Solve problems with games

Often, after the process of downloading the game files is completed, the installation was also performed, waiting for the game when clicking on the shortcut — an error pops up. Basically every error in the game is numbered by a number or standard text with indications of the cause. As an example, see Pic.1.

1. This error is called d3dx9 — it says there is no necessary DirectX libraries in the system. The naturalness after installing which, all the problems with the launch disappear.

2. Second, why do not games start — the lack of libraries. One of them is the .NET Framework.

3. Now, perhaps, the most important point (especially it concerns Windows 8), you must have installed all the game DLL. Without them, do not even run the installation of the game, and not already installed. These components are placed in a shell called «xliveredist». We grab the link below, download and unpack.

4. Another package that can influence the launch of Visual C ++ games, called «vcredist». You can download it using the link under this line, just look at the bit depth (by reference for 32, maybe you have 64).

There is a unique and unified solution for all such problems and errors, it is a compilation of necessary components that must be installed on every gamer computer.

Download System software for Windows v3.1.5 [ 3.08 GB]

system-software-for-windows-v-3_1_5.torrent (downloads: )
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How to install the components?:
1. Download the compilation via torrent (link above).
2. Run the Installer.exe installation file.
3. Select the required components, then click the install button.
4. We are waiting for the installation process to finish, after installation click on to finish.

This should be enough to meet all the needs and needs of modern games for system files.