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Remnants of Naezith is a two-dimensional speedran-platformer that will make you sweat as the game progresses and sets a record. This game is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, there is no speed limit here. Secondly, your success and new records in your performance depend only on your hands and reaction. Third, you are waiting for complete freedom of movement in flat multi-level locations.

This game has been updated 20-01-2022, 04:56 to the latest version Build 20.01.2022.

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  • Humankind v1.0.7.1764 upd.20.01.2022 - FLT

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    Humankind — suggests trying to create a unique civilization itself. This is a strategy game in which you can observe development, and it is you who will determine it. You will have the opportunity to rewrite human history. Walk the whole thorny path from antiquity to the present day. It will not only be fun, it will be a rewarding gaming experience. You have to make quite a few discoveries, witness historical events, make fateful decisions. Pay attention to how important travel, the discovery of new lands, foreign policy will play. You have to take part in battles. They will be played like a board mini-game with turn-based mechanics.

    This game has been updated 20-01-2022, 12:37 to the latest version v1.0.7.1764 upd.20.01.2022.

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  • Travellers Rest v0.4.5.1 upd.20.01.2022

    Travellers Rest Game Free Download Torrent
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    Travelers Rest — is a pixelated tavern simulator during the Middle Ages. You have a small tavern and a desire to make it the best in the world! To do this, not only attract customers with well-brewed beer, but also go to complete a variety of quests that will improve your tavern. A simulator and sandbox rolled into one, where players are invited to take control of a small tavern with great potential. At Travelers Rest, players must do everything they can to ensure that this establishment thrives, brings in profit and delights visitors. The game takes place in a pixel universe, so it’s not worth talking about the realistic graphics.

    This game has been updated 20-01-2022, 14:54 to the latest version v0.4.5.1 upd.20.01.2022.

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  • Ruined King A League of Legends Story v59081 - GOG

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    GOG version of the game Ruined King A League of Legends Story tells the story of the world of Runeterra, where the player will gather a team of familiar champions and reveal the plot in turn-based battles. This is the first League of Legends game from Riot Forge, in which the developers promise an outstanding storyline, a multifaceted combat system and a lot of variability in action. Developed by Airship Syndicate, creators of Battle Chasers and Darksiders, and styled by renowned comic artist Joe Madureira in his style. Already now you can get the full release of the Ruined King A League of Legends Story game, you can download torrent from the link below, there is also a valuable installation instructions, no difficulties should arise.

    This game has been updated 20-01-2022, 14:49 to the latest version v59081.

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  • Hitman 3 v3.70.0 upd.19.01.2022 - CODEX

    Hitman 3 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Game project Hitman 3 — is considered one of the best shooters developed in the step-action genre. And if the first parts of the game raised questions from critics, then in the third version there is practically nothing to complain about. If you haven’t played the first versions, let’s briefly tell you about the plot. The focus is on the professional killer, who has his own code name Agent 47. From time to time he receives tasks from his superiors and performs them, risking his life. Tasks will be marked in a special planning menu, which you need to enter after completing each mission. You have to transform into a killer and help him complete the next series of tasks.

    This game has been updated 19-01-2022, 15:37 to the latest version v3.70.0 upd.19.01.2022.

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  • Watcher Chronicles Build 8045334 upd.19.01.2022

    Watcher Chronicles Game Free Download Torrent
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    Watcher Chronicles is a spectacular and hardcore role-playing 2D action game where you have to make your way through Purgatory filled with nightmarish monsters and huge bosses. An insidious threat has invaded Purgatory. A group of dead called Observers is now seeking to turn it into a new Hell. Lost souls must unite or be utterly destroyed. Fast, skill-based combat is a challenging but honest and enjoyable soul-style battle with clear and precise control. Dodge, block and make your way through enemies. Investigate every purgatory crack full of secrets and loot that changes the rules of the game in a nonlinear way.

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  • Mech Armada v0.8.806 upd.19.01.2022

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    Mech Armada — at your service, this strategy includes tactical battles against aliens, in which you have to take on the role of defender of all life. Get ready to fight with a whole Swarm of bloodthirsty creatures. These aliens do not know mercy, they absorb one world after another, constantly multiplying and replenishing their army with new fighters. Arriving on Earth, the Swarm attacked humanity, and only a miserable handful of people managed to survive, hiding under the surface of the planet.

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  • Converter v1.25 upd.19.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

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    Converter — once on the hostile and mysterious planet 50Y-80Y after a mysterious event in a wormhole, the spitting astronaut finds an unusual ability to change his environment by spilling red pills on him. To survive and advance in the game, the player must use his newly found power to move, build and destroy various objects, avoid traps formed on the planet from soybeans, as well as collect skill areas to improve their abilities and solve more complex problems. puzzles as the plot progresses.

    This game has been updated 19-01-2022, 13:34 to the latest version v1.25 upd.19.01.2022.

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  • Voyager v1.0 upd.19.01.2022 - DARKSiDERS

    Voyager Game Free Download Torrent

    Voyager — adventure game for pc, grab a backpack, it’s time to travel the world. Visit the sights and monuments of the most beautiful cities! To fund your travels, apply for a job in the cities you visit. Why not become a rock star, police officer or programmer. Once you’ve saved up some money, it’s time to take your luggage and fly into obscurity again until you see everything you can see. This game for all ages will entertain you and at the same time tell about our beautiful world. What could be better for learning than playing a game.

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  • Cricket 22 v1651 upd.19.01.2022 - P2P

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    Cricket 22 — a cricket simulator in which you can play in a licensed Eshes-format competition the culmination of a long-standing rivalry between Australia and England. What’s more, you also have the opportunity to take part in Australia premier Big Bash T20, England innovative One Hundred, compete in the Caribbean Premier League and internationally with fully licensed teams from Australia, England, West Indies, New Zealand and Ireland. And the first thing it would be worth mentioning is that in this game there is no specific linear plot as such. Here you compose it yourself, you write your own history as a manager of a sports cricket club, as a player and as a coach. Here you will have to deal with a bunch of things, solve numerous problems related to the most different aspects of such a sport as cricket, deal with players, management.

    This game has been updated 19-01-2022, 13:19 to the latest version v1651 upd.19.01.2022.

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