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Bear Adventures v1.0 (upd.23.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

Bear Adventures Game Free Download Torrent

Bear Adventures — is a three-dimensional platformer with 20 exciting tropical levels and unique graphics. You can play alone or invite your friends, because in Bear Adventures cooperative game mode supports up to 4 players. Levels in complete darkness, where the only source of light is a torch, but it does not shine for long, you need to overcome obstacles on the level, find the next torch to get to the finish line. Saddle a wild horse, but he does not listen to you, walks without stopping, you can only make him run and jump to overcome obstacles, otherwise he will throw you off and you will not fall into the stakes.

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  • Xenonauts 2 Closed Beta 22 (upd.23.10.2021)

    Xenonauts 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    Xenonauts 2 is the sequel to the turn-based Xenonauts strategy, which takes place in the Cold War alternative reality. Alien invades the earth and mankind has no choice but to unite to fight the invaders. Alien technologies will not appear immediately, but as you pass, allowing you to pump and receive from the game more and more new impressions. Developers from the company Goldhawk Interactive are seriously tuned for success and this time they are preparing an improved game project that will not only allow you to see the new format of the game, but will also provide an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new chips that will be implemented in it.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 13:39 to the latest version Closed Beta 22 (upd.23.10.2021).

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  • SRX Sky Racing Experience v1.0 (upd.23.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    SRX Sky Racing Experience Game Free Download Torrent

    SRX Sky Racing Experience — is an arcade racing game in which the player pilots all types of aircraft. Explore, master more than 20 tracks, divided into episodes, and beat everyone to reach the top of the world rankings. Each episode is associated with a scenario in which the world is frozen in time. An active textbook explaining the different movements of vehicles is available. The player can choose between 4 vehicle profiles. Of course, new series, tracks and cars will appear soon.

    383 MB
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  • Steel Rain Dawn of the Machines v1.0 (upd.23.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Steel Rain Dawn of the Machines Game Free Download Torrent

    Steel Rain Dawn of the Machines — an alien invasion arrives on planet Earth. A technology-advanced race roams the universe in search of enslaved creatures. Four portals have been opened and you must destroy them and contain this huge threat. Be prepared to meet everything that comes out of these portals. They came in search of slaves, but the steel rain is what they will get. Third-party control shooting with realistic mechanics of tanks and vehicles. Basic and optional weapons with realistic sounds and effects.

    3.40 GB
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  • Scent Of Wood upd.23.10.2021

    Scent Of Wood Game Free Download Torrent
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    Scent Of Wood — is a quiet game dedicated to exploring and surviving in a beautiful forest, based on the Bushcraft technique. In the current early version of the game you can chop down trees with an ax to build a hut to build walls, windows, doors, stairs and ceilings to explore the colorful world. Development will continue, and player characteristics such as energy, thirst, hunger, temperature and health will be added soon. More details for Khazhin. Crafting system for creating tools and items. Construction of items to decorate the hut. Fishing and bonfires, as well as tools such as hammers, shovels, fishing rods.

    100 MB
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  • Inscryption v1.06 (upd.23.10.2021)

    Inscryption Game Free Download Torrent
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    Inscryption — is a card adventure in the roguelike genre, which emphasizes the darkness that hides many unknown secrets. The strategy is made in the format of an escape from the room, has many puzzles and a scary atmosphere. The user is transported to the goblin hut, where he needs to start dangerous adventures to find out what secrets are hidden in this building. The events take place in a forest house, where the protagonist is trapped, locked by some sinister creature who wants the guy to play board games with him. The gamer acts on a three-dimensional map, where he makes moves, choosing certain maps, exploring the house along the way.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 10:22 to the latest version v1.06 (upd.23.10.2021).

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  • InfraSpace v7.3.130 (upd.23.10.2021)

    InfraSpace Game Free Download Torrent
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    InfraSpace — is a sci-fi city-building simulator with one unusual feature, which is that any resource that is produced must pass through a transport infrastructure. All this radically transforms the gameplay typical of the genre, forcing players to look for a new approach to creating a city and its stable functioning. The action will take place on a distant planet, where you and your team arrived to create the foundation for colonization. But you cannot build a city in such conditions simply by spending a lot of money you will have to send your first astronauts to extract resources. Once you have some iron, build your first steel and concrete plant to start building infrastructure. Even basic necessities like food and oxygen require a stable production chain that cannot be disrupted.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:24 to the latest version v7.3.130 (upd.23.10.2021).

    1.01 GB
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  • Settlement Survival v0.84.175 (upd.23.10.2021)

    Settlement Survival Game Free Download Torrent
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    Settlement Survival — is an urban survival strategy with elements of a simulator and a sandbox, where you will lead a group of survivors in search of a new home. With limited supplies, you need to capture land, plant crops, hunt wildlife, gather supplies, build your city, and expand trade and develop crafts to build a vibrant and unique city with a large population. This is a game about building cities to survive, in which you will lead your people to their settlements in new territory. You will need to provide them with shelter, guarantee food supplies, protect themselves from the dangers of nature, and pay attention to well-being, happiness, education, and employment.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 10:26 to the latest version v0.84.175 (upd.23.10.2021).

    328 MB
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  • Bigger Bikes v1.0 (upd.23.10.2021) - DARKSiDERS

    Bigger Bikes Game Free Download Torrent

    Bigger Bikes — a game about off-road cycling. The gameplay is based on realistic bike control and fun physics. Be careful! You can get into a skid, roll over or fly into a ditch at any time. Overcome difficult mountainous and hilly terrain, drive without anything or take cargo with you, look for the safest route so as not to roll over and lose delivery. The game implements five different car models. Realistic bike control. Fascinating mountain scenery, hardcore based on physics.

    617 MB
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  • Star Dynasties v1.0.1.0 (upd.23.10.2021)

    Star Dynasties Game Free Download Torrent
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    Star Dynasties — is a game about an alternate future. In this story, the Earth was destroyed due to a very large catastrophe, so humanity was forced to take a step into the unknown. It takes the first and timid steps into space in order to find a new habitat. After hundreds of years, colonial humanity was able to survive. Humanity has decided to create a feudal society, which is completely incapable of providing the necessary conditions for life. The equipment that is needed to maintain life, created by the feudal lords, constantly breaks down.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:11 to the latest version v1.0.1.0 (upd.23.10.2021).

    340 MB
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