Grandfather Simulator Build 12782920 (upd.11.12.2023) - TENOKE

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Embark on the journey of a lifetime in Grandpa Life Adventure, where you’ll relish the intricacies of a grandparent’s tranquil existence. Your daily agenda kicks off with a pivotal choice catch up on current events or indulge in your preferred TV series. Experience the genuine rhythm of a grandpa’s day, whether it’s playing with your loyal canine companion, engaging in friendly banter with your spouse over a misplaced slipper or forgotten pills. Brace yourself for unexpected twists. Prioritize your health. Periodically, you’ll need to take medications for your overall vitality and savor delectable meals to stay nourished.

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  • Warm Snow v3.0.0.4 (upd.11.12.2023) - TENOKE

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    Warm Snow — roguelike hack n slash, which takes place in a dark fantasy world, where a mysterious warm snow fell from the sky and turned the population into monsters. In Warm Snow, you play Bi-an, a mighty warrior who sets out to defeat five great clans, collect six relics and defeat the curse of warm snow. At your disposal are melee weapons and several swords with which you can shoot at enemies. The game also has a huge number of weapons and benefits that you can equip Bi-an during each hike, as well as constant improvements that can be unlocked between hikes. A top-down bagel is nothing new, but Warm Snow is a promising approach to the genre. The design is very impressive, the gameplay is fast and smooth, there are many options for upgrading perks, and the game is able to challenge you. All this makes the game very cool.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:52 to the latest version v3.0.0.4 (upd.11.12.2023).

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  • The Exit 8 v1.0.3 (upd.11.12.2023) - TENOKE

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    Prepare for a captivating journey into the enigmatic world of The Exit 8 a genre-blending adventure, indie, and simulation experience crafted by the innovative minds at KOTAKE CREATE. Released in 2023, this game invites players to explore the uncharted territories of a mysterious realm, where every decision shapes the course of your journey. As you step into The Exit 8, you’re immediately immersed in an atmospheric adventure that transcends traditional gaming boundaries. KOTAKE CREATE has intricately designed a world that seamlessly combines elements of suspense, discovery, and simulation, offering a unique and engaging experience for players seeking something beyond the ordinary.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:14 to the latest version v1.0.3 (upd.11.12.2023).

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  • Kingpin Reloaded Build 12913874 (upd.11.12.2023) - TENOKE

    Kingpin Reloaded Game Free Download Torrent
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    Kingpin Reloaded is a remaster of the classic action game with shooter elements, where you will find the already familiar story of a street gang. You must take control of new recruits who are just starting their journey in the criminal world. Together with your charges, you will carry out attacks, crack safes and try to get money by any available means. The funds received will be needed to purchase new and more deadly weapons, thanks to which you will be able to deal with all your enemies. The new project will feature improved graphics that will support modern technologies. The reworked balance and updated quest system will be a real find for seasoned.

    This game has been updated Today, 03:42 to the latest version Build 12913874 (upd.11.12.2023).

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  • Undying Build 12919210 (upd.11.12.2023) - TENOKE

    Undying Game Free Download Torrent
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    Undying — is an award-winning emotional survival game for a dying mother and her son in a zombie apocalypse. The days of Anling infected with a zombie bite are numbered. Now she must fight to survive, not for herself, but for her young son Cody, she must make sure that her son Cody can live safely after she turns around. You need to manage limited resources to slow down the Anling infestation, and make sure that both Anling and Cody do not die of hunger or thirst. Anling also has to teach her son basic survival skills such as cooking, crafting, and combat before her skills start to fade. One day, in certain situations, she will begin to depend on her little son. Surviving the long journey will require a perfect balance between finding resources during the day and pumping Cody’s skills.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:48 to the latest version Build 12919210 (upd.11.12.2023).

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  • Shardpunk Verminfall v1.1.7.5 (upd.11.12.2023) - TENOKE

    Shardpunk Verminfall Game Free Download Torrent
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    Shardpunk Verminfall is an immersive indie RPG, simulation, and strategy game developed by Clockwork Pile. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a plague has turned most of humanity into terrifying mutants, players take on the role of a small band of survivors trying to eke out a living in a city overrun by the infected. The game’s mechanics are divided into two main parts: managing your team and surviving in a city that is crawling with mutants. Players must carefully manage their resources, including food, medicine, and ammunition, and make strategic decisions about where to scavenge for supplies and which missions to undertake.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:11 to the latest version v1.1.7.5 (upd.11.12.2023).

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  • Heros Adventure Road to Passion v1.0.1204b54 (upd.10.12.2023) - TENOKE

    Heros Adventure Road to Passion Game Free Download Torrent
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    Heros Adventure Road to Passion is an open world RPG adventure game set in the land of Jianghu, where you start as an unknown wanderer and work your way to becoming a legendary fighter. The game is designed as a turn-based strategy game that focuses on grueling training to master dozens of martial arts styles, including fist fighting, sword fighting, spear fighting, pole fighting, and even musical instrument fighting. Unlike many other RPGs, there is no set main quest. Gamers are free to take a personal approach and explore the dynamic world of Uxia at their own pace. The gameplay features rich NPC interactions, and one can discover friendships and more with various adventurers from various regions while building complex personal relationships. You will also have to face many dangers, but the problems that arise are not always solved with your fists alone. The immersive pixel world of Heros Adventure Road to Passion is filled with colorful characters who follow their own schedule, powered by independent behavioral AI.

    This game has been updated Today, 03:50 to the latest version v1.0.1204b54 (upd.10.12.2023).

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  • Lords of the Fallen 2023 v1.1.379 (upd.10.12.2023)

    Lords of the Fallen 2023 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Get ready to embark on a dark and epic journey with Lords of the Fallen 2023, the latest installment in the critically acclaimed series. Developed by HEXWORKS and published by CI Games, this action-packed RPG is set to redefine the standards of immersive gameplay and narrative depth. Released in 2023, the game thrusts players into a world of unparalleled challenge and glory, blending intense combat, intricate storytelling, and breathtaking visuals. In Lords of the Fallen 2023, players find themselves in a world on the brink of annihilation, where ancient forces of darkness threaten to engulf everything in their path. As a valiant hero chosen by destiny, you must navigate a treacherous landscape, uncover long-buried secrets, and confront powerful adversaries. The narrative unfolds through gripping storytelling, unveiling a rich lore that adds layers of complexity to your quest.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 15:42 to the latest version v1.1.379 (upd.10.12.2023).

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  • Bleak Faith Forsaken Build 4026675 (upd.10.12.2023)

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    Bleak Faith Forsaken — is a shooter and fighting computer game created by Miso Vukcevic, Mirko Stanic. To feel the burden of survival in the outpost of the Forsaken, a legion of hunters. This strategy is a mixture of dark fantasy and cyberpunk and it will immerse you in a mysterious adventure that will not leave you indifferent. The participants will take on the role of one of the Abandoned, who must at all costs resist all the horrors of the Omni-structure. The main goal is to create a sense of excitement and surprise from the 3D graphics.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 15:21 to the latest version Build 4026675 (upd.10.12.2023).

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  • Medieval Dynasty v2.0.0.1a (upd.10.12.2023) - FLT

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    Medieval Dynasty — is an adventure in medieval Europe ruled by nobles and churchmen. The country is actively engaged in trade with its neighbors and is flourishing. You will become a poor man, hunting and farming. Walk the path from a loner to the head of the community. Set up a small camp and turn it into your own settlement. Get food by chasing wild animals including deer, boars and rabbits. Master a bow with arrows, a hammer and over 60 types of tools. Use an ax to get wood. Explore caves and collect stones using them as building materials. Install furniture and build new rooms in your house and other huts in the village. Become a good family man by feeding your wife and children. In addition to mined meat, diversify your diet with fruits from fruit trees.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:50 to the latest version v2.0.0.1a (upd.10.12.2023).

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