Cyber Hook Build 5596137 (upd.25.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Cyber Hook — if you like active adventures and want to have a good time, we suggest you not to waste time and just go on our new adventure. This time we invite you to visit an interactive environment that will resemble a cyber space. It will be constantly generated and offer different challenges that you have to actively overcome. Yes, the task is not easy, especially given the increased dynamics and willingness to simply achieve a good result. The main thing is to have time to react to changing situations and try not to make mistakes in your adventure. The main advantage of your adventure will be that you have to actively move forward and try not to stagnate in one place.

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Tangledeep v1.35c + All DLC

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Tangledeep is an RPG made in the style of 16-bit graphics and is filled with a huge number of fascinating adventures in the magical world. At the choice of the player several characters, each with their unique abilities. Also you will get a pumping system, lots of interesting items, different weapons, dungeons with dangerous enemies and much more. All in the best traditions of the old school RPG, but with the addition of modern chips.

This game has been updated 21-10-2020, 09:07 to the latest version v1.35c + All DLC.

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Party Panic v1.6.0 - SKIDROW

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Party Panic is an indie game in which gay madness is brought to the fore. This action will allow to unite four people simultaneously at the same computer. It is recommended to find three friends who will have their own game controllers, you can also use the joystick from the Xbox 360, provided that there is a special adapter for the PC. If Druze is not, or is but without joysticks, then why are you friends like that? — go into a single mode and amused in full with the bots. Of the main tasks that are put before the players is the passage of certain tasks. What is insane, but that you need to play a noisy company and only then you can get real emotions from Party Panic. If you consider competitions, you have to catch chickens in the fence on the farm, who will catch more for a while, and he becomes a winner. The more points a character collects in a certain color, he gets more prizes and a chance to win. In general, Pati Panik is designed for fun passing by four people.

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Cosmoteer v0.15.12a

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Cosmoteer is an indie game unique in its essence, a spacecraft simulator, where you will need to lead the crew and build a spacecraft that will fully meet your requirements and preferences. From the very beginning, you will need to decide what functions your spacecraft should perform. For example, it can be a warship, or a freighter. Depending on what goals you pursue, the effectiveness of your ship will be determined.

This game has been updated 20-10-2020, 03:50 to the latest version v0.15.12a.

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Astroneer v1.14.73.0 (upd.20.08.2020) - CODEX

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The game Astroneer from the studio System Era, consisting of former employees 43 Industries, Valve, Disney, Ubisoft, instantly develops interest not only thanks to developers, their former merits, among which, for example, the legendary Halo series. It attracts attention with its somewhat cartoon 3D graphics, based on the Unreal 4 engine, and an excellent idea. The plot is sent to the 25th century. And you know, it's not bad there. People have learned to fly inexpensively in space, now it is publicly available. And many travelers of the future want, like their colleagues from the past and the present, wealth and glory.

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Medulla Build 5685781 (upd.18.10.2020)

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The game project Medulla — is an indie adventure platformer with action and puzzle elements, as well as a side camera view and 2D graphics. Get ready to travel to the very epicenter of the fairytale universe, where you will enjoy the local mesmerizing landscapes. Reincarnate as a young hero named Takito, who travels to various places and regions, where very strange obstacles appear in front of him and, as strange as it sounds, illogical puzzles. A special cherry on the cake will be mesmerizing landscapes that skillful designers have created by hand.

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The Universim v0.44.34051 (upd.17.10.2020)

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The Universim — is probably the most ambitious simulator of God, because the player has to start with a small settlement on an uninhabited planet and try to evolve to intergalactic flights and colonize new planets. You will face a serious struggle for survival, you need to take into account all the smallest details and guide society along the path you need. The planet on which you will develop is generated at random, as well as climatic conditions and various natural disasters. Initially, it’s worth starting with the fact that you need to open fire. This discovery will help protect your settlement from wild animals and sudden temperature changes.

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Overcrowd A Commute Em Up v1.0.9 (upd.17.10.2020)

Overcrowd A Commute Em Up Game Free Download Torrent
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Welcome to the metropolis Lubdon Town. You are honored to manage the main means of transportation — the city metro. Your task is to build and equip metro stations so that any number of passengers would be comfortable and convenient. Overcrowd A Commute Em Up is an excellent tactical management simulator that allows you to fully demonstrate all your design skills.

This game has been updated 17-10-2020, 06:24 to the latest version v1.0.9 (upd.17.10.2020).

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Superfighters Deluxe v1.3.7b - SKIDROW

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Superfighters Deluxe is a multiplayer game project presented to the world in the genre of arcade shooter. You are waiting for merciless battles with the most insane rivals, to overcome which is not so easy. Before you open a small location, where you will conduct their merciless actions in relation to opponents. The main task is to survive as long as possible, killing as many opponents as possible. Be attentive and focus on the main process, so as not to be overthrown in the first seconds of the battle. Run fast, overcoming obstacles and shooting off each representative of enemy force. The game is able to give a lot of positive emotions to all lovers of the genre due to its dynamics and fascination. The combat system is worked out to the smallest detail and allows you to create with the enemy anything, shredding it into pieces or destroying it with the help of guns.

This game has been updated 17-10-2020, 07:43 to the latest version v1.3.7b.

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Foregone v1.0.1.11 (upd.10.10.2020)

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Foregone is a side-view pixel action platformer whose main character is trying to save the city of Kalgan from total destruction. The game has a large selection of weapons, which helps to deal with crowds of opponents as quickly as possible. Character skills can be pumped and improved to increase her combat power. In addition to ordinary opponents in the game, you can meet bosses of strong and tenacious enemies. This is a pixel-based action platformer in which players are waiting for the story of one of the Referees of people who are trying to restore order in a world that survived a devastating war. Players will explore huge colorful locations and fight against various opponents and bosses inspired by the Souls series.

This game has been updated 15-11-2020, 15:43 to the latest version v1.0.1.11 (upd.10.10.2020).

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