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ReThink Evolved 4 - CODEX

ReThink Evolved 4 Game Free Download Torrent
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ReThink Evolved 4 — continues a series of eponymous puzzles in a futuristic style. The player will again have to look for the optimal point for the location of the cubes that can direct the light source into a certain area. Unlike its predecessors, the game has advanced in graphic and sound terms. There are new levels and ways to achieve this goal. Experimental tasks joined the classic puzzles, which will be much more difficult to cope with than before. The developers also slightly changed the game mechanics, which made it easier to adapt to the unusual world of future.

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Odd Realm v0.9.0.2 (upd.06.04.2020) - SKIDROW

Odd Realm Game Free Download Torrent

Odd Realm is a pixel strategy like the popular Dwarf Fortress. Take over a group of settlers to build a prosperous settlement. It will not be easy, you will be confronted by gangsters, neighbors, climate and even the gods themselves. Skillfully lead your people, explore the world and even dangerous dungeons. After all, all the most valuable hidden deep underground.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:11 to the latest version v0.9.0.2 (upd.06.04.2020).

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Test Tube Titans v1.03 (upd.04.04.2020)

Test Tube Titans Game Free Download Torrent
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Test Tube Titans — is a dynamic and a little crazy game that makes you a real creator of monsters. You went to a huge and realistic world that you have to ruthlessly destroy, creating real chaos there. Your task is to create various kinds of giant monsters, which then go to destroy everything that gets in their way. The events of the game will send you to the open spaces of one secret research laboratory, which exists somewhere in an alternative, but very similar to the real, world. Here, scientists are engaged in the creation of strange creatures of large sizes, and then sent from the open spaces of cities for subsequent destruction.

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Figment v1.4.0 (upd.04.04.2020) - PLAZA

Figment Game Free Download Torrent

Figment — is an action game with adventure elements. In the game you have to go to an exciting world that is full of various secrets and mysteries. The scene of the game takes place in a truly amazing place in the human mind. Everything that you see in the game is very similar to a vivid dream in which something unthinkable happens. Everything that you see in the game is just a figment of your imagination and nothing more. Many years ago, consciousness was calm, but for little-known reasons, terrible things began to occur in it and terrible thoughts arose. But the voice of courage by the name of Dusty, who begins to fight these nightmares to protect consciousness from death, has been preserved.

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Streamer Daily v04.04.2020

Streamer Daily Game Free Download Torrent
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Streamer Daily — the authors of the project have saved 75 games for you. They represent different genres. Please note that the weaker your PC, the more primitive games will be available. If you want to develop, work hard and get the opportunity to purchase a powerful computer so that the content is more spectacular. In addition to equipment, you will need furniture, other related items. Take part in tournaments, become a celebrity, this will attract additional funds and make a profit. Move to a new, more spacious house, which is not ashamed to show on camera. However, the main thing is not the chair and curtains. Your PC needs to be updated regularly, purchase the latest parts to make it even more powerful.

This game has been updated 4-04-2020, 11:19 to the latest version v04.04.2020.

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Deep Rock Galactic v0.29.38978.0 - SKIDROW

Deep Rock Galactic Game Free Download Torrent

Deep Rock Galactic is a dynamic first-person shooter that will tell you who are fearless cosmic gnomes. Join a team of fearless dwarves who explore caves on a wide variety of planets in search of wealth. Dig, blast — do everything to get to the goal and find the treasure. Play alone or in a team of 4 players. You are waiting for procedural generation of a complex system of caves, which can be completely destroyed! So, on what way to go — it’s up to you! Choose your gnome class that suits your style of play and plunge into alien caves in an attempt to dig out something valuable.

This game has been updated 4-04-2020, 11:11 to the latest version v0.29.38978.0.

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Academia School Simulator v0.3.99b

Academia School Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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Academia School Simulator is an American school building simulator. You must act as a director, designer, architect, and manager at the same time, and your main task is to create an effective and prosperous school. Start from the smallest, build a building and divide it into rooms of different sizes, distribute the rooms and decide in which room and what will happen. At first it will be hard for you, but after a few tens of minutes you will understand that the construction of the school itself is nothing compared to managing it. Here you will have to face new problems, each of which will spoil your life considerably.

This game has been updated 3-04-2020, 16:04 to the latest version v0.3.99b.

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Mad Cats World v03.04.2020 (Act - 1: Not by meat alone...) - SiMPLEX

Mad Cats World Game Free Download Torrent

Mad Cats World — is a fascinating story game adventure quest in which you will find the intrigue that engulfed the city of the future, adventure, investigation, and much more. The events of the game take place in an alternative version of the future, in 2048, when people already harnessed the technology that we can only dream about nowadays. In the middle of this future there is a city called Edgenerium, a high-tech metropolis. Here, everyone enjoys life, technology is used literally in all areas. But it only seems so. In fact, everything is completely wrong here, and you, along with the heroes of the game, will find out what is really happening in the city.

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Necronator Dead Wrong v0.4.1 (upd.02.04.2020)

Necronator Dead Wrong Game Free Download Torrent
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Necronator Dead Wrong — is a comedy strategy game where you need to create and manage an army in order to capture an entire alliance. The teachers did not see any potential in the protagonist, but what is the point if it is possible to conclude a profitable deal with God? The player will choose the commander of his army and begin to control it for conquests. You can not only collect entire units, but also improve them in the future. The game has more than twenty characters who have unique abilities. Each commander that the player chooses can give the team completely different and useful skills in battle.

This game has been updated 2-04-2020, 15:34 to the latest version v0.4.1 (upd.02.04.2020).

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Beat Saber v1.8.0 (upd.02.04.2020) - SKIDROW

Beat Saber Game Free Download Torrent

Beat Saber is a virtual reality music game that combines the mechanics of Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero to provide a unique gaming experience. Your main task in Beat Saber is to «cut» flying block notes with light sabers, so that, as in Guitar Hero, a correctly played block sequence turns into music. Waves with swords in one direction or another are caused by the directional pictograms painted on the blocks.

This game has been updated 2-04-2020, 15:26 to the latest version v1.8.0 (upd.02.04.2020).

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