Ziggurat 2 Build 5744584 (upd.29.10.2020)

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Ziggurat 2 — is a sequel to the original first person shooter with elements of the roguelike Ziggurat. As a representative of a powerful magical order, you have to protect humanity from the forces of evil. Use powerful weapons and spells as you battle hordes of enemies and powerful Guardians in epic and dynamic battles. Earn experience to level up and learn powerful perks that will help you reach the end of dangerous dungeons safe and sound. As a member of a powerful magical order, your task is to protect humanity from the forces of evil.

This game has been updated 29-10-2020, 04:45 to the latest version Build 5744584 (upd.29.10.2020).

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Gravity Ace Build 5714349 (upd.27.10.2020)

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Gravity Ace — is a cool 2D gravity shooter in which you, sitting at the helm of a powerful fighter, will destroy enemy bases and overcome obstacles in order to disrupt the enemy’s power supply network by all means, being in his rear. The events of the game take place in a certain boundless future in which there is a war. Well, you will now take a direct part in this war, but only when you find yourself behind enemy lines with a dangerous and very important mission. You are the pilot of a powerful experimental fighter, and your main task is to disrupt the enemy’s power supply network. To do this, you will have to destroy its bases, destroy its pilot and ships, and create chaos in the rear, and such, from which you yourself will become uncomfortable.

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Abracadabrew Build 5681837 (upd.27.10.2020)

Abracadabrew Game Free Download Torrent
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Abracadabrew — is a cooperative and competitive game in which you have to brew the most real magic, magic potions. Play the role of one of the fairies who create potions and fight evil, and try not to lose. Unfortunately, not much is known about the storyline at the moment. All that is known is that you will have to play as one of the fairies, who are always on guard and protect the good, fighting evil. But today we are not talking about battles. Today you will have to prepare potions that will help you overcome that same Evil. Create potions at speed until dawn at such speed to create as many of them as possible, and perhaps you can win.

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Maid of Sker v1.03 (upd.06.08.2020) - CODEX

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Maid of Sker — is set in a secluded hotel in South Wales known as the Haunted House it exists and is considered one of the most famous haunted places in the UK. The plot is inspired by Welsh folklore and concerns the so-called Quiet People. The story is based on the true story of Elizabeth Williams. The user takes on the role of musician Thomas Evans, embroiled in a conflict in which the life of the woman he loves is at stake. This piece is a classic survival horror game. Observing what is happening in the first person, you need to survive and unravel the mystery of mysterious events. This requires constant exploration of the surrounding area, proper use of objects, and concealment from enemies with superhuman hearing.

This game has been updated 27-10-2020, 13:18 to the latest version v1.03 (upd.06.08.2020).

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Forklift Load Build 5736127 (upd.27.10.2020)

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Forklift Load — this is a fairly simple and not confusing game about a small forklift, which will need to travel to different locations and carry out tasks with moving loads. There is no realistic graphics here, but there is a fairly realistic model of the behavior of transport and cargo, it can be easily lost if you go badly or quickly. There is also a small background here, which tells us that the city is completely empty and people are gone, but so, you can control a loader on the radio control so that life goes on. Who contributed to the disappearance of the entire population of the city, you can find out about this only at the end of the game.

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Cannibal Crossing Build 5732374 (upd.26.10.2020)

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Cannibal Crossing — is a Project Zomboid-style survival game for 1-4 players in which you explore the randomly generated town of Earlsboro collecting trash, battling hordes of enemies, building a base and looking for a way to escape. Meet the survivors, each with new abilities, interesting people, and many cannibals. As soon as the job is done, feel free to start building a comfortable and safe shelter where no monster will be able to get you. It is also worth providing yourself with all the necessary attributes such as weapons and protection in order to reflect the attack of the attacker in time.

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The Black Heart v1.3.1 (upd.26.10.2020)

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The Black Heart — game won’t disappoint. You can choose one of six popular horror characters to complete the game. Each of them has a bright personality, special combat characteristics and a list of techniques available for battles. There is no need to complain about the meager choice of characters, because the abundance of their combo abilities is amazing. Try everything from harmless cloning and fiery sleeves to ripping your opponent to pieces. Do not forget to fill the super power bar in order to perform smashing fighting moves.

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Ultra Custom Night v1.5.8 (upd.26.10.2020)

Ultra Custom Night Game Free Download Torrent
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Ultra Custom Night — is one of the best fan games ever made by fans. Here you will find characters from all the games in the FNAaF series, a sea of trials, various interesting events, and much more. This is a fantasy game based on the FNAaF series that was once a real hit. Now you can immerse yourself in a new game in which you will find just an incredible amount of content, an incredible number of different characters, terrible nights in the office and much, much more. In other words, this time you will have adventures that you will certainly never forget.

This game has been updated 26-10-2020, 14:02 to the latest version v1.5.8 (upd.26.10.2020).

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Mask of Sanity - DARKSiDERS

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The gameplay in Mask of Sanity is not that complicated, and everything happens here in the first person view. All you need to do is explore the premises of the hospital, look for clues, solve puzzles and guess riddles, and along the way hide from enemies that may attack you. But be careful and decide for yourself whether or not to fight your enemies. Perhaps it is better to run away from them. It’s up to you, even in Mask of Sanity you will find just an unimaginable atmosphere, horror. which are hard to imagine, a sea of ​​random events, and dark rooms with halls overflowing with something clearly sinister, and possibly otherworldly.

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Inmost v1.0.2 (upd.25.10.2020)

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The game Inmost — belongs to the genre of logical platformer with a rather confusing plot. The user is given the opportunity to establish the interaction of three characters at once with various skills, abilities and even character. In one dark story that happened far in the past, the fates of three heroes were connected. The brave knight once swore allegiance to the forces of darkness, a strange creature, feeding on pain, a young lonely girl were together in the same team. Now they have to examine all the corridors and rooms of an abandoned castle in order to find the heart of evil lurking inside. Try to act as discreetly as possible so as not to attract excessive attention of the enemy.

This game has been updated 25-10-2020, 17:16 to the latest version v1.0.2 (upd.25.10.2020).

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