Hello Neighbor 2 v1.1.1.7 (upd.23.12.2020)

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Hello Neighbor 2 — the second part of the popular game project, developed in the genre of stealth action with horror elements. Take on the role of the protagonist a professional journalist who intends to understand the constant disappearance of people. Events send us to the vastness of the home of the protagonist, who suddenly began to receive complaints about the missing. After examining all the materials and examining the surrounding locations, you understand that the collected clues lead to a neighbor’s house, which is considered abandoned for a long time.

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cyan v1.0 (upd.23.12.2020) - DARKSiDERS

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cyan — in the new third-person adventure game Xiao Qing, created by Xi Xiang in middle age, the journey of salvation is about to begin. In this single-player story game, the player plays the role of an intelligent creature with powerful spells Xiaoqing. To save Xiaobais sister, the player will be in danger. Along the way, you must resist the attacks of mutants, solve the mysteries of the organs and reveal the secrets and conspiracies behind the Jinshan base. During the game, players are free to choose skills and weapons according to their preferences. Can use various weapons, swords and superpowers. Players can approach the enemy strategically, find out his weaknesses, use their own methods to defeat the enemy, or kill completely. The choice is up to the player.

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Rain on Your Parade v1.0.76ns (upd.23.12.2020)

Rain on Your Parade Game Free Download Torrent
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Rain on Your Parade — is an incredibly interesting game with a comedy game plot where a mischievous cloud falls under the control of the players, wanting to ruin everyone’s life. The arcade game offers to go through numerous levels, learn new abilities and get into unusual situations, which gradually become more funny. Travel the universe with a cloud and destroy plans for people using rain, thunder, lightning and other weather phenomena. About 40 levels have been prepared, where you can not only spoil the mood, but also destroy houses, farms and entire cities. You can draw your own cloud, with a unique face and hat. Players have access to a lot of actions in order to ruin someone’s holiday.

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Milky Way Prince The Vampire Star v1.2 (upd.23.12.2020) - GOG

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Created by Lorenzo Redaelli visual novel Milky Way Prince The Vampire Star. It will target a female audience and raise issues of intimate and abusive relationships. The release is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year on PC, and later the project will visit consoles. A demo on Steam is available today. According to the plot, players will have to spend a hard summer in search of their soul mate. Meet different people, ask tricky questions and find out the details of their past. As the author notes, the game is a semi-autobiographical, dark romantic story.

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Underponder v1.0 (upd.22.12.2020) - CODEX

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Underponder — developed by one person since December 2015, is a first-person computer puzzle platformer game with a strange and exciting atmosphere that evokes a sense of confusion and loneliness while wandering in a strange space of mind known only as The Underponder. Without a visible user interface, the player crawls on different levels in search of tips on how to move forward. At the end of each card is a cinematic video. These videos develop the story, gradually unraveling the mystery. Along with the familiar keyboard binding setting known to every FPS player in the world, the game has a unique game mechanics based on hearing.

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The Guardians of Peace v1.0 (upd.22.12.2020) - DARKSiDERS

The Guardians of Peace Game Free Download Torrent

The Guardians of Peace — players take on the role of Diego as a budding apprentice who wants to become a paladin in a well-known organization called Defenders of Peace. Recently, an invasion of dark and evil forces began under the command of the Selfish itself. The name of the commander should not surprise you, because the idea of the game is built on chakras and the energy of the Universe, which help the main character to fight various negative manifestations of the human character Laziness, Fear, Hatred and others.

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ARMORED HEAD v1.44.1 (upd.21.12.2020)

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ARMORED HEAD — is a minimalistic action shooter in which you will fight in a small arena. The idea is beaten as much as possible, but if you just want to break away for an action shooter in which you need to repel 30 attacks, then download this game. Each wave will become more and more, but at the same time you will be able to get new weapons, as well as reveal the secrets of the arena that can help in defeating your enemies.

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60 Parsecs! v1.3.0.18 (upd.22.12.2020)

60 Parsecs! Game Free Download Torrent
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Game 60 Parsecs! — this is a strategy unique in many respects, the action of which will develop in an alternative version of the history of the fifties of the last century, which marked the beginning of the famous «cold war» between the US and the USSR. The player will be managed by a whole group of brave astronauts who managed to escape to the ship with the destroyed unknown enemies of the space station. The goal of the game will be the survival of people in space and the search for a way to Earth.

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Warhammer Chaosbane Build 20200610 + All DLC - CODEX

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Warhammer Chaosbane — a third-person role-playing action game that continues the story of the Warhammer universe. Here you are waiting for battles with numerous creatures of Chaos, four heroes to choose from, an advanced pumping system and a great storyline. But at once would like to say that this is inherently the first game in the history of the series, which resembles the typical Diabloid rather. As in any other diabloid, here you will also have to wander through partially open locations, kill mobs with monsters, fight heroes and mini-bosses, get pumped, search for all kinds of loot, complete quests and do much more.

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Soul Delivery v0.937 (upd.21.12.2020)

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Soul Delivery — is a story-driven 2D adventure game. The gameplay is very similar to 2D platformer, you run, jump, explore, but without violence. In short, it’s a cozy game that doesn’t require any stress from you. You wake up in the role of a working robot in a neon city, not knowing who you are and what is happening, you are immediately given a mission: deliver a package to a mysterious robot. As you explore the city, the story of the humans and AI behind this world begins to unfold.

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