Warparty v1.0.9 (upd.14.06.2019) - PLAZA

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Warparty — real-time strategy, which takes place in the Stone Age. Build a base, hire a group of soldiers and fight the ferocious dinosaurs, or start taming them. The game tells about alternative ancient times, where people live alongside dinosaurs. It is necessary to develop one of the three tribes, tame wild animals and dinosaurs in order to defeat opponents with the help of a powerful army and seize power. And all this under the classic sauce of real-time strategy. True, there are a few nuances: there is a battle to be fought against other people and a riot of nature, which has recently begun to show its character. You should not hope for the blessing of the gods, they are simply not there, so you have to act only with regard to personal abilities. Try to achieve your goals and seize power.

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xMoon v14.06.2019 - HOODLUM

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xMoon is a game puzzle with 3 personalities about the mapping of laser flashes into crystals. 1985 time. In the moon there was found the most ancient door. You archaeologist, directed to explore inside. Take a chance, but be careful, you are not lonely. In an emerging event, ignited by a site of people in the galaxy, you will immerse yourself thoroughly near the monthly plane and you will notice the relics that are in control of the most existence. The fate of the human type depends on your ability to solve laser puzzles. Fun is specialized for the purpose of this, in order to throw the demand for your creative thinking and skills of plastic thinking, any riddle involves its own unique and fascinating difficulties that need to be solved.

Cooking Simulator v1.2.3.12900 - PLAZA

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Cooking Simulator is an excellent and almost one-of-a-kind truly realistic chef simulator in which you will have to become the head of the restaurant’s kitchen and learn how to cook delicious dishes that would make the restaurant really popular. So, go to the kitchen and start acting. Imagine in your free time and cook dishes that are not in the restaurant’s menu, experiment, create new masterpieces, please visitors of the restaurant with your masterpieces, cook as you would in your own restaurant. And remember, you are in charge here and only you can decide what ingredients to use in the process of cooking, how much and what to add, and what spices should be in priority in your kitchen.

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 v1.2 - CODEX

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A remake of the second game Yakuza Kiwami 2 — the action uses the Dragon engine, which was used for Yakuza 6. It was developed by Sega for the PlayStation 4. The game follows the story of the main character Kazuma Kiryu and adds Goro Majima as a playable character in a side quest called the new version of Truth of Majima Goro. It is assumed that the remake will include the same improvements as the first, including higher resolution, better frame rates, improved textures and faster loading times. You can also see a few changes to the plot and new cast to match it with the recent prequel of Yakuza 0.

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Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects v1.2.3 - CODEX

Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects Game Free Download Torrent
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Deep Sky Derelicts New Prospects brings new locations to the game, unique environmental conditions, new ways to explore the terrain, new exotic enemies, additional missions, a new character class — Miner, and much more. New class — Miner. Unique appearance, new tree of abilities and exclusive heavy ranged weapons. New mechanics for reconnaissance stealth, ambush or camping. New environmental conditions are dynamic gravity, ghost ship, radiation waves, quantum teleportation, blizzards and sandstorms.

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Deep Sky Derelicts v1.2.3 New Prospects - CODEX

Deep Sky Derelicts Game Free Download Torrent
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In the game Deep Sky Derelicts found a place in such genres as card game, role-playing adventure and tactical strategy. You will have to plunge headlong into the darkness of long-abandoned spacecraft, drifting away in your star system. Their value lies in the fact that on board they can be valuable resources, useful supplies, jewelry and more. Hunting for all this is carried out by space pirates, aliens, and you along with your crew. At your disposal will be a detachment of brave fighters, armed to the teeth with both steep cannons and cards with unique abilities.

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RTS Commander Smash the Rebels v1.0 - SKIDROW

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In the RTS Commander Smash the Rebels most thirty different varieties of dung, light and world units. These troops existed invented directly to the headquarters of the Republic in order to win the rebels. Break the advantage! BETER, assault armor, gun car, lush armor, designer, Frank Armor, gun armor, hard RIVER weapon, sophisticated armor, simple weapon PLANE, simple armored car, republic-wide multi-tank magician, dead armor, mobile starship, dead man, active missile, spacecraft assembly, mobile rocket launch assembly, Omega battlefield, nationwide Rage Gunner, Lion Rapter Tank, Omega Rocket Buggy, Ultra Rocket Ranger, Super Rocket Buggy, Lion One Tank, and a special simple armored vehicle. Without exception, these cars have their own small and powerful edges.

The Myth Seekers 2 The Sunken City v1.0 - SKIDROW

The Myth Seekers 2 The Sunken City Game Free Download Torrent
The Myth Seekers 2 The Sunken City following the myth seekers of the volcano’s legacy, you are back for another exciting adventure. The sinister amulet was found during an expedition in 1933, which apparently sent the scientist to an unconscious place. Discover the power of this amulet, which dates back to another era.

Little Witch Nobeta Beta v13.06.2019

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Little Witch Nobeta is a three-dimensional action game in the genre that will send you on an unforgettable adventure. Here you will assume the role of a little witch who has many different magical abilities. You will go to explore the mysterious, enchanting castle that you can learn with your skills. It will not do without large-scale battles with various enemies who intend to destroy you with all their might. In battle, you will use both physical and magical attacks, of which there are four different types. You must learn the type of enemy, make a quick and correct strategy for his destruction, and then go on the attack. There are several magical elements, each of which has a unique strength, characteristics and design.

Evospace Update 16

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Evospace is a fascinating sandbox in which you have to build the world around you, modify it, create complex structures and just enjoy the freedom that this game gives. And it is worth starting with the mention that this is a game with an open free world, moreover, with a highly detailed environment, realistic and very beautiful. You, having appeared on the open spaces of this world, will have to create something of your own. It can be a whole city, and maybe a factory or something else from the category of modernity. Nobody limits you in anything — just explore the world around you, change it at your discretion, create and learn technologies, automate various processes and have a rest.

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