Just Drift It v1.4.0 - PLAZA

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Just Drift It — racing game with elements of sport, exclusively for the true connoisseurs of drift competitions, tight turns and tuning. Before you is a great racing game about drifting, where the player will have the opportunity to drive one of the proposed cars. Before the race, you can and even need to adjust the driving characteristics of the car, improve the steering and put the right wheels so that you can enter sideways into turns.

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FallNation v1.0.3 (upd.03.04.2020)

FallNation Game Free Download Torrent
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FallNation — is a mixture of tactical strategy and a first-person shooter, the events of which occur in a world that has survived a zombie apocalypse. You are waiting for adventures, battles with zombies, and the salvation of the whole world. The game takes place in a world experiencing a zombie apocalypse. Judgment Day has begun, dead zombies roam everywhere, people are almost destroyed and destroyed like a race.

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Gaia v1.0 (upd.03.04.2020) - CODEX

Gaia Game Free Download Torrent

Gaia — this is a wonderful implementation of a science fiction game where you will have a very important mission related to saving the universe. The whole essence of the game is to search for the features of the ancient planet Gaia, the vows of which are ancient people who possess treasures and important secrets.

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The Gallery Episode 2 Heart of the Emberstone VR - VREX

The Gallery Episode 2 Heart of the Emberstone VR Game Free Download Torrent
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The Gallery Episode 2 Heart of the Emberstone VR — is a sequel to the first episodes of the game. The first episode was quite interesting, but not so long. The second part will give your character the ability to telekinesis and the storyline has become longer. Your sister is lost in a fantastic place and the main task is to plunge into this world of ancient civilization and find your sister Amber. The developer added puzzle elements, an interactive environment for interacting with mysterious places.

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HyperParasite v1.0 - PLAZA

HyperParasite Game Free Download Torrent

HyperParasite — is a fascinating dynamic shooter with a top view, in which you will play the role of a super-powerful alien viral parasite. And you will have in this game only two tasks to survive and kill as many members of the human race as possible. So, finally, another world war ended and people began to recover from the consequences. It would seem that life should be adjusted. There was a new enemy in the face of the most powerful powerful virus that has learned to move into people and devour their souls, controlling their bodies and creating madness. What will people do? And how do you determine who has the virus, and who does not? Let people search for the answers to these questions. You don’t care about it, you play the role of this virus.

This game has been updated Today, 12:18 to the latest version v1.0.

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Resident Evil 3 - FULL UNLOCKED

Resident Evil 3 - FULL UNLOCKED Game Free Download Torrent

Resident Evil 3 — is a complete remake of the cult horror movie Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, released in 1999 on the PlayStation console and subsequently available to owners of other platforms in subsequent years. Behind the development and release of this game is the Japanese company Capcom, which oversees the brand from the very beginning. The action of Resident Evil 3 takes place parallel to the events taking place in the game Resident Evil 2, which means a few months after the end of the first part of the series. The main character of the game is Jill Valentine, that is, S.T.A.R.S. elite officer The protagonist was at the center of the zombie apocalypse caused by the G virus in Raccoon City, which escaped from the laboratories of the sinister Umbrella Corporation.

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Panzer Corps 2 v1.00.07 (General Edition) - Razor1911

Panzer Corps 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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Panzer Corps 2 is a global strategy whose plot is located during the Second World War. Players will be able to take control of any state, learn more than a thousand unique equipment, units, manage their own army and participate in all kinds of modes available to each user. Complete over 50 different scenarios that gradually open as you progress through. Performing another mission, you will observe what is happening, looking at the world map, how your soldiers are located, enemy units and the actions of allies.

This game has been updated Today, 11:35 to the latest version v1.00.07 (General Edition).

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Pode - CODEX

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Pode — is a cute adventure action platformer game with an isometric view of the camera and many interesting cooperative puzzles. The game tells the story of a small rock helping a fallen star find his way home. They have to go on an intense adventure in which they visit the ancient mysterious ruins, magical mountain and dangerous jungle. Created by a small indie studio from Bergen with the support of the Norwegian Film Institute, the project tells the story of the friendship of a pebble and a fallen star.

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Lawgivers v1.7.0 - SiMPLEX

Lawgivers Game Free Download Torrent
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Lawgivers — is a turn-based game project in the genre of simulator, the main idea of which lies in politics. Here you can run for parliament on your own while promoting your party in every way. In order to win, you have to spend a lot of time and effort, cope with a huge number of tests, and also try to leave a lot of opponents aside. You will have the opportunity to even appoint a president, as well as cancel and proclaim bills.

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Good Company v0.6.1 (upd.03.04.2020)

Good Company Game Free Download Torrent
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Good Company — probably each of you wants to create your own business, but not everyone has the opportunity to do so. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the Good Company game in the genre of business simulation, where gamers need to manage a personal company, starting from the first steps and a startup, and ending with large corporations and a world-class monopoly. In a game project, you need to take on the role of an ordinary manager and promote robotic products around the world in order not only to make a profit and develop.

This game has been updated Today, 16:47 to the latest version v0.6.1 (upd.03.04.2020).

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