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Shadow of the Depth v0.9.1.1 (upd.24.04.2024)

Shadow of the Depth Game Free Download Torrent
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Shadow of the Depth throws users headlong into a monster-infested dungeon world. This top-down action Roguelite promises a new adventure every time. Gamers move through a maze, light and shadow swirling around them, fighting creatures that threaten their home. There are five different characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Strategic combat is the core of the game. Users must master the abilities of the selected character in order to overcome the onslaught of enemies.

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  • April 24th Build 14137145 (upd.24.04.2024) - TiNYiSO

    April 24th Game Free Download Torrent
    TiNYiSO Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    April 24th is not just a game, but a journey into the world of mysteries, dreams and possibilities. Get ready for an exciting adventure where every day hides its secrets and you discover them one by one. Every day has its own story, but only a few decide to share their secret. April 24th is an indie game that invites you on an exciting journey through time, where every day reveals new secrets and opportunities. Developed by anonymous creators, the April 24th game will take you to a virtual world where every day is a separate story. You have to solve riddles, reveal secrets and influence the events taking place. Time is your main weapon, but can you use it wisely? In the world of April 24th, you will be able to experience all the attraction and unpredictability of time travel. Your actions will affect the course of events, and your decisions will have far-reaching consequences. Will you be able to change the course of history or will you only learn its true essence?

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  • Jawbreaker v1.0 (upd.24.04.2024)

    Jawbreaker Game Free Download Torrent
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    Jawbreaker is a mesmerizing and captivating action-adventure game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Developed by the visionary game designer Vincent Lade, this indie gem takes players on a thrilling journey through a vibrant and enigmatic world. In Jawbreaker, players assume the role of a daring and agile protagonist, tasked with an important mission to save their mystical realm from impending doom. As the game unfolds, players will find themselves immersed in a richly detailed environment, teeming with life and filled with secrets waiting to be discovered. The gameplay mechanics of Jawbreaker are a perfect blend of action and adventure, offering a uniquely refreshing experience. Armed with powerful and customizable weapons, players engage in exhilarating battles against hordes of otherworldly creatures and formidable bosses.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:19 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.24.04.2024).

    4.59 GB
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  • Forest Keeper Build 13825928 (upd.24.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Forest Keeper Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    In Forest Keeper, you play the role of a forest protector who stands guard over its peaceful existence. Your task is to fight threats coming from all sides: from dangerous predators to unfriendly enemies who want to take over this amazing natural corner. Forest Keeper offers you a variety of ways to protect your forest. From using bows and arrows to using magic spells, you have all the options to protect your home from any threats. The graphics of Forest Keeper captivate with its beauty and detail, creating the atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest, where every tree, every bush has its own story and charm. Join the exciting fight for forest harmony in Forest Keeper by LbGamess and feel like a real protector of nature!

    1.73 GB
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  • Phantom Fury v17276 (upd.24.04.2024)

    Phantom Fury Game Free Download Torrent
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    Phantom Fury takes you on a wild and dangerous journey across America with the defiant and battle-ready Shelley Bombshell Harrison. A true mix of first-person action and adventure road movie, you’ll have your adrenaline pumping from start to finish. Many years after her battle with Jadus Heskel, Shelley awakens in a new world, equipped with a new bionic arm and ready for new challenges. Her mission is to save the future of humanity by protecting the legendary Demon Core, which is under dangerous threat.

    This game has been updated Today, 03:10 to the latest version v17276 (upd.24.04.2024).

    6.70 GB
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  • This is a Ghost v1.0.2 (upd.24.04.2024) - TENOKE

    This is a Ghost Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    This is a Ghost is a supernatural investigation game. You are a member of a secret society that hunts or frees terrifying creatures from our world. Start your investigation with a set of 14 tools to find clues to ghosts. 45 possibilities! 15 objects with unique characteristics and 3 related behaviors. Will your contract be fulfilled? Four maps to start the adventure: small, medium and large. Learn more about the organization by completing a survey and signing a contract. Destroy the threat or free the ghosts from this world. Increase your reputation among secret societies and open new contracts, improve equipment.

    This game has been updated Today, 03:20 to the latest version v1.0.2 (upd.24.04.2024).

    5.68 GB
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  • Forgive Me Father 2 v0.3.14.55u (upd.23.04.2024)

    Forgive Me Father 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Forgive Me Father 2 is a first-person shooter FPS that plunges gamers into the depths of their own psyche, immersing them in a world where madness rages and horror lurks around every corner. Here you take on the role of a priest, a tormented soul seeking redemption for his misdeeds in a world inspired by the mysterious and chilling myths of H.P. Lovecraft. Prepare to face unspeakable abominations that will test both your sanity and your combat prowess. To survive the relentless onslaught of possessed enemies, you must use all sorts of weapons — from shotguns and rifles to explosives and power-ups.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:06 to the latest version v0.3.14.55u (upd.23.04.2024).

    3.56 GB
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  • Beat Saber v1.36.0 (upd.23.04.2024)

    Beat Saber Game Free Download Torrent
    Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    Beat Saber is a virtual reality music game that combines the mechanics of Fruit Ninja and Guitar Hero to provide a unique gaming experience. Your main task in Beat Saber is to «cut» flying block notes with light sabers, so that, as in Guitar Hero, a correctly played block sequence turns into music. Waves with swords in one direction or another are caused by the directional pictograms painted on the blocks.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 06:23 to the latest version v1.36.0 (upd.23.04.2024).

    3.65 GB
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  • Chillas Art Shinkansen 0 v1.0 (upd.22.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Chillas Art Shinkansen 0 Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

    Shinkansen 0 immerses users in the very heart of Japan, challenging them to discover anomalies on legendary routes. As they navigate this rapidly changing environment, users must remain vigilant and prepared to meet the challenges ahead. For those looking for additional content, assistive features can be seamlessly toggled on and off directly from the title screen, allowing for flexible gameplay customization to suit personal preferences. With supporting content enabled by default, users can dive deeper into the intricacies of the game at their own pace.

    7.24 GB
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  • My Dream Setup Build 14043232 (upd.22.04.2024) - TENOKE

    My Dream Setup Game Free Download Torrent
    TENOKE Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

    My Dream Setup is a simulation game about building the room you’ve always dreamed of. A huge selection of furniture, computers and their accessories, posters, paintings, plants and other interior details awaits you. Try them all and create your dream installation. Want to create the installation of your dreams. In My Dream Setup, you can create any setup you want. Any color combination, any budget and any purpose. You can create anything you want. Arrange the furniture as you like. No placement on the grid — complete freedom of action. If you don’t like where you put a piece of furniture, just move it anytime. There is no limit to the amount of furniture in the room. It’s up to you to make a small neat office or a huge studio with a bunch of computers. Change the color of the furniture.

    This game has been updated 22-04-2024, 04:04 to the latest version Build 14043232 (upd.22.04.2024).

    1.25 GB
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