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Rogue Legacy 2 v1.0.3 upd.04.07.2022

Rogue Legacy 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Rogue Legacy 2 — is a sequel to the eponymous platformer with procedurally generated levels and locations. You have to take control of a small kingdom and try to develop it into a powerful state. Start by building an estate for your own family, where your family will live and prosper. Each of your actions will have certain consequences and affect the outcome of the game. Provide yourself with heirs to make sure the family is safe, dont forget about the element of chance. Your relatives have their own unique outlook on life, which will be reflected in their policies.

This game has been updated Today, 12:18 to the latest version v1.0.3 upd.04.07.2022.

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    Cardiac v23.04.2022

    Cardiac Game Free Download Torrent
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    Cardiac is a quirky, surreal Halloween-themed horror game in which you control a large, beefy heart that shoots out tendrils like the protagonist CARRION a bit like Spider-Man’s web, but a lot more hideous. Despite their strange modes of movement, they are fairly easy to handle: just press the right mouse button to release and lock the tendrils, and then press the left mouse button to start moving forward. In every area of the game, your goal is usually to simply reach the end goal, which isn’t too hard, but the scenery and the odd movement method make for a very interesting and unique experience. Each new location in Cardiac is an incredible sight, full of surreal sights and grotesque beauty. It’s a strange, black-and-white nightmarish world made of flesh, steel, and bone, a place that’s perfect for your weird, monstrous, mustache-like heart, though it never manages to find a home.

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  • SUCCUBUS v1.7.16475 (The Worshipper Bundle) - GOG

    SUCCUBUS Game Free Download Torrent
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    Madmind Studio, known for the scandalous horror Agony, has prepared a new hellish project for you. Only in SUCCUBUS you will play not for a defenseless soul trapped in Hell, but for a succubus, which sets out on a journey through the Underworld with the aim of revenge, without pity, exterminating everyone in its path. A huge amount of violence, shock content and nudity is included. The new lord of hell, Nimrod, has invited you, Vydiya, the demonic priestess of lust, to become his betrothed and queen. You agree, but soon the luxurious life will bore you and you decide to go down to the pitiful sinners in order to continue tormenting their souls.

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  • Endling Research Edition upd.03.07.2022

    Endling Research Edition Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Endling Research Edition takes about 15 minutes to complete and is a fantastic piece of interactive storytelling. The AI dialogue is cleverly written, the way the house adapts to your decisions is a fantastic concept, and the ending is simply mind-blowing. Highly recommended. In Endling, you wake up in the bedroom of a pleasant-looking house furnished with IKEA-style furniture. When you wake up, you’re greeted by IKEA’s AI voice that talks to you as you walk through each room and asks you to make a series of simple decisions like your favorite color, your favorite type of chair or your favorite music genre. Then, when you wake up the next day, the process starts again, but the house changes slightly according to your choices. While it may seem like a dream home, something strange is clearly going on here.

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  • Coronation v0.19.0 upd.03.07.2022

    Coronation Game Free Download Torrent
    Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Coronation — is a multiplayer medieval online game. It is inspired by Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Rust, Sims 4, Runescape, Anno 1404 and Tropico 6. Build, decorate, and populate your own castle town with a thriving economy, where you will be staffed by many residents. Gather people into your army to fight enemies for honor and more. Dedicated server for online PvE / PvP. Build your own furnished castle to provide yourself and your residents with houses with exquisite furnishings. Assign work to the villagers so that they work for you. To your army to defend the city and help in battle. Participate in battles in person as one of the fighters in the army to gain more control over the battle. Declare independence and become king queen. Capture the locks of other players.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 10:41 to the latest version v0.19.0 upd.03.07.2022.

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  • Trek to Yomi v1.02 upd.02.07.2022 - FLT

    Trek to Yomi Game Free Download Torrent
    FLT Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Trek to Yomi — is a black and white side-scrolling action-adventure game inspired by ancient Japan. Beautiful angles and bright graphics in the spirit of classic samurai films await you. The plot will tell about a warrior who fights against supernatural forces. The young warrior Hiroki swore to his master to protect his city and the people he loves from all threats. Faced with a threat, he embarks on a journey beyond life and death to confront himself.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:41 to the latest version v1.02 upd.02.07.2022.

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  • INDUSTRIA v1.2.1 upd.02.07.2022 - DOGE

    INDUSTRIA Game Free Download Torrent
    DOGE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    INDUSTRIA — is a shooter game similar to Half-Life 2 and Portal 2. The game begins on November 9, 1989 in the German capital. Soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city was filled with euphoria and chaos. The protagonist of the game is Nora, whose loved ones disappeared in a secret research center near East Berlin. After receiving a farewell message from him, the protagonist sets out to rescue him, but when she gets there, she only discovers that extensive activities are underway at the facility to destroy evidence of a mysterious project. The quest finally takes her to an alternate surreal world of steam engines, where mystery haunts mystery and everything is controlled by a sinister artificial intelligence.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:01 to the latest version v1.2.1 upd.02.07.2022.

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  • Planetary Annihilation TITANS Build 115872 - DOGE

    Planetary Annihilation TITANS Game Free Download Torrent
    DOGE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Planetary Annihilation TITANS — is an excellent global military strategy in which you have to go into deep space and begin to conquer a variety of planets, using the power of your faction. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot in this game the developers did not limit the players and simply allowed the players to independently think up the storyline. At the same time, there is another small «but» — the fact is that in this game there is no specific visual or military division into fractions. The fractions have the same technique, the same opportunities. On the one hand, this plays a negative role for diversity, but on the other hand, a balance has been created in this way, thanks to which in battles everything will depend only on your tactics, strategic thinking and abilities.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 17:48 to the latest version Build 115872.

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  • Dark Light v0.97 upd.02.07.2022

    Dark Light Game Free Download Torrent
    Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Dark Light — is an action-platformer made in a sci-fi setting where you will be presented with an unusual and unique gameplay. Your hero embarks on an exciting and dangerous journey through the world of cyberpunk to face inexplicable phenomena and insidious monsters of post-apocalypse. Pick the right weapon and hit the road to demonstrate your valor and courage.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 17:33 to the latest version v0.97 upd.02.07.2022.

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  • Beyond the Long Night v1.10 upd.02.07.2022

    Beyond the Long Night Game Free Download Torrent
    Early Access FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Beyond the Long Night — a charming dual-stick roguelike adventure with a strong focus on chaotic combat, lovable characters, and mystery. Explore Dark Mountain, an underground world full of monsters, secrets and cute characters. Puzzle, upgrade and fight your way through three randomly generated areas to escape the deadly storm and escape to another world. Unravel the path of mystery in this ancient kingdom of demigods and explorers frozen in an endless time loop. What treasures await in The Overworld.

    260 MB
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