Slaughter 3 The Rebels - HOODLUM

Slaughter 3 The Rebels Game Free Download Torrent

Slaughter 3 The Rebels — a new action on Android from the studio Ray Spark, which is known for its love of shooters. Your character found himself in a city hidden away from the whole world face to face with thousands of thugs who for years have accumulated anger and rage, sitting in prison. Now they have escaped from captivity and you, as the last survivor, will have to get rid of enemies and get out of this trap. To survive this chaos, you need not to be taken aback, as well as get weapons and find allies. A city hidden away from the world, for many years served as the base for a large prison complex. The most dangerous criminals went there for life. Thousands of thugs accumulated anger and rage, wanting to escape from imprisonment.

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Healers Quest v1.1.01

Healers Quest Game Free Download Torrent
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Healers Quest — when evil forces awaken in the dark, the world needs a team of heroes. But when these heroes are a ragtag bunch of unskilled jerks, only a healer can save the day. The game Healer’s Quest is a carefree comedy RPG where you take on the role of the most underrated party member in any fantasy field Healer. Having joined the group of unskillful losers — the boss-tank, the beautiful archer, the depraved mage and the raging barbarian, you must preserve the health of your party while controlling the decreasing reserves of mana.

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There Is No Tomorrow v1.0.3 (upd.02.02.2020) - CODEX

There Is No Tomorrow Game Free Download Torrent
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There Is No Tomorrow — the game is played from a third-person perspective, in which the search for items and the use of stealth are extremely important to overcome the dangers in the game. The most common enemy in the game is very fast and does a lot of damage. Most likely, players will die after several hits. As an ordinary student, Leon must learn to survive in this adventure. Leon, the protagonist, must use the environment and the things that he can find in order to survive. Some of the items include melee weapons, steel traps, various distracting items.

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Don't Starve Together v392682 - ALI213

Don't Starve Together Game Free Download Torrent
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The whole world of the game Don't Starve Together — one big surprise. You are interesting, exciting, absorbing players with a novelty. If before you had to develop your camp alone, then now you will have a partner (maybe even not one). Multi-user stand-alone extension Together will save players from the need to «screen» those or other events, then to send a picture to someone, because now friends can play together with you.

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Bookbound Brigade - DARKSiDERS

Bookbound Brigade Game Free Download Torrent

Bookbound Bridage is a dynamic platformer where you have to take part in epic battles. Here, the main characters are famous personalities such as Count Dracula or Nikola Tesla. You need to lead a team of these famous people in order to oppose numerous opponents in a single squad. Each of your heroes has its own unique skills that should be properly used in battle. Gather your squad of unique heroes together and hit the road through uncharted locations towards exciting adventures. You have to fight with various historical figures and even literary characters, which will require an individual approach. All your opponents have their weaknesses, you just have to find these weak spots in order to use your abilities with maximum efficiency. Fight with an army of enemies along the way, moving along unfamiliar territories. Solve difficult puzzles and puzzles, develop the skills of your characters and simultaneously destroy several hundreds of various rivals on the way to achieving the main goal.

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Escape The Manor Update 1 (upd.31.01.2020) - PLAZA

Escape The Manor Game Free Download Torrent
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Escape The Manor a horror game that has good graphics, a great storyline and a great idea. One idea is naturally not enough, but the developers were able to translate all their thoughts into real virtual life. A survival game with a first-person view where you need to complete one single mission is to leave the old and dangerous house through the central door. Do not think that everything is so simple, first of all you need to explore all the rooms and corridors in order to collect artifacts, those objects that are part of the puzzle, by solving which you could exit through the main entrance. So, each of your movements is very audible to ghosts, so you need to walk as quietly as possible every step by step, and explore the estate. You have only 5 lives to complete the survival mission.

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ParanormalHK v1.04 (upd.31.01.2020) - PLAZA

ParanormalHK Game Free Download Torrent
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ParanormalHK — horror game, only for those who love and appreciate this genre. The plot of this horror is not intricate, but still makes you play and play the game step by step. It is worth being careful and attentive, because danger awaits you at every step. The graphics are standard, not realistic, but allow you to convey the atmosphere as much as possible. So, you are one of the members of a group of people from the online channel Beyond the Invisible who got to the Hungry Ghost festival and decided to shoot a short film and the place, but everything went wrong. It all started from the moment when an actress named Katie disappeared without a trace, and then the whole group began to disappear one by one. Find out what happened and try to survive.

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Red Bow v1.0 (upd.30.01.2020)

Red Bow Game Free Download Torrent
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Red Bow — this is a rather interesting game project, which stands out from the rest for its setting — this is an extremely gloomy game in which there is no place for fun, joy or laughter. If this does not stop you and the game still seems potentially attractive, then let’s go ahead and explore the benefits of this product. Not everyone will like the picture in Red Bow, as the developers tried to follow the general concept of the game world and did not depart from their basic style. Because of this, the picture in the game turned out to be rather gloomy, while being very simple and without unnecessary details.

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Nubarron The adventure of an unlucky gnome v30.01.2020 - HOODLUM

Nubarron The adventure of an unlucky gnome Game Free Download Torrent

Nubarron The adventure of an unlucky gnome is a mix of fabulous action and puzzle platform. Here you have to go on a long journey with a gnome, from whom luck has turned away, and even now traveling in the company of not the most pleasant companion. The game takes place in a fairytale universe, and the plot revolves around a gnome. who, due to his own negligence, lost his luck and now constantly gets into various kinds of troubles. But this is not all — his main problem is that now there is a small cloud above his head all the time, spewing lightning.

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The Pedestrian - HOODLUM

The Pedestrian Game Free Download Torrent

The Pedestrian is a cool platform game with a side view, where you go to solve numerous, varying degrees of difficulty, puzzles, each of which will be unique in its own way. You will play for the main character, who will go on an adventure where he will need logic and ingenuity. Only your decision takes place here, so take it correctly in order to overcome the next difficulty. The whole point is that you need to correctly match the numerous plates so that they fit together. For example, you must collect male and female toilet symbols, or an elevator symbol. The game gives you the opportunity to visit many locations, whether it is an office building, metro, a huge city with residents, an art gallery or a construction site. Everything is based on symbols and animation, there is no text here.

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