Production Line v1.79 - SKIDROW

Production Line Game Free Download Torrent
Production Line is a simulator of a car factory. The task of the player is to establish production and get a high profit for further development. The more your factory is, the more difficult it will be to keep track of everything. Do not think that it will be easy, because the car market is oversaturated, and there are a lot of competitors. Optimize production to reduce the cost of cars, but at the same time, do not lose in quality. Watch not only the production, but also the personnel. Let your engineers work together, the only way you can create a competitive car.

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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic v0.7.9.5

Workers and Resources Soviet Republic Game Free Download Torrent
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Workers and Resources Soviet Republic is the economic strategy of 2019 of the 3Division studio, whose task is to create a fictitious state that is part of the USSR. For this purpose, a wide range of buildings and other structures were provided, which allow not only to create an efficient industry, but also to satisfy the needs of residents. In the game Workers & Resources Soviet Republic, the gamer assumes the role of a manager, and his task is to develop the city. An important feature of the game is its freedom. The game does not set specific goals, the direction in which the state will develop, is left to the discretion of the player.

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Wanna Survive v1.0.0

Wanna Survive Game Free Download Torrent
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Wanna Survive is a turn-based strategy in setting a zombie apocalypse in which you have to survive, travel through a new dangerous world, develop and do much more. The game takes place in an alternative world in which the real zombie apocalypse has arrived. Most people were turned into zombies, and now only a few survivors remain alive and try to save at least some part of the once prosperous civilization. Well, you will be playing the role of one of such survivors.
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Ion Fury upd.17.08.2019 - DARKZER0

Ion Fury Game Free Download Torrent
Ion Fury is an excellent shooter for all lovers of such classics and active action with a large number of enemies, the complete absence of friends with their dull dialogues. Do we chat we come to the game? Of course not. We want to blow everything up, destroy everything and just relax. The game is very similar to the good old Duke Nukem 3D, so you will definitely like it. This time it’s time to play for a girl whose beauty is difficult to appreciate, because for the most part she is just a collection of square pixels, but the cover of the game looks good. In this game you will encounter random generation of levels, with different types of enemies.
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Shortest Trip to Earth v1.0.6 (upd.17.08.2019) - GOG

Shortest Trip to Earth Game Free Download Torrent
Shortest Trip to Earth — an interesting representative of the genre of simulators, which was presented in the style of a bagel, and you have to go to conquer the cosmic expanses. From the very beginning, you are given under full control and control of a large-scale intergalactic ship, on which you will go on exploring the expanses of space. The world of the game is quite large-scale and has prepared quite a few interesting things for you. You will kill to visit the most different planets, solving dark secrets of each. You will also become involved in heavy battles with the strongest rivals, which are not so easy to overcome as it may seem at first glance.

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Project 5 Sightseer v17.08.19 - PLAZA

Project 5 Sightseer Game Free Download Torrent
Project 5 Sightseer is a new survivor with procedural generation of the world, in which, in addition to survival, the game will force you to constantly explore new places, since most of the resources are finite. Project 5: Sightseer is a multiplayer online game with an open world and great opportunities. Create outposts, explore various technologies (resources can be extracted in various ways), fight, unite with other players and, in general, do whatever you want. The main thing — try to live as long as possible.

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Wolfenstein Youngblood v1.0.3 (upd.17.08.2019) - CODEX

Wolfenstein Youngblood Game Free Download Torrent
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Wolfenstein Youngblood is a first-person shooter, a continuation of a series of games telling the legendary fighter against the Nazis and their power, Bi Jay Blaskowice. But now not just the fight against Nazism awaits you, but something more. The plot now does not revolve around BJ, but around his children, daughters named Jess and Sophie, who managed to survive and grow up in a harsh new world. For a long time they did not want to follow in their fathers footsteps, but after his disappearance in Paris, they decided to take the path of war and by all means find him. From this moment the main adventures begin.

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Yandere Simulator Build 17.08.2019 - SKIDROW

Yandere Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
Update Yandere simulator is already available, this means that download the game yandere simulator via torrent without registering is free. Zhento mentally unbalanced character, which at first glance looks absolutely normal and nice person. The main heroine of the game Yandere Simulator is the most tough representative of Yandere. The girl is madly in love and is capable of everything for the sake of her love, and if others find very ordinary ways to attract the attention of their beloved, then the ways of the yandere are simply insane. It is known that the developers of the simulator yandere simulator on the official download site give only with a speed limit, we have no limits. Playing for a distraught girl, you have to commit the most brutal murders, and you need to do it cold-bloodedly and imperceptibly. Hide your crimes, not to cause suspicion and do everything to your beloved got only you.

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Imagine Earth Alpha 54.7 (upd.16.08.2019) - SKIDROW

Imagine Earth Game Free Download Torrent
Imagine Earth is a strategy in which you have to develop a civilization on a planet that is not yet inhabited. You have a resource-rich planet, and your task is to develop a high-tech civilization as soon as possible. You can build factories, cut down forests — all this will allow you to quickly make a profit and invest money in technology. But such a careless attitude towards ecology can completely kill the planet. The development of the «green» scenario without harm to the environment will greatly reduce your capabilities and may lead to the banal seizure of your planet by more developed civilizations. Choose your path of development and try to achieve complete.

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Gleaner Heights v1.0.16

Gleaner Heights Game Free Download Torrent
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Gleaner Heights — role-playing farm pixel simulator, in which you will have to develop a farm, engage in various agricultural affairs, travel, fight and not only. No specific plot in this game is waiting for you. You will play the role of an ordinary farmer in an open free huge world, and will be able to do everything that comes to your mind. You can farm exclusively, planting fruits and vegetables, harvesting and earning from selling it, or you can do something else. Fishing, communication with the characters living in the settlement, traveling, underwater walks, hunting, battles with mythical creatures in caves and dungeons, trade, the creation of objects — all this is not a complete list of those things that you can do.

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