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Cities Skylines 2 the long-awaited sequel to the beloved classic city-building game. At its core, the title continues the tradition, allowing gamers to create their own cityscapes. A distinctive feature is the depth of the modeling system. The city you create is not just a pretty facade, it is a living, breathing entity. You’ll battle traffic jams, manage a volatile economy, solve environmental problems, and observe how residents react to your decisions. Adaptability is key to navigating the ever-changing landscape of a metropolis. City scaling in Cities: Skylines 2 has never been more fun. With expanded building capabilities, you can reach new heights and grow like never before. There are over 1,000 sites at your disposal, including iconic landmarks, intricate bridges, busy ports and tranquil beaches. But it truly immerses users in a realistic universe. It replicates the world with different climates, seasons and weather effects. You can choose from maps inspired by real-life locations such as San Francisco, Tampere and Paris, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 11:47 to the latest version v1.0.15.f1 (upd.01.12.2023).

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  • Sifu v1.26 (upd.01.11.2023) - TENOKE

    Sifu Game Free Download Torrent
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    Sifu is an adventure game with a third-person perspective. Play the role of a young and brave warrior and learn all the techniques of kung fu. The storyline tells about the tragedy that occurred in which the parents of the main character died, and now he goes to take revenge on the criminals. Achieving a positive result is not easy, because many tests, various dangers and battles with ominous opponents await you ahead. You need to use your knowledge as the game progresses, and also remember to improve yourself in order to cope with stronger opponents. The setting is a large city, partially open to exploration, where you will find valuable resources and clues that will lead you to your goal. The game’s graphics will delight you with unusual designs and visual effects, and the overall atmosphere is complemented by a wonderful soundtrack.

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  • American Truck Simulator Kansas v1.49.2.0 (upd.30.11.2023) - RUNE

    American Truck Simulator Kansas Game Free Download Torrent

    American Truck Simulator Kansas — Welcome to Kansas! A U.S. state steeped in the rich tapestry of authentic cowboy culture, adorned with endless expanses of wildflowers. Nestled in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas unfolds a captivating landscape characterized by native grasslands, babbling streams, expansive blue skies, and picturesque green grassland vistas. Renowned as The Sunflower State, Kansas once stood as the agricultural heartbeat of the nation. However, as time marched forward, this haven evolved into a hub that attracted major businesses and witnessed significant industrial development. The central location and efficient infrastructure for logistics operations have played a pivotal role in this transformation. Yet, amid the hustle and bustle of progress, Kansas remains true to its roots.

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  • Warhammer 40000 Gladius Drukhari v1.13.0 (upd.30.11.2023) - RUNE

    Warhammer 40000 Gladius Drukhari Game Free Download Torrent

    Warhammer 40000 Gladius Drukhari — Power from Pain surges through the veins of the Drukhari, invigorating them as agony permeates the battlefield. Thriving on suffering, their units attain additional bonuses based on their experience level, transforming pain into a source of strength. In their pursuit of realspace spoils, the Drukhari establish Corsair Outposts, strategically balancing reduced city growth rates with the potential for improvement through outpost control. This calculated risk allows them to manipulate their cities and expand their dominion. The Drukhari’s mastery of the webway manifests in the Raid from the Webway ability. They utilize temporary portals, paying influence to activate webway gates, facilitating rapid movement across the map for their raiding parties.

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  • Panzer Corps 2 Axis Operations 1946 v1.9.1 (upd.30.11.2023) - RUNE

    Panzer Corps 2 Axis Operations 1946 Game Free Download Torrent

    Panzer Corps 2 Axis Operations 1946 — They say that every conclusion heralds a new commencement. While the annals remind us that the Second World War concluded in 1945, Panzer Corps 2 is embarking on an unprecedented journey to extend the Axis Operations with a grand finale Axis Operations 1946 Amerika. Building upon the ahistorical narrative laid out by its predecessors, Axis Operations 1946 presents players with an expansive and entirely unique campaign, narrating a joint German-Japanese invasion of the United States. Prepare your Wehrmacht invasion forces for their ultimate clashes as they confront the formidable United States in a colossal 30-scenario campaign that traverses the entire Continental US, spanning from coast to coast.

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  • Truck and Logistics Simulator Build 12839164 (upd.30.11.2023) - RUNE

    Truck and Logistics Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    If you thought that the simulators would stop developing and expanding, then pay attention to the game — Truck and Logistics Simulator. This new game will become the basis for an active adventure in the field of logistics and transportation. You have to take on the role of a professional master who knows how to solve the problems of movement and loading, regardless of transport and cargo dimensions. You have to actively act and try to fulfill the tasks that will sometimes be quite difficult. It remains only to adapt to all these conditions and it will be possible to gradually move towards the goal. It will be difficult to achieve it, but nonetheless, everyone will have the opportunity to realize their potential.

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  • Call to Arms Gates of Hell Liberation v1.034.0 (upd.30.11.2023) - RUNE

    Call to Arms Gates of Hell Liberation Game Free Download Torrent

    Call to Arms Gates of Hell Liberation — Warriors of the Allied Expeditionary Force Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, your journey into the grand undertaking is upon you! This downloadable content unveils the unfolding drama of the Western Front in 1944, spotlighting the United States faction and delving into German Western Front narratives. Join the vanguard surging against the Atlantic wall, carving a path through the challenging Bocage terrain. Embrace the pivotal role in breaking the deadlock at the Battle of the Bulge. Relive the race to the Rhine bridge, tracing the route deep into the heart of Germany. Alternatively, stand firm with the Wehrmacht, orchestrating counterattacks to halt the breakout — the defender of «Fortress Europe,» grappling with timeless dilemmas.

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  • Turbo Overkill v1.20 (upd.30.11.2023)

    Turbo Overkill Game Free Download Torrent
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    Trigger Happy Interactive studio debut. In Turbo Overkill, we play as Johnny Turbo, a cyborg who has returned to his hometown of Paradise. His task is to destroy the artificial intelligence that controls the city. The game takes place in a dystopian, cyberpunk future. The protagonist is Johnny Turbo, a cyborg and mercenary returning to his hometown of Paradise. Once there, he discovers that the entire city is being controlled by an artificial intelligence named Syn, who has taken possession of the inhabitants and started a reign of terror with an army of cybernetic soldiers. Desperate for money, Johnny accepts the seemingly impossible task of destroying an artificial intelligence while facing off against his henchmen and rival bounty hunters.

    This game has been updated 30-11-2023, 03:10 to the latest version v1.20 (upd.30.11.2023).

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  • Dakar Desert Rally v1.11.0 (upd.29.11.2023) - RUNE

    Dakar Desert Rally Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Dakar Desert Rally is based on the popular endurance rally competition, in which teams compete for prestigious awards in several categories — trucks, cars, and motorcycles. Each such group has its own rules and regulations. There are tolerances on the parameters of vehicles and the number of participants in the team. Players will have the chance to join one of the teams and take control of one of dozens of licensed cars. You’ll have to rush through the desert at full speed to leave all your competitors behind. However, if you do not spare your car, you can quickly render it unusable. Equipment tends to break down, and then you have to spend precious time repairing it.

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  • THE MULLER POWELL PRINCIPLE Build 12828042 (upd.29.11.2023) - RUNE

    THE MULLER POWELL PRINCIPLE Game Free Download Torrent
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    THE MULLER POWELL PRINCIPLE — takes players on an interdimensional odyssey in a sci-fi adventure that puts players in the shoes of Harry Herman, an unsuspecting Delta Laboratories employee caught in the chaos of an experiment gone wrong. The narrative unfolds in various parallel worlds, weaving intrigues and discoveries that revolve around Herman’s connection to the ill-fated project. At the heart of the gameplay is a portable energy manipulator a multifunctional device that adds complexity to exploration. Using this device, you can manipulate various types of energy and solve physics-based puzzles, remove obstacles, fight off opponents and destroy obstacles in your path.

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