The Iron Oath v0.5.146 upd.22.05.2022

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The Iron Oath — is a tactical RPG designed for PC in which the player has control over the guild of heroes. It is necessary to manage the organization and its resources and attract new subordinates. We carry them out during adventures, to complete tasks, make decisions with long-term consequences, and, above all, combat a turn-based combat system. Plot. The game is set in a gloomy fantasy universe, which every few decades is visited by an ancient dragon, carrying with it a mysterious plague, which turns people into meaningless animals. The campaign begins when everything indicates that this tragedy will happen again. Players take command of the guild, whose members pay diversified dangerous missions for the corresponding payment.

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  • Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous v1.3.4d upd.22.05.2022 - GOG

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    GOG version for PC game Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous — a sequel to Pathfinder Kingmaker, in which players travel north of Golarion to the place where the portal to the Abyss has opened. It was in this place that the war between mortals and demons unfolded. You need to challenge the powerful Demon Lords and close the portal with which the demons carry out their evil plans. Sequel to the original Pathfinder Kingmaker. The sequel takes place in a new part of the world of Golarion, where a portal to the Abyss has opened. Here you have to get involved in a war between mortals and demons, as well as meet familiar characters. In the new part, you will find two new classes, a new race and a mythical progression system from the tabletop Pathfinder.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:28 to the latest version v1.3.4d upd.22.05.2022.

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  • Patron v1.201.1 upd.22.05.2022

    Patron Game Free Download Torrent
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    Patron — immerse yourself in survival and build a real big city in the game called Patron, challenge yourself in the most difficult situations, try to become a respected ruler and lead your city to prosperity. At first glance it may seem that this is a typical city-planning simulator, of which there are more than enough at the moment, but in reality this is not at all the case. This game differs from many others in that it focuses not on the construction of buildings, but on the social component and the inner life of the city as a whole. But that’s not all.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:11 to the latest version v1.201.1 upd.22.05.2022.

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  • Mists of Noyah v1.0 upd.22.05.2022

    Mists of Noyah Game Free Download Torrent
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    Mists of Noyah — in this adventure you have to take advantage of all available options for survival and take on the role of the people’s avenger who was able to survive the destruction of the world. If you go back to the origins of the story, then the world where the protagonist lived was subjected to massive natural disasters, as a result of which everything was practically destroyed. At the same time, the hero himself was able to survive in deep caves, although he received a split personality. Now he plans to find other survivors and destroy all those who will prevent him from fulfilling his duty. The gameplay is presented in an arcade format with spectacular battles in real time.

    This game has been updated Today, 05:58 to the latest version v1.0 upd.22.05.2022.

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  • Black Skylands v0.2.7 upd.22.05.2022

    Black Skylands Game Free Download Torrent
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    Black Skylands — is an arcade scrolling shooter in which players will travel to a world that consists of soaring islands. The army of the monstrous Swarm suddenly attacked this world, and only brave captains of celestial ships can stop opponents and destroy them once and for all. Earth has turned into thousands of flying islands. Survivors are at war for resources. You are the captain of an airship who wants to get to Black Skyland, a real scavenger paradise. To do this, you must destroy the hordes of hostile monsters and find peace and prosperity for your people.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:03 to the latest version v0.2.7 upd.22.05.2022.

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    Breakwaters v0.5.14 upd.22.05.2022

    Breakwaters Game Free Download Torrent
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    Breakwaters — is an adventure game about survival in the archipelago, where players must gather resources, build dams and walls to protect themselves from water, as well as explore the world in search of the Titans especially dangerous enemies who roam the world and cause destruction by their very existence. Players must not only craft and build buildings, but also fight monsters to eventually destroy all the titans that threaten humanity. The main difference between Breakwaters and similar militants is how we handle water.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:01 to the latest version v0.5.14 upd.22.05.2022.

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  • REPLIKATOR v1.05 upd.22.05.2022

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    REPLIKATOR — is a mix of a sci-fi top-down shooter and roguelike game. Go to the space station and find out what is happening there and what are the goals of the project. The game takes place in outer space on a space station. Together with the galactic mercenaries, you were sent according to the story to the space station Sputnik, and now you must learn about its innermost secrets. here scientists conducted experiments and launched a project called Replicator, and no one still knows what this project is, and whether it is not a threat to all living things. And you must now find out the whole truth about him. But just don’t think it will be easy.

    This game has been updated Today, 06:04 to the latest version v1.05 upd.22.05.2022.

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  • Salt and Sacrifice v1.0.0.6 upd.22.05.2022 - P2P

    Salt and Sacrifice Game Free Download Torrent
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    Salt and Sacrifice — is a project developed in the metroidvania genre, where we plunge into a fantasy world and try to complete an important mission. Take on the role of a criminal who was caught during the next robbery. In order not to end up behind bars, you make a deal with the king himself, who offers you to rid the kingdom of supporters of magical powers or die. It will be extremely difficult to cope with such a task, so you need to prepare for the most unexpected turns of events.

    This game has been updated Today, 05:59 to the latest version v1.0.0.6 upd.22.05.2022.

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  • Vampire The Masquerade Swansong v1.1.51192 upd.21.05.2022 - P2P

    Vampire The Masquerade Swansong Game Free Download Torrent
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    Vampire The Masquerade Swansong — is a new series of games developed in the RPG genre, where we go on an unforgettable adventure. First of all, it is worth noting the presence of an extraordinary plot line, which has a number of branches that directly depend on your choice. Here you will need to choose the main character from the three offered, each of which is unique and has an individual set of skills. The player assumes the role of a vampire, and then plunges into an interesting story filled with dangers, obstacles and dark secrets.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 14:52 to the latest version v1.1.51192 upd.21.05.2022.

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  • PowerWash Simulator v0.9 upd.21.05.2022 - ALI213

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    PowerWash Simulator — offers to clean the house and more. With the help of a special device, you can wash away dust and dirt from a wide variety of surfaces. It will be quite a fun and meditative activity. Among gamers there are lovers of order and cleanliness. Try to perfect the sanitary condition of the house entrusted to you. If you approach the set task creatively, you can create as if on a canvas. Quite an original gameplay, it may seem quite uncomplicated, and later completely captivates and forces you to look for all new ways and options. It can be not only fun, but also a great business. Organize your business and start earning.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 09:07 to the latest version v0.9 upd.21.05.2022.

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