The Rewinder upd.14.09.2020 (demo)

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Pass through realities to save yourself in PC game The Rewinder. The plot of the game tells us about a lost village. The secret past of the settlement haunts the locals, and the curse associated with its history cannot rest the souls who lived there. Only one person remained to live in this place. And the main character of the game will have to figure out what happened. The protagonist of The Rewinder has a special gift. He can travel between our reality and the abode of spirits. He was hired by emissaries to deal with the events in the village, and to find out why the spirits cannot leave this world. As you explore the village, you will find many ritual sites, sealing symbols.

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Tin and Kuna Build 5230064 (upd.11.09.2020)

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Tin and Kuna — is a fun third-person puzzle platformer. You have to help Kuna save his friend Tina and restore his home along the way. One day, while their best friends were having fun, they found a mysterious ball. After it was opened, bad spirits entered the world and took possession of poor Tin. Kuna will need all of his power and skill to save his friend, as well as restore the ball and contain the chaos that terrorizes their tiny planetoid.

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Hidden Through Time Build 5517020 (upd.10.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Hidden Through Time — is a Hidden Object game in which you have to go on a journey through three different eras with just one simple goal, which is to search for objects. The events of the game begin to occur in one of three eras, and you, as the main character, will need to find objects in this era that will help you move to a new level. It seems to sound simple, but in fact, everything is far from the case. The fact is that it will be very difficult to find those very objects, because, firstly, you will see the world in front of you from a bird’s eye view, and secondly, it will be very difficult to disassemble the right object at once among the abundance of dozens of others. Will have to pay maximum attention to the search. But that is not all.

This game has been updated 10-09-2020, 15:44 to the latest version Build 5517020 (upd.10.09.2020).

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Mad Streets upd.11.07.2020 (demo)

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Mad Streets — is a fun multiplayer physics fighting game that mixes comedy with brutal action. The game has an unusual combat system where you can attack certain parts of the body, as well as pick up any objects on the map that can be used as weapons. The world of Mad Streets is teeming with energy. You have a large selection of characters, each of which has its own unique set of movements and personality. Mad Streets is an action, fighting and arcade game developed by Craftshop Arts Inc. for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, action, indie, casual game, fighting game, joint local game, multi-player, physics, 3d fighter, local multiplayer, funny, beatem up.

This game has been updated 27-08-2020, 12:47 to the latest version upd.11.07.2020 (demo).

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Griefhelm v1.1 (upd.24.08.2020) - CODEX

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Griefhelm — is a tactical game that will teach the user how to win in a variety of duels. Attacks in this game are categorized as high, medium and low. Such mechanics are aimed at complicating the gameplay, so the user will definitely not be easy. It is worth noting that this game can be explored in literally 10 minutes, but in order to learn all the advanced mechanics, master competent control over the hero and master the instinct of a fierce killer, it will take at least tens of hours. The game has the ability to fight both with artificial intelligence and other users. The main task in the game is to survive no matter what. Key Features: The entire game is intense combat that is easy to learn but hard to learn.

This game has been updated 24-08-2020, 07:57 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.24.08.2020).

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Gensokyo Night Festival v0.39 (upd.22.08.2020)

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Gensokyo Night Festival — the events of this game will take us to a fictional small town called Gensoko, which with its appearance very much resembles ancient Japan. The world around us and its villains, which are taken from old Japanese folklore, will also tell us about this, so the gaming atmosphere here is truly unique. The storyline of this game will tell us about one very kind and reckless girl named Suki Ibuki, who looks like a person, but she has large horns on her head. Her main weakness is the desire to drink, which haunts her every day. Also, our main character has a very original ability to change the density of objects, because of which they can become too fragile, or vice versa, very dense. This will come in handy for her in battles with insidious enemies who decided to seize the city.

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Beat Me v1.0 (upd.19.08.2020) - PLAZA

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Beat Me — this is a new fighting game with adventure elements and battles on the battlefield. In general, this is an action movie in which up to six players meet in insane arenas and try to win a duel taking into account the game physics. The game can please the player with a new system of combat mechanics and unique physics.

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Kill It With Fire v1.06 (upd.15.08.2020) - HOODLUM

Kill It With Fire Game Free Download Torrent

Kill It With Fire — is a game project developed in the genre of a simulator with action elements, where all actions take place in a first-person view. Here you have to play the role of the most ordinary person, who terribly hates all representatives of the spider family and intends to deal with them as quickly as possible. Spiders are extremely insidious and dangerous creatures, so you should be careful not to be in a spider trap. In your arsenal there are a number of different weapons that will allow you to quickly cope with a given goal, destroying all arachnids in their path. To defeat the enemy you need to be smart and remember that he is most afraid of fire.

This game has been updated 15-08-2020, 06:42 to the latest version v1.06 (upd.15.08.2020).

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Boomerang Fu - ALI213

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Boomerang Fu — surely you have already missed the interesting adventures and battles in the vast interactive worlds. That is why we invite you to take advantage of our next offer, which is associated with an exciting adventure that allows you not only to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, but also a completely unique environment. You have to play for various fruits and other foodstuffs, who decided to arrange their battles without rules. They took up arms in the form of a boomerang and decided to go on an adventure in which they intend not only to destroy their enemies, but also to become the most powerful fruit of all. In general, you will definitely have something to do, you just have to read the conditions, get used to the dynamics of battles and begin to achieve victories.

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An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF v1.1.3 (upd.09.08.2020)

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Project An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF, is an exciting adventure game with platforming and puzzle elements, as well as a two-dimensional graphics component. Get ready to reincarnate as a brave adventurer named Monsieur PAF, who is already inviting you on his new journey. During one of his archaeological expeditions, the protagonist fell into a trap that was hidden in an ancient temple. Now you need to help him overcome all the traps, obstacles and puzzles that remained here after the extinct civilization. Get ready to plunge into unusual levels that combine 3D verticality with classic 2D environments.

This game has been updated 9-08-2020, 05:21 to the latest version v1.1.3 (upd.09.08.2020).

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