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They Are Billions v0.10.7.11 (upd.09.12.2018) - ALI213

They Are Billions Game Free Download Torrent
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They Are Billions is a post-apocalyptic strategy in steampunk style, whose actions take place in the distant future, where the remnants of civilization fight against the terrible virus that turned people into zombies. In They Are Billions, you have to build a reliable base and manage the colony, at your disposal a handful of people who are confronted by billions of zombies roaming the planet in search of the last remaining colonies. Although the game is a real-time strategy, you can still pause, give orders and think about further actions. In the game, much attention is paid to construction, a well-established infrastructure and well-established mining will help to stretch out considerably longer even with the worst zombie onslaught.

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Don't Starve Hamlet upd.07.12.2018 - ALI213

Don't Starve Hamlet Game Free Download Torrent
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Don't Starve Hamlet is a multiplayer version of the popular game «Don’t Starve». Unlike the original, you can now survive with a friend. Due to this, the game completely changes, because now other players survive with you, and playing together or against real people is much more interesting. As in the single player game, you will find an unusual, but nice drawn graphics, as well as many secrets hidden on the map. That’s just in search of secrets do not fall into the trap of another player. Don't Starve — this unusual survived in the most severe conditions.

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Don't Starve Together v298000 - ALI213

Don't Starve Together Game Free Download Torrent
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The whole world of the game Don't Starve Together — one big surprise. You are interesting, exciting, absorbing players with a novelty. If before you had to develop your camp alone, then now you will have a partner (maybe even not one). Multi-user stand-alone extension Together will save players from the need to «screen» those or other events, then to send a picture to someone, because now friends can play together with you.

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Farmer's Dynasty v0.991b (upd.07.12.2018) - ALI213

Farmer's Dynasty Game Free Download Torrent
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​Prepare to create a farm of your dreams! You will start working on the small farm of the father of the protagonist. First of all, you need to do repairs to the old house and barn. Having plunged into this fascinating world of construction and gathering, do not forget about your family. Each decision will affect not only the success of the farm, but also the well-being of the family. Can you preserve family ties and at the same time build a huge plantation? The game includes a story mode, as it passes you will receive various rewards that will expand your farm.​

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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Build 3364513 (Deluxe Edition) - ALI213

Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden Game Free Download Torrent
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Creating Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden, the developers of Bearded Ladies relied on the idea embedded in X-COM, but interpreted it in their own way. In the end, they got a stealth action from a third party, the basis of the battle is the turn-based mechanics. All this is filed in the scenery of board games on the same name universe. The plot tells us about another war that thundered on planet Earth and devastated everything around. Nuclear strikes turned the surface of the planet into scorched territories. Mankind was destroyed, and nuclear ash spawned mutants in which the features of animals and people were seen. Mutants are intelligent beings.

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Pirates of the Polygon Sea v1.0 - ALI213

Pirates of the Polygon Sea Game Free Download Torrent
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Pirates of the Polygon Sea — an adventure game in which you will become a pirate! Fight for control of the Mythical Islands, build your port and develop it, rob the merchant ships, look for treasures, trade and try to become the most influential pirate. If you like the pirate theme of games, then you definitely should try and continue to monitor the development of this project, because the authors promise to add a lot of interesting pieces.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - ALI213

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Game Free Download Torrent
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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is an advanced RPG-adventure podium full of links to video games, juvenile dialogue and anime fan, as well as a strategic battle, monster siege and a lot of treasure hunting — if you fall into any of those. If you’re new to the show, this is a good place to start, and if you play other games, there are many new features for you. Over 170 different opponents fight, all with unique abilities and attacks. More than 120 useful skills and more equipment than you can try in one passage. Almost any enemy can be captured as Pokmon, and then summoned into battle. New mechanics also includes weather conditions and a recovery system.

City Patrol Police v1.0 - ALI213

City Patrol Police Game Free Download Torrent
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In the game City Patrol Police you have to find out what it’s like to be part of a police squad. Will you be able to squeeze the maximum performance of their cars. Can you prevent the terrorist threat in your city? Will you be able to establish competent cooperation with your colleagues and informants. Can you cope with criminal syndicates and guarantee the safety of city residents? Open all types of vehicles and use them wisely in the fight against crime. You are waiting for a simple patrol cars, SUVs, limousines and even powerful racing cars! As you progress through the game, you will also discover new race tracks, where you can always hone your driving skills. Meet with informants, watch out for suspects, pursue and catch criminals, and complete missions for a while, maneuvering in heavy traffic! Use headlights, police siren and a charge of nitro to gain an advantage on the road.

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DESOLATE v0.8.80 (upd.01.12.2018) - ALI213

DESOLATE Game Free Download Torrent
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Cooperative horror, where you have to survive in the open world. The game takes place in an alternative version of the USSR 80-ies, when the island of Granic was in the epicenter of a mysterious disaster. The government is trying to hide all the information about this incident because of all its forces and to eliminate all its consequences. To do this, they send volunteers to the island to investigate anomalies, collect information and carry out various assignments for a government association called «New World». The player will assume the role of one of these volunteers. Alone or with partners, you will go explore the abandoned bases and the world, which is filled with terrible monsters and insane survivors.

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Insurgency Sandstorm upd.01.12.2018 - ALI213

Insurgency Sandstorm Game Free Download Torrent
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Insurgency Sandstorm is the sequel to the hardcore multiplayer shooter, the events of which unfold in the Middle East. Players are divided into two teams of 16 people and fight each other in a hardcore and realistic environment, using a variety of weapons and military equipment. Present day. Our protagonist joined the rebel group fighting against the radical rebels. They push through battered villages, strongly attacking the rebels. One day, a key piece of information is discovered, and the world of our hero is not what it seems. It is released from the security of the main group to start a personal task.

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