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Penitence — return home and unravel the mystery of the death of your daughter and the demon that haunts you in this atmospheric quest-style puzzle. More attention is paid to the atmosphere and creating tension, rather than cheap fears. Read the notes and explore the house to uncover the dark story of our protagonist. Simple but addictive puzzles help to advance the game and capture the player without distraction. Interesting features such as a real-time instant movie camera and a handy VHS player help refresh old ideas.

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  • Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances Build 8925087 - ALI213

    Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances Game Free Download Torrent

    Become the leader of a surviving society in Surviving the Aftermath New Alliances. The future of humanity is in your hands: new settlements and new enemies are emerging, and what was only a memory of civilization may become a reality. Find allies, fight common enemies and unite the Wastes. Get to know the different communities together and help them with their requests to earn their loyalty and improve their colony with more than 12 new homes. Positive interactions with other societies increase your reputation. But do not live up to their expectations and you will see how they will join your new opponent, who will gain more control over the Wasteland. New enemies on the dynamic map of the world: bandits and beasts roam the wasteland, forcing you to defend your settlement and the settlement of your allies.

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  • LEGO Bricktales v0.13 upd.17.06.2022

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    LEGO Bricktales — is a brick-by-brick building puzzle game in the popular LEGO series. The main character needs help to restore the old amusement park, traveling through different biomes jungle, desert, city, medieval castle and Caribbean islands. As you progress through, you will face many physics puzzles that will require engineering thinking. For example, build a bridge over a river or assemble a helicopter.

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  • Cult of the Lamb v0.9.40 upd.17.06.2022

    Cult of the Lamb Game Free Download Torrent
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    Cult of the Lamb — is a rather dark roguelike that puts you in the role of a cute little lamb. At some point, your ward becomes obsessed with some sinister ideas that continue to develop after a life-threatening incident. Then a stranger saved your character, and now the lamb decides to thank his savior. He does this in the strangest way, creating a kind of sect with hundreds and thousands of followers. They preach incomprehensible ideas, the meaning of which is to increase enmity.

    This game has been updated 17-06-2022, 04:26 to the latest version v0.9.40 upd.17.06.2022.

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  • NAIAD v1.0 upd.17.06.2022

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    NAIAD — is a colorful and meditative adventure about the beauty of nature that will allow you to relax and enjoy swimming in pools and rivers. Greek legend describes Naiad as a nymph who controls wells, fountains, streams and fresh water springs. In this amazing story about nature, players will have to control a hero who is very similar to the nymph herself, floating through the changing levels during the game. If you want to relax after a hard day. Players, along with Naiad, will learn how to swim like a duck, jump like a frog and dive like a real fish in a mysterious river, interacting with its fauna and flora to discover various mysteries. You can get acquainted with beautiful butterflies, turtles, snakes and crocodiles, helping them find their way, avoiding various obstacles.

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  • Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition v20220614 - P2P

    Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition Game Free Download Torrent
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    Killing Floor 2 Digital Deluxe Edition — сontinuation of the popular shooter with a first-person view, which has already become a real classic of the genre. Finally, the developers have released all the official patches with the DLC, and today we can enjoy the full version of the game Killing Floor 2. The storyline will once again unfold around the struggle of all mankind against a horde of deadly mutants. Despite the fact that the levels are focused primarily on cooperative passing thus, we can get the maximum amount of positive emotions and impressions, players can go through all the scenarios of the main campaign and alone.

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  • Oxide Room 104 Build 8944753 upd.17.06.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Oxide Room 104 Game Free Download Torrent

    Oxide Room 104 — is a soul-chilling single horror game that combines gameplay and action in a quest room set in an old motel. Kidnapped in the power of a ruthless scientist and haunted by a horrible creature, you must try to escape, guided by common sense, as in real life. It all starts when you wake up in the bathroom of the motel, naked, injured and unaware of what happened. You remember the deal fell through, but now the only thing that matters is trying to escape from this horrible place no matter what. From now on, everything you do will lead to one of the extremities. And we warn you that there is only one good way out of all the ways this can end.

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  • Ashland Dossier v1.0.12 upd.17.06.2022

    Ashland Dossier Game Free Download Torrent
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    It’s probably worth starting the story about Ashland Dossier — from the very time when the game was a completely different concept and even a genre. That is, the player would have to survive in the death camp for, for example, six weeks, where each move would be considered one day. In the end, the camp would be set aside, and thus, having lived to a denouement, the player came to victory.

    This game has been updated 17-06-2022, 05:05 to the latest version v1.0.12 upd.17.06.2022.

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  • Phasmophobia v0.6.2.1 upd.17.06.2022

    Phasmophobia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Phasmophobia — will give players the opportunity to become an explorer of the supernatural. Psychological thriller games are always something interesting and incredibly addictive spectacle. You and other researchers, in tandem, must complete the mission. But be prepared for challenging tasks and plot twists. Only a few will be able to resist the terrible monsters from the other world and not go crazy. A feature of the game is its visual performance, which is able to immerse us in the most realistic, frightening and stressful atmosphere.

    This game has been updated 17-06-2022, 05:10 to the latest version v0.6.2.1 upd.17.06.2022.

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  • Against the Storm v0.27.05E upd.17.06.2022

    Against the Storm Game Free Download Torrent
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    Against the Storm — Eremite Games is entering the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase to showcase its roguelite city planner Against the Storm. In parallel with the release of the demo, the first trailer of the gameplay will be released. Set in a world where the rain never stops, Against the Storm takes players on a roguelite city-building fantasy adventure. The city is inhabited by lizards, beavers and people. All of them are the last species to survive the harsh and merciless conditions of continuous rain. The players have one task to manage the various needs of the inhabitants of the city, while satisfying the queen.

    This game has been updated 17-06-2022, 08:06 to the latest version v0.27.05E upd.17.06.2022.

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