion Road upd.26.06.2020 (Random Match) - SiMPLEX

Billion Road Game Free Download Torrent
SiMPLEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

The basic goal of Billion Road — is very simple to go all over Japan and earn more money than the rest. To do this, you need to get to sites with investment opportunities, such as a sushi restaurant in Ginza or a cartoon store in Akihabara. After you invest, you must wait for the investment to pay off. At the same time, you need to watch the wandering monsters that can give you wealth or put sticks in the wheels. You can also get money by getting to sites with items that will help you achieve your plans or destroy the plans of competitors. Complete the game with the highest amount of money and you will win.

This game has been updated 26-06-2020, 13:54 to the latest version upd.26.06.2020 (Random Match).

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