Blood Rage Digital Edition v1.1 (upd.06.08.2020) - CODEX

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Blood Rage Digital Edition — is a strategy game adaptation of the popular Viking desktop. We will be transported into the era of the ancient clans of the Scandinavian Vikings. There are 7 clans in the game, each with its own unique units, leader and equipment. We have to run into foreign lands and conquer them. As for the rest, Blood Rage Digital Edition is a typical strategy, but only based on the card system and random events, in which it will be decided how the plot will develop further.

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Stranded Deep v0.64.04 - PLAZA

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Stranded Deep is a new indie project from the independent Australian studio Beam Team Games. The main goal of the developers is to achieve in the game the most realistic survival in the wild. As for the survival system, in the game it will be represented by various aspects. For example, players can not long be under the scorching sun, so you can shovel a sunstroke. Also, when consuming sea water, it will be necessary to purify it of salts, making the water suitable for drinking. And, of course, players will have to cook properly food, otherwise you can get poisoned.

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Chronos Before the Ashes v258752 (upd.01.12.2020) - SKIDROW

Chronos Before the Ashes Game Free Download Torrent

An action RPG that takes us to the Chronos universe. In Chronos Before the Ashes, we play the role of a warrior who, in order to save his homeland from evil, breaks through an ancient labyrinth and encounters monsters hiding in it. The events presented in Chronos Before the Ashes take place before the story told in the first part of the series. The protagonist of the game is the chosen one who intends to save his homeland from ancient evil. To do this, the hero or heroine, depending on the gender of the character must break through a mysterious labyrinth and face the dangers that lurk there. As we progress, we discover more of the secrets of this world, discovering the nature of the labyrinth itself.

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Project Wingman v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020) - CODEX

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Project Wingman — a new and very realistic fighter flight simulator in which you can ride with the wind and feel the wind under the wings of your fighting bird. It is noteworthy that this game was made by only one person, which means that it has a lot of time, since there is time to sit at the computer for hours. Before you simulator of air battles, which you will conquer alone, fighting with the artificial intelligence of the enemy. Different planes and types of weapons, different missions and air locations. The game is developed and updated regularly, let’s follow its progress together. New exciting battle arch, which was provided by independent developers and the main bias is made directly to the fun and extremely sophisticated gameplay. You have to sit at the helm of a combat aircraft and go to the heroic air battle with opponents in the form of a computer or real players.

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Zombie World Coronavirus Apocalypse VR upd.01.12.2020

Zombie World Coronavirus Apocalypse VR Game Free Download Torrent
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Zombie World Coronavirus Apocalypse VR — in laboratories, the best scientists have tried to create a cure for the coronavirus, but the test has led to dire consequences that you have to find out. As a result of the emergency, communication with a secret underground laboratory engaged in the development of new types of biological weapons was lost. You will enter the site through a technological tunnel and block for security reasons. Your task is to establish what happened in the lab, turn on the backup systems and get in touch.

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Twin Mirror v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020) - CODEX

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Twin Mirror — is a narrative adventure game in which we have to play as a man of about 30 years old, his name is Samuel. His friend had a heart attack, and now we have to return to his hometown of Basswood, on the outskirts of West Virginia, in order to be at the funeral. Only now, not everything is so smooth, at night, in a hotel, he wakes up in someone’s blood, even worse, he cannot remember what happened last night. As with most narrative adventure games, the gameplay focuses on exploration, dialogue, and various mysteries. The city and its inhabitants hide many secrets that are gradually revealed during the game. Interestingly, the game takes place not only in the physical world. As Samuel tries to retrieve his memories, players haunt his mind, his abstract reality offering new challenges for history and exploration. Twin Mirror story is highly non-linear. The player’s decisions form the relationship between him and the other characters.

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ATOM RPG Trudograd v0.7.1 (upd.01.12.2020)

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ATOM RPG Trudograd —  is a turn-based role-playing strategy in which you have to go to the world destroyed by a nuclear cataclysm and try to save it on the eve of a new apocalypse. The events of the game take place some time after the nuclear apocalypse, which was arranged by the countries of the West and the USSR. Having exchanged nuclear missiles and bringing down the nuclear power of their countries to the surface of the planet, people returned the human race to the Middle Ages, and only now, after many years. people have finally begun to rebuild civilization. But not so simple. After all, no one even guessed that now the Earth is threatened by an even more terrible threat — a meteorite that can destroy all life on the planet. Well, you will play the role of a certain agent of the ATOM organization, who managed to find out that in a certain city-metropolis there is a device that can protect humanity. But do not think that it will be easy to find out information about this device and find it.

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Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 Grand Prix v1.0 (upd.01.12.2020) - DARKSiDERS

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 Grand Prix Game Free Download Torrent

In Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2 Grand Prix — we engage in crazy battles on a wide variety of tracks, and you can have fun both solo and in multiplayer mode. The sequel to the colorful arcade racing game in which players control characters from Nickelodeon cartoons. An arcade kart race featuring cartoon characters streamed on Nickelodeon. The sequel to Nickelodeon Kart Racers, once again inviting players to choose their favorite character from their favorite Nickelodeon TV series and take a ride on jelly-filled racing tracks, during which you can win prizes and get over 80 improvements.

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Star Renegades v1.1.0.7 (upd.01.12.2020)

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Star Renegades — is a fun tactical game with RPG adventure elements. In it, players will have to go on a long-term space journey and take control of a detachment of brave space marines. In the world of the game, a despotic empire was able to seize power and is now creating chaos. Only a small detachment of brave warriors is ready to oppose this power and finally return the world to its former harmony. You have to constantly fight with various enemies, starting with simple infantry, ending with huge mechanical robots. You can complete various missions, develop as a hero and strive for success until the empire is destroyed. But do not rush, the game offers numerous puzzles and unexpected plot twists that will greatly affect your perception and subsequent decisions.

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The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia v2. (upd.01.12.2020) - GOG

The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia Game Free Download Torrent
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The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia — is an action movie game where you have to be ready for a brutal attack from the enemies you want to destroy. You will fall into the real hell, which prepared quite a few trials and terrible enemies. Shy away from the bullets flying in your direction, while not forgetting to learn more and more new spells, to more effectively eliminate all who stand in the way. You will take on the role of a brave hero who will set off on an unforgettable adventure full of interesting missions and dangers. The storyline tells you that a terrible demonic force has fallen upon the city, which has destroyed it in two accounts.

This game has been updated 1-12-2020, 12:08 to the latest version v2. (upd.01.12.2020).

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