Weed Farmer Simulator

Weed Farmer Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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Weed Farmer Simulator — at the beginning you start from scratch, you need to plant each seed with your bare hands. You need a stick to make a fenced landing area. You have to cut down some trees. You would like to water your plants. You need to fill the watering can with water first. Time goes by and you earn enough money, you can buy vehicles and tools to make your life easier, a tractor can be a great way to make planting area fast, but you can make your farm without any tools or vehicles in this the game is all on you.

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Mystic Pillars A Story-Based Puzzle Game v1.1 (upd.16.03.2020) - CODEX

Mystic Pillars A Story-Based Puzzle Game Game Free Download Torrent
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Mystic Pillars A Story-Based Puzzle Game — a mixture of puzzle games and visual novels with an emphasis on the plot, which should appeal to fans of both genres. Learn the history of ancient India in a new game. The main character is an unnamed wanderer who, during a trip, falls into the kingdom of Zampi. These lands have long been in decline due to a protracted drought, which is to blame for some magic columns that block water.

This game has been updated 16-03-2020, 10:25 to the latest version v1.1 (upd.16.03.2020).

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Only One Burn v16.03.2020 (Update v1.5.1) - PLAZA

Only One Burn Game Free Download Torrent
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Only One Burn — a game on a space theme, designed specifically for fans of space shuttles and everything related to flights beyond the planet Earth. Simple, and at the same time, nice graphics, will allow you to run a casual game, even on a weak PC. The plot as such is not here, it is definitely not needed. Your main task in the Only One Burn gameplay is to pilot a space shuttle, or to be more precise, you need to successfully land it on the platform, with minimal damage. Tasks and locations will periodically change their appearance, but the essence remains the same, you have a limited amount of reserve fuel, and you need to put the shuttle in the indicated place, while avoiding bumps and childish landing.

This game has been updated 16-03-2020, 06:38 to the latest version v16.03.2020 (Update v1.5.1).

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Rain Island - DARKZER0

Rain Island Game Free Download Torrent

Rain Island is a short game in the genre of action-platforming, in which you will have to go through various levels and overcome various obstacles that will meet along the way. Unfortunately, nothing really is known about the storyline of the game at the moment, but in fact it is not important, because the essence of the game is understandable and true, and it consists primarily in passing through numerous levels with obstacles and enemies. a huge island, where the weather is always rainy, now needs a defender, which you just can become. The island is full of enemies, traps, various obstacles, and not only. Take control of the main character and go to let him.

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SpiderClimber - PLAZA

SpiderClimber Game Free Download Torrent

SpiderClimber is an adventure game developed by ARC Studio for the PC platform. A little spider, wants to get home, and you need help in this task. Pass all difficult tests and many obstacles on the way to victory. Use the cobweb to catch on the hills and branches, thus moving around the territory of the game world. The environment in the game refers to the style of fantasy, strategy, adventure, role-playing, indie, casual, simulator, platformer, horror, third-person, humor and others. The game is built on a modern and well-thought-out physical engine, which reveals its full potential. You will complete tasks using only one thread, and each new failure will entail tempering your character and will train your willpower to win.

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The Suicide of Rachel Foster v1.0.3D - CODEX

The Suicide of Rachel Foster Game Free Download Torrent
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The Suicide of Rachel Foster — is a mixture of adventure quest and action, a game with puzzles and riddles, in which you will have to deal with a very unusual investigation. The events of the game take place in Montana, and the plot revolves around a girl named Nicole, who once survived the tragedy. Many years ago, her parents separated because her father had betrayed her mother and made a new love, a girl named Rachel, who then became pregnant and committed suicide. No one knows exactly what happened then, but everyone forgot about this story, and now, many years later, Nicole was forced to return to her family nest, a huge hotel in the mountains, to appreciate it and try to sell it.

This game has been updated 4-03-2020, 11:38 to the latest version v1.0.3D.

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Portal Knights v1.7.2 + All DLC - CODEX

Portal Knights Game Free Download Torrent
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Portal Knights is an adventure sandbox in a three-dimensional game world in which you take control of a powerful character, you can explore seamless locations, build your own houses and even castles, fight huge bosses, get materials, craft weapons and play mini-modes along with others players from all over the world. You will appear near the main castle, in which you can find secondary characters. They will teach you the basic mechanics of the game, and after that you will be able to complete story and side quests, earn in-game currency, knock out loot from dead enemies and explore a stunning and colorful world together.

This game Portal Knights is standalone and includes all content and Elves Rogues and Rifts DLC + Druids Furfolk and Relic Defense DLC from our previous releases and updated to v1.7.2.

This game has been updated 28-02-2020, 13:13 to the latest version v1.7.2 + All DLC.

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Five Nights at Freddys Help Wanted v1.21 (upd.26.02.2020) - PLAZA

Five Nights at Freddys Help Wanted Game Free Download Torrent
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Five Nights at Freddys Help Wanted — continued a series of cool first-person horror movies, but now created specifically for owners of VR glasses. You are waiting for new fears, a new story, and events that can turn your world upside down. According to the plot, this time you will play the role of a certain mechanical engineer, a person who needs to repair all the animatronics present in the office at all costs. Everything happens in the same pizzeria at night. You also need to fix the animatronics and try to survive the night or get out of the pizzeria, which is not so easy, because the animatronics you have repaired will haunt you in the dark and in the light.

This game has been updated 26-02-2020, 09:42 to the latest version v1.21 (upd.26.02.2020).

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The Convenience Store v1.00 (upd.18.02.2020) - PLAZA

The Convenience Store Game Free Download Torrent

The Convenience Store is a simulation game developed by Chilla’s Art for the PC platform. The style of the game, unfortunately, is not defined, action, adventure, indie, casual, simulator, mystery, psychological, for one player, atmosphere, research and others. You will have access to such game modes as for a single player. You, as the main character of the game, play as a student girl who got a night shift in one of the supermarkets, not far from home. The beginning of the game takes place in the main character’s house, the light suddenly disappears, and she must go through several very dark streets, in the direction of her work.

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Florence v1.0.1.4373 (35616) - GOG

Florence Game Free Download Torrent
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Florence is a beautiful plot romantic story with an admixture of drama, in which you will have to witness a short-term, but memorable relationship that broke on the routine of modern life and expectations that were not destined to come true. The game takes place in the most ordinary reality, and the plot revolves around a girl named Florence and a guy named Krish. They met in the most ordinary situation and began to build relationships, a witness of which you will have to become. But relationships can erupt as you wish, brightly and passionately, and nevertheless, they can be destroyed at any time. That’s what happened to Florence and her boyfriend. Well, you will be assigned a small role, the role of the viewer, who will become a witness and find out how it happens.

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