ITTA Build 5111143 (upd.15.09.2020)

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ITTA — is an adventure top-down scrolling shooter in a post-apocalypse setting. The game tells the story of a little girl Itta, who one day find their family dead. Her only assistant is a strange spirit that has taken the form of a family cat, and which gives her a luminous revolver for protection. As you progress through, you have to look for powerful creatures trapped in this seemingly peaceful world and fight them in hardcore battles.

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The Old House Build 5528488 (upd.15.09.2020) - Goldberg

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The Old House — is an interesting casual quest that will appeal to all lovers of quality puzzles and hidden objects. You need to complete all tasks in a small and cozy house to complete the level. The number of tasks is many and they are very diverse starting from ordinary actions and uploading to cunning riddles. But the main thing for you will be to find the keys to all the locked doors and restore electricity. It will not be very easy, as you have to strain your brains and apply logic to solve local puzzles, open combination locks and much more.

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Dungeons of Edera Build 5532960 (upd.15.09.2020)

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Dungeons of Edera — invites all brave RPG lovers to descend into the dungeons and beyond. All levels are randomly generated, so that anything can be waiting for you here. There are many options for pumping the hero and this makes it possible to create your own, unique style of play. A specific setting, hordes of monsters, at any moment you can fall victim to the enemy, if you do not take care of weapons and protection. The arsenal is quite extensive, everyone will find everything they need. Return Edera to her former glory.

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Tamarin v1.8.0.0 Update 1 (upd.14.09.2020)

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Tamarin — is a 3D action game in which the events unfold in a beautiful rainforest with colorful fauna and flora. The cutest monkey from the ancient family of tamarins lives there. After all, it was he who decided to protect his family from insects that storm his house and destroy the family. Due to the constant raids and attacks of an ever-growing army of insects, the world of his ancestors is polluted and collapsed. To protect your family, and to protect the offended and oppressed inhabitants of your world. You need to focus as much as possible on expelling aggressive insects from your world, jump like tamarins, use the delights of the 3D world, let your enemies fight.

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Estranged Act II Build 20200913 - ALI213

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Estranged Act II is a grandiose sequel to the first part of the game. In the adventure indie horror, the user has to try on the role of a lone sailor whose ship wrecked near a mysterious island. To return home, the player will need to carefully explore the locations and get to know many of the inhabitants of this mysterious place. At first it may seem that life is simple and ordinary, but in fact, everything is exactly the opposite. On the island, a lone traveler will face many dangers and intrigues. During the passage of the gameplay, the gamer will receive a message from a certain Jonathan Jerryl, who will beg for help. A mysterious stranger captured some creatures. Very soon the user will get to know this man in person.

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Agent A A puzzle in disguise v5.2.6 (upd.13.09.2020) - ALI213

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Agent A A puzzle in disguise is a fascinating game developed in the style of a quest where you will take on the role of a secret agent and go to complete all kinds of missions. The thing is that the next task brought you a new opponent — a professional spy who conducts total surveillance of secret agents. Your task is to find the spy and in every possible way to stop her actions. An important mission falls on your shoulders, and if you cope with it, you can save the lives of several of your comrades.

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Mutropolis upd.12.09.2020

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Mutropolis — is an adventure game that is ready to plunge you into an archaeological post-apocalyptic world. It is worth noting immediately the excellent visual performance of the game, which gives us a special atmosphere. Also, the game will definitely not make you bored, as it has an original and dynamic process. Meet in a rather cute, but at the same time a little dangerous world, the inhabitants of which are no less nice and welcoming. The storyline will tell you that in the fiftieth century the great achievements of mankind were completely forgotten.

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Trash Sailors upd.12.09.2020 (demo)

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Trash Sailors — often, something happens in the world that leads to large-scale problems, and it is quite difficult to fix them. Today we want to tell you about the world, which was literally covered by a real garbage tsunami. Garbage began to float all over the place, and many monsters were brought up in it. People who are lucky to survive have to build rafts, and flee them from dangers. Of course, this is not an easy task, because the heroes are surrounded by a huge number of monsters who want to destroy your raft, biting off a piece from it. So you will have to not only swim, but also do your best to protect your raft from destruction, improving it with the help of the debris found around. You will have a large selection of crafting recipes for these purposes.

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Milky Way Prince The Vampire Star v1.1 (upd.12.09.2020) - GOG

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Created by Lorenzo Redaelli visual novel Milky Way Prince The Vampire Star. It will target a female audience and raise issues of intimate and abusive relationships. The release is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year on PC, and later the project will visit consoles. A demo on Steam is available today. According to the plot, players will have to spend a hard summer in search of their soul mate. Meet different people, ask tricky questions and find out the details of their past. As the author notes, the game is a semi-autobiographical, dark romantic story.

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Scrap Mechanic v0.4.8.598

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The era of game projects about survival continues to flourish and gain momentum. For example, today on Steam there is one more applicant for being recognized as the best game project of this direction. This game is called Scrap Mechanics and has a lot of interesting sides, which in other similar games have not been practically realized. You can create a variety of transport, which can sometimes surprise up to the point of absurdity.

This game has been updated 12-09-2020, 11:24 to the latest version v0.4.8.598.

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