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Vampire The Masquerade Coteries of New York v11.12.2019 - CODEX

Vampire The Masquerade Coteries of New York Game Free Download Torrent

A game Vampire The Masquerade Coteries of New York for PC — is dedicated to the difficult events that unfolded on the streets of New York. Between the two factions, consisting of vampires, a real conflict unfolded. The player will have to choose for whom to play — for the traditionalists of the Camarilla or for the independent Anarchs, who can not obey the established dictatorship. And so on the streets can begin a real brutal meat grinder. You will be presented with several characters who have unique abilities, unique approaches to certain situations.

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Trailmakers v1.0.4 - CODEX

Trailmakers Game Free Download Torrent
CODEX Full game FREE DOWNLOAD Latest version TORRENT

Love to build? Do you like racing? If so, then the game Trailmakers suggest that you cross a dangerous desert on the machines you built. Explore the terrain and adapt your machines to effectively overcome the path. Find and discover new details that will greatly improve your designs and get to the most remote and hard-to-reach places. Do not worry, the system of construction is simple enough, it consists of blocks, but each block can be modified, getting almost limitless possibilities for creativity. In the expedition mode, you will find an exciting campaign that will gradually open up new opportunities, more and more pulling you into the creation of the most insane

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SuperMash v11.12.2019

SuperMash Game Free Download Torrent
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SuperMash — is a game that is a mixture of immediately heaps of various genres, and at the same time offers the player to independently combine different elements and create levels, games, tests. The events of the game take place in an unusual world in which there is a girl named Juma engaged in the creation of games. But now everything has changed, she can’t create anything new and you, in the role of a guy named Tomo, her brother, will need to try to help her in creating new games.

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Wildermyth v0.11+103 (upd.11.12.2019)

Wildermyth Game Free Download Torrent
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Wildermyth — belongs to the RPG genre, where procedurally generated levels and turn-based battles are offered. You have to find yourself in vast lands, keeping a lot of secrets and secrets. The main characters are a group of farmers who, by the will of circumstances, are forced to spend their whole lives on earth. As soon as the opportunity arises to change an unloved affair, they are happy to change the usual suit and shovel to a leather vest and a warrior’s sword, after which they set off on their journey. Your heroes have to meet with a huge number of warriors protecting treasures hidden deep underground.

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Close Combat The Bloody First v1.0.7 - CODEX

Close Combat The Bloody First Game Free Download Torrent
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Close Combat The Bloody First is the latest version in the popular Close Combat series, the first to use the new 3D Archon engine. The game combines the classic tactical gameplay Close Combat with battles that take place in a variety of three-dimensional landscapes, including rocky ridges, narrow valleys and dense villages. The transition to 3D also allows you to increase the level of detail for example, specific types of ammunition used by each weapon are simulated with more realistic movement and physics of shells.

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Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD - HOODLUM

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD Game Free Download Torrent

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD — is an updated arcade released in 2006. We have to go through the adventures of a monkey named AiAi and her friends, known as GonGon, MeeMee and Baby. The task that we must fulfill is to take away the bananas, which are a delicacy for AyAi, from the ominous captain Krabuchin. In Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD, action is shown from a third-person perspective (TPP). The game consists of more than a hundred levels, after which the monkey, enclosed in a transparent sphere, rolls at breakneck speed, jumping over obstacles, avoiding cleverly placed traps and scattered bananas.

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Omega Labyrinth Life - ALI213

Omega Labyrinth Life Game Free Download Torrent
ALI213 Full game FREE DOWNLOAD First Release TORRENT

Omega Labyrinth Life — is a colorful dungeon bagel in which, together with the seven heroines, we go through the magical underground in search of a way to save the mystical garden. The developer of the game is the Japanese studio Matrix Software, which is responsible for 3D remakes of the third and fourth parts of Final Fantasy, as well as other jRPGs, such as Final Fantasy The Four Heroes Of Light or Alundra. The story of the game Omega Labyrinth Life, which you can download via torrent, takes place in the elite Belles Fleurs school, which has a mystical and ever-blooming garden. Players follow the story of Hinata Akatsuki, a new student at the academy who accidentally moves into a parallel magical world inhabited by monsters. Soon she finds out that their presence threatens the precious garden. Together with new friends, she decides to save him from destruction.

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Northgard v2.0.0.15760 (Conquest DLC) - PLAZA

Northgard Game Free Download Torrent
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Northgard is a new creation of the studio «Shiro Games», which once created a popular series of games «Evoland». This time the players are waiting for a strategy filled with Scandinavian mythology. You have to create a settlement and expand it. Give orders to your Vikings, explore the world, fight with various undead, giants and dragons. Can you survive in the harsh winter season? Will not you be defeated by your enemies? Can you manage resources correctly? The success of the settlement will depend on your decisions and your tactics.

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Oriental Empires v20191211 - CODEX

Oriental Empires Game Free Download Torrent
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Oriental Empires is a large-scale turn-based strategy, whose actions will take place during the times of the ancient East. Starting your way from a small settlement, you can develop it, turning it into a real powerful civilization. Join peoples and entire countries by force or by tricky diplomacy. Choose one of the 16 factions, each of which has its own unique abilities. Develop your civilization through research, make your choice toward religion, philosophy or science. Create powerful armies and control them in grand battles. Waiting for you beautiful scenery of China and Mongolia, high detail and fully animated 3D-models make the game incredibly beautiful and realistic. If you are a fan of good turn-based strategies, then Oriental Empires is a great project that deserves your attention.

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Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms v20191211 - CODEX

Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms Game Free Download Torrent
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Unusual computer game Oriental Empires Three Kingdoms is now available to users in the public domain. During the creation of the project, the developers really intrigued the fans, and it is worth saying that all expectations were met. The game has a high level of detail, will allow gamers to wander around a seamless world, and enjoy a high-quality strategy. The events described in the plot of the game Oriental Empires date back to 1500 BC. Events will unfold in ancient China, users will be able to feel in the role of the commander-in-chief of a tribe that wages war with other tribes over the territory. The task of gamers is to conquer all of China.

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