Here you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ), we tried to collect only important questions, tried to give an answer in an accessible form. This is not the final list of questions, it will be replenished as far as possible.

The following form is presented below: Q. — question, and A. — answer.

Q. Who are we, what is this site, what is it unique about?
A. You can get acquainted with a small story about us.

Q. How to download games?
A. To learn how to download games from our site, visit the page how to download games through the torrent.

Q. Parts, games need to be installed using the Ultra ISO ultraiso ico program, what is it?
A. This is indeed true, many modern games are packed into the .iso-image (how to install Ultra ISO).

Q. Than to open a file .zip, .rar, .tar, .7z, .cab?
Data file extensions, relate to the archives, how to open the archive?

Q. Do you have rules on the site?
Yes, we have rules of conduct on the site — read them.

Q. I had a problem with starting the game, what should I do?
We have a cure for all the problems with games — read.

Q. What is Game Update History?
This is information about game version updates — read about Game Update History.