Dance of Death Du Lac and Fey v1.3.1 - PLAZA

Dance of Death Du Lac and Fey Game Free Download Torrent
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Dance of Death Du Lac and Fey is an adventure story that unfolds in 1888 Victorian London. The city is being terrorized by Jack the Ripper, and on the trail of the infamous killer is none other than the immortal hero Sir Lancelot of Lakes, who, along with the sorceress Morgana Le Fay, is trying to track down the elusive maniac and stop him once and for all. In this game, we have to go to Victorian London to investigate the mysterious murders of 1888 that were committed to us in other quests by Jack the Ripper, only the heroes of the legends about King Arthur, the immortal knight Sir Lancelot Du Lac and damned sorceress Morgan Le Fay.

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Towertale v1.0

Towertale Game Free Download Torrent
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Towertale is a two-dimensional adventure where you go into fierce battles with dangerous opponents. The game was created in the genre of platformer and has a very dynamic process, so you definitely will not be bored. To begin with, you are invited to choose one of the four characters presented, each of which has its own characteristics, skills and abilities. The storyline will tell you about the existence of a mysterious tower, the secret of which no one has yet been able to solve, but there are many who want to.
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Crystal Crisis - PLAZA

Crystal Crisis Game Free Download Torrent
Crystal Crisis — a game in which the main goal to fight and collect the same color. The heroes all gathered together to fight and find out which of them is the strongest in this chaotic battle. The idea itself I really liked, because we are not just another fighting game, in which we must fight the enemy using all sorts of super strikes, combos and other chips, in parallel we must arrange and destroy the falling crystals from above, collect the same colors, break them, get energy, we spend it on battles, it really looks cool.
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The Cross Horror Game - PLAZA

The Cross Horror Game Game Free Download Torrent
The Cross Horror Game — the developers of this game are not at all modest people, in the official description they claim that you are waiting for the best and most interesting horror game of all that exists at the moment from the first person, and you also get the most modern and amazing graphics with unusual the atmosphere.
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Morphies Law Remorphed v2.0.0 Build 2854 - PLAZA

Morphies Law Remorphed Game Free Download Torrent
Morphies Law Remorphed — unusual team shooter from an independent studio from Switzerland — Cosmoscope GmbH. Because of the terrible catastrophe, all members of the human race died out, leaving behind only the morph robots. Morphs without their creators and goals in life began to carry on endless battles among themselves.
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We Happy Few Lightbearer v1.8.86385 - CODEX

We Happy Few Lightbearer Game Free Download Torrent
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We Happy Few Lightbearer — storyline addition for adventure action horror with a first-person view and elements of survival. The plot will develop around Nick Lightberrier — the most famous rock star Wellington Wells. What made him so famous? On Uncle Jack’s Evening Show, they know the answer. A very unusual adventure, We Happy Few, received an addition today called Lightbearer — Gearbox Software announced this when presenting a release trailer. You can rate the novelty on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms.
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We Happy Few v1.8.86385 + Lightbearer - CODEX

We Happy Few Game Free Download Torrent
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We Happy Few is not just a computer game, it’s a real work of art, with the help of which the developers wanted to convey to the players the idea of what the genre of utopia is, which has already appeared in various games, movies, books, music and even commercials. But no one was able to fully reveal all the horror, which in fact represents this genre. After all, the very realization that people are driven into harsh conditions and do not have any rights to live a free life is already frightening and makes you think about what is freedom and what is the value of ordinary human life.

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Sunless Skies v1.2.4.0 upd.30.07.2019 + Wayfarer - CODEX

Sunless Skies Game Free Download Torrent
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​If you were delighted with the game «Sunless Sea», there you should definitely try the new creation of the studio Failbetter Games called Sunless Skies. This time the action of the game will take place not on the water, but in the air. Manage a bizarre flying steam engine, trade, perform various tasks, fight and just explore the wonderful world. Sunless Skies retained the atmosphere of the past. The developers' attention to detail allows you to believe in the world they created and immerse yourself in it.​

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Alchemage v0.13.0f4

Alchemage Game Free Download Torrent
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Alchemage is an unusual 2D adventure action game in which you will have to play the role of an alchemist who randomly entered a world filled with dangers and representatives of ancient evil. So, in the role of a person who has been exclusively engaged in alchemy all his life, you will go to an unknown and rather strange world. It would seem that now you just need to find all the ingredients to create a portal and go back home. But in fact, everything is not as simple as we would like. First, the local world is very dangerous and requires skills that the main character simply does not have. Secondly, the ingredients for the portal are scattered around the world in the most dangerous corners. And thirdly, the path to them passes through the most dangerous places.
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Shakedown Hawaii v1.0.7 upd.29.07.2019

Shakedown Hawaii Game Free Download Torrent
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Shakedown Hawaii is a humorous business simulator, where reket, armed robbery and fights with police are a weighty argument. You will need to watch what is happening in isometric projection and 16-bit style. The game is remembered by bright colors and a galaxy of charismatic characters, where everyone wants to grab a bigger piece of business. Externally, the project not only resembles the first parts of the GTA.

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