KARMA v1.0 (upd.10.03.2021) - TiNYiSO

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KARMA — a soldier who wants revenge for the brutal murder of his father by terrorists, he has now decided to destroy all terrorist bases and camps. He goes on a mission to various terrorist camps to destroy and kill them all. During this journey he has to face various problems and dangerous enemies around him. Realistic first person shooter with lots of action and attractive graphics. All missions are unique in game mechanics. Players will be able to get several types of weapons, as well as equipment. Artificial intelligence of a clever enemy. Realistic graphics. Campaign gameplay. Interesting storyline.

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Maximum Action v0.77

Maximum Action Game Free Download Torrent
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Maximum Action is a very unusual first-person shooter action game where you have to shoot numerous enemies, fight, master shooting with various weapons and just have fun going through dozens of different levels. At first it may seem that this is the most standard FPS-shooter, in which you just need to aim correctly at the head of the enemy and carry out a shot. But in fact, this game stands out against the background of other shooters with a whole list of features. Take even such a minor function as slowing down time, when it becomes possible to plan further actions and quickly deal decisive damage to enemies. But this is not the only function.

This game has been updated 9-03-2021, 05:21 to the latest version v0.77.

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HROT v0.3.1 (upd.07.03.2021)

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HROT — the game is a furious, crazy and wild retro first person shooter about survival in a diesel punk in Czechoslovakia. You run away from a giant horse in a gas mask that jumps over small buildings, you try to turn a corner and are ambushed by giant heads of statues that shoot at you. The heads of the statues start to bleed when you decide to answer them. Just a few minutes later, shriveled slender humanoids chase you down the sewers, firing shotguns at any sign of movement. Blood-sucking spiders will soon follow, thirsty for mdc.

This game has been updated 7-03-2021, 04:53 to the latest version v0.3.1 (upd.07.03.2021).

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Teke Teke v1.0 (upd.05.03.2021) - TiNYiSO

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Teke Teke — every decision you make in the game has a significant impact on several limbs, you can use and combine items to help you during your adventure. The protagonist is a high school girl, your best friend and lover who stopped going to school, it’s been a few days since you received a response from him, you remember that before he disappeared he told you about a legend, Teke Teke legend, at the time you didn’t think much about it, but he seemed almost obsessed with the story, you finally decide to visit him once after school. One cold winter day, a woman was knocked down by an ongoing train that cut her in half at the waist. Lying in the cold, she died a horrible death. Those who hear this story are visited for three days.

This game has been updated 5-03-2021, 16:00 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.05.03.2021).

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Dungreed upd.05.03.2021

Dungreed Game Free Download Torrent
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Dungreed is a quality pixel 2D action bage with dangerous dungeons. The game will not surprise you with something new, but its performance is at a high level, and all lovers of high-quality pixel games will definitely be delighted. Procedural generation of levels, an excellent system of pumping the hero, a diverse selection of weapons, ranging from sharp swords, ending with ultra-modern guns.

This game has been updated 5-03-2021, 15:47 to the latest version upd.05.03.2021.

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Stranded Deep v0.64.04 - PLAZA

Stranded Deep Game Free Download Torrent
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Stranded Deep is a new indie project from the independent Australian studio Beam Team Games. The main goal of the developers is to achieve in the game the most realistic survival in the wild. As for the survival system, in the game it will be represented by various aspects. For example, players can not long be under the scorching sun, so you can shovel a sunstroke. Also, when consuming sea water, it will be necessary to purify it of salts, making the water suitable for drinking. And, of course, players will have to cook properly food, otherwise you can get poisoned.

This game has been updated 5-03-2021, 06:23 to the latest version v0.64.04.

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Fallen Rebellion v1.0 (upd.04.03.2021) - DARKSiDERS

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Fallen Rebellion — loud trumpet, flashes of light and bright energy in the sky, people can not understand each other, chaos reigns on earth, and we believe that this is due to Nush and his-led uprising. Uprising to reach the highest throne and unleash chaos on it. Fallen Rebellion is a 2.5D platformer, the goal of which is to reach the end of the game and pass all levels without any savings. Run and jump on the land of ancient civilization in an exciting platformer, in which your goal to reach the end without any savings. The goal is to be as accurate.

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Z Dawn v1.2.1

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Z Dawn is a game project that sends you to a dangerous world where you will fight for your own life and survive in the most dangerous conditions. You find yourself in a huge and prosperous world, which suddenly became covered in a gloomy veil due to the virus. This same virus began to spread rapidly throughout the planet, which led to the destruction of the world and humanity living in it. Here you have to take under your total control a small group of survivors, of whom there are very few left on earth. It is for them that you must ensure a safe life, and also do everything so that they do not become infected with the virus.

This game has been updated 3-03-2021, 05:35 to the latest version v1.2.1.

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Foregone v1.1.0.4 (upd.02.03.2021)

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Foregone is a side-view pixel action platformer whose main character is trying to save the city of Kalgan from total destruction. The game has a large selection of weapons, which helps to deal with crowds of opponents as quickly as possible. Character skills can be pumped and improved to increase her combat power. In addition to ordinary opponents in the game, you can meet bosses of strong and tenacious enemies. This is a pixel-based action platformer in which players are waiting for the story of one of the Referees of people who are trying to restore order in a world that survived a devastating war. Players will explore huge colorful locations and fight against various opponents and bosses inspired by the Souls series.

This game has been updated 2-03-2021, 04:06 to the latest version v1.1.0.4 (upd.02.03.2021).

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Rhythm Doctor Build 6308433 (upd.01.03.2021)

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Project Rhythm Doctor, is an adventure rhythm game with action elements, emphasis on the musical component, as well as with pixel graphics. Get ready to save tons of patients with your own sense of rhythm. Here you need to treat sick people with a defibrillator, which needs to be activated in time with the heartbeat. Each patient’s heartbeat is unique, so it should be carefully studied beforehand, as well as the boss viruses that will try to prevent you in every possible way. Your main button in the game will be the space bar, with which you will have to perform your healing magic. But be on the alert, because each person has their own individual diseases that will try to interfere with you in every possible way, namely, to offer complex musical combinations. If you do not know how to cope with them, then this entertainment will help you.

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