Barotrauma v0.10.5.1

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The world apocalypse is that developers present in the most unexpected forms. In the game Barotrauma you can find out the story of what happened to the planet after global warming. The earth was completely covered with water and subsequent ice, and the remaining people were able to survive in only a small handful or set off completely to Jupiter. You have to lead a small group of survivors and try to find other people. All this is necessary to unite efforts and to repel the harsh environment.

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Wonder Blade Build 5406809 (upd.22.09.2020)

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Wonder Blade is a PC adventure game in which you will navigate different worlds and fight against numerous enemies. The princesses were kidnapped from the kingdom by evil forces, and only you are able to return them and defeat evil. Take control of the main character and take him across different worlds, applying various combinations and magic tricks against enemies, as well as powerful weapons. Many fun levels await you where you will fight bosses, drive a racing car through a dense forest, destroy an army of zombies, explore a desert and a mysterious haunted house, as well as fish, fight a dragon and a robot.

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Port Royale 4 v0.1.0.15080

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Port Royal is a famous city known for being the haven of all the pirate freemen of the Caribbean. In an amazing economic strategy called Port Royale 4, you will have a unique opportunity to try yourself as the governor of the island and, having taken control of a small colony, make it the most prosperous trading city in the Caribbean. Port Royale is advised to carefully examine the properties that are under your control. All of them are scattered across the numerous islands of the archipelago, so you need to carefully consider how you will develop the infrastructure in order to achieve the most efficient operation of all enterprises in your colony.

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Neon Tail v0.11.1.34 (upd.22.09.2020)

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In the dynamic action game Neon Tail, you will play as a girl on roller skates who is saving the city of Blupulse from a massive disaster. The gameplay is presented in an open world. You can freely move along it, communicate with various NPCs, take side quests and acquire super powers. In developing the game, the creators were inspired by games such as Tony Hawk Pro Skater. The heroine freely travels around the city, but at any moment she can interact with the environment: slide along the railing, walls and cables. With the help of objects available in the city, you can climb the roofs of buildings and soar over the city.

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Hobo Tough Life v0.90.018 - SKIDROW

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Hobo Tough Life is one such game. At its core, this is a homeless simulator, or more simply, a homeless person. You have to survive on the streets of the city. Look for food and shelter through the indifference of the inhabitants of the city and try to prepare for the approaching winter. The gaming industry is sorely lacking new ideas, which is why many developers sometimes try to create games that are insane on the concept. The output of various delusional simulators is an example.

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Yandere Simulator Build 22.09.2020 - SKIDROW

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Update Yandere simulator is already available, this means that download the game yandere simulator via torrent without registering is free. Zhento mentally unbalanced character, which at first glance looks absolutely normal and nice person. The main heroine of the game Yandere Simulator is the most tough representative of Yandere. The girl is madly in love and is capable of everything for the sake of her love, and if others find very ordinary ways to attract the attention of their beloved, then the ways of the yandere are simply insane. It is known that the developers of the simulator yandere simulator on the official download site give only with a speed limit, we have no limits. Playing for a distraught girl, you have to commit the most brutal murders, and you need to do it cold-bloodedly and imperceptibly. Hide your crimes, not to cause suspicion and do everything to your beloved got only you.

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Ortharion project Build 5540446 (upd.22.09.2020)

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Ortharion project — is an rpg game developed by Ortharion project for the PC platform. This is a classic style RPG fantasy that has been made by one single person for many years. Not that everyone needs to run and play this adventure, but for anyone wondering what relatively large games look like, single-handed ones can put this project on a pencil. The environment in the game belongs to the fantasy style, and to highlight the features of an action adventure, a slasher role-playing game, with elements of indie fantasy, for one player. The game has been developed by only one person for almost three years, which causes only respect for the work done and done. But for some people, this game can be just a godsend and sparkle with precious sparkle.

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Dark Light v1.52 (upd.22.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Dark Light — is an action-platformer made in a sci-fi setting where you will be presented with an unusual and unique gameplay. Your hero embarks on an exciting and dangerous journey through the world of cyberpunk to face inexplicable phenomena and insidious monsters of post-apocalypse. Pick the right weapon and hit the road to demonstrate your valor and courage.

This game has been updated Yesterday, 04:36 to the latest version v1.52 (upd.22.09.2020).

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Berserkers Descent v1.01 (upd.22.09.2020)

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Berserkers Descent — is a mix of platforming and side-scrolling roguelike, 2D action game in which you set off on a series of challenges and battles taking place in a vast fantasy world. Unfortunately, not so much is known about the plot of the game, but it is known that the events of the game take place in a huge gloomy two-dimensional world filled with monsters, monsters, and other types of enemies. Well, you will have to embark on a journey across this world and fight all these enemies, using different skills and abilities, crushing attacks and a huge two-handed sword. In other words, the idea is very good.

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Unit 404 Build 5482822 (upd.22.09.2020) - Goldberg

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Unit 404 — this game for PC combines two of the most popular game genres at once, such as platformer and puzzle. Here you will travel through atmospheric locations, made according to all the canons of the setting of the future, and you will also have to help a small robot find a way out of an abandoned research complex. This will be very difficult to do, since in order to leave at least one room, you have to cope with a rather difficult puzzle for your mind. As you progress through the game, new elements, obstacles, difficulties and other nuances will be added, thanks to which the difficulty level will constantly increase. Unit 404 is a real challenge for your wits, as here you have to correctly move and combine blocks on the playing field, move the robot around the blocks and think over your every step in advance.

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