Darksburg v1.0.2.17120 (upd.10.11.2020)

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Darksburg — an indie action game with defender elements, tells you about a city that has been infected with an infection and turned the locals into walking corpses. Four brave heroes will have to deal with this problem, each of whom has special skills. Runolf — fights with the help of a huge cook, Rose — deals with enemies at a distance using a crossbow, Abigail — relies on higher forces in battle, and Varag — is a prisoner werewolf who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are humanity’s last hope for survival, and now they will have to fight against hordes of zombies, and not let the virus spread further. After all, if everything continues this way, then there will not be a single settlement on the planet where evil spirits do not roam. There will be many battles awaiting you, and everything will depend on what you undertake.

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Z Dawn v1.1.6

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Z Dawn is a game project that sends you to a dangerous world where you will fight for your own life and survive in the most dangerous conditions. You find yourself in a huge and prosperous world, which suddenly became covered in a gloomy veil due to the virus. This same virus began to spread rapidly throughout the planet, which led to the destruction of the world and humanity living in it. Here you have to take under your total control a small group of survivors, of whom there are very few left on earth. It is for them that you must ensure a safe life, and also do everything so that they do not become infected with the virus.

This game has been updated 10-11-2020, 10:01 to the latest version v1.1.6.

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TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity Build 5797145 (upd.09.11.2020)

TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity Game Free Download Torrent
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TOKOYO The Tower of Perpetuity — this 2D roguelike action takes place in the Tokoyo Tower, an ever-changing and deceiving auto-generated dungeon teeming with vicious monsters and cruel traps. The dungeon is automatically restored through the server every 24 hours, which allows players from all over the world to play the same dungeon every day and only for one day.

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HyperRogue v11.4b (upd.09.11.2020) - SKIDROW

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HyperRogue is an unusual game, all actions of which take place on the hyperbolic plane using Lobachevsky geometry. Playing as a hero, you will travel the unusual world trying to find valuable treasures. Your main goal is to find the realm of Yendor, finding which game will be completed. HyperRogue is one of the few games in which «unusual geometry» is used, which makes the game not only strange, but also interesting. In addition to various worlds, in the game you will find a bunch of monsters, from which you can not always escape.​

This game has been updated 9-11-2020, 05:29 to the latest version v11.4b (upd.09.11.2020).

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Puddle Knights v2.7 (upd.08.11.2020) - SiMPLEX

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Puddle Knights — a puzzle about wit, chivalry and filth. In this game, valiant knights in cloaks of various lengths help the ladies and bishops in mud formations that threaten to ruin their valuable possessions. As stated in the motto of the Order of the Knights of the Puddles, a poorly designed sanitary system creates abundant opportunities for heroism. Cool game with a funny plot. We are assigned the role of a knight, he should try to make sure that the queen does not get dirty wandering around the level, and for this it is necessary to correctly cover the dirty puddles with her cape. This is very difficult, given that there are limitations, the queen likes to change direction and generally levels become hellishly difficult as they progress.

This game has been updated 8-11-2020, 17:18 to the latest version v2.7 (upd.08.11.2020).

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The Long Dark v1.82 (Fearless Navigator) - PLAZA

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The Long Dark is a new simulator of survival in severe winter conditions. You play as pilot Willy McKenzie, who is crashed because of a strange geomagnetic storm in the endless forests of Northern Canada. Now your main task is to survive as long as possible, and to do this, explore the surrounding area, find and use various items for survival, hide from the cold and night predators, create a shelter and try to find at least a little food. The world that is familiar to you no longer exists, a strange magnetic storm destroyed all electronics and now humanity is struggling for survival. In the game you often have to make moral decisions, because being kind is dangerous for life, and meeting with the other survivors is deadly. What are you going to do? Are you ready to fight for your life? Can you last at least a day in harsh conditions? Do not know? Then you can try it in The Long Dark.

This game has been updated 8-11-2020, 05:08 to the latest version v1.82 (Fearless Navigator).

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1917 The Prologue - DARKSiDERS

1917 The Prologue Game Free Download Torrent

Project 1917 The Prologue — is an indie horror adventure with puzzle elements, a first-person camera view, and a historical setting. In this game you will have a chance to go to the era of the October Revolution, namely in 1917. Relive the memories of real-life people who were lucky enough to survive during that difficult time. The story begins with the fact that your hero enters a mysterious entrance, which hides many secrets and terrible riddles.

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Time To Stop Time - DARKSiDERS

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Time To Stop Time — is a shooter and action game developed by Sicarius for the PC platform. This is a first-person superhero action movie. You have been given the opportunity to control time and a huge responsibility for saving every innocent person from imminent danger. You have limited time to analyze the situation and navigate the storm of falling debris, bullets and explosions. Choose your own solution for each situation and find the most creative way out of the impending crisis. The environment in the game belongs to the stylistics of fantasy, and you can highlight the features of an indie action game, with elements of parkour, as well as a shooter where you can enable time dilation. Play along with great soundtracks for one player.

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What the Golf? v02.11.2020

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What the Golf? — A game that is designed for people who hate golf. Here, the main feature is an excellent study of the physical aspect, where you will do everything in order to achieve a result, and this will be very difficult to do. A huge and colorful world awaits you, which has prepared for you a lot of opportunities and various kinds of tests. The thing is that here you need to play golf in a variety of arenas. Each location will be different from the previous one — you will play golf every time, but only according to the new rules.

This game has been updated 7-11-2020, 12:17 to the latest version v02.11.2020.

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ScourgeBringer v1.44 (upd.07.11.2020) - GOG

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ScourgeBringer is a fast high-speed platform game with a side view in which you have to play the role of a fighter of one of the most powerful clans, and even on the eve of the apocalypse itself. No one knows what happened — it is only known that an unknown mystical creature has hit all of humanity and now people are on the verge of extinction, like a race. All warriors and armies have fallen, and only you, acting as a powerful fighter from the Kyhra clan, can give humanity one more chance. But it will not be easy to do this, because you will have to face not only the main culprit of everything that is happening on the planet, but also with all its henchmen.

This game has been updated 7-11-2020, 14:58 to the latest version v1.44 (upd.07.11.2020).