Bicycle Rider Simulator v1.0 Build 9259974 - DOGE

Bicycle Rider Simulator Game Free Download Torrent

The user in Bicycle Rider Simulator is offered to take control of a sports bike. This will allow you to spend an unforgettable walk. After all, the location is located in a forest area, where there are no elements of civilization. But this is not a pleasure trip. We can safely state that the user gets into a gambling competition. First of all, this is due to the fact that in the process of passing the stages you should collect bonus coins. This allows you to open new members, modify and improve the vehicle.

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  • Builder Simulator v1.1d upd.30.07.2022

    Builder Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Builder Simulator — for those wishing to master the profession of a builder. Thanks to this project, you can completely, independently build a house. Gradually master a variety of technologies. There are several levels of difficulty, at the simplest one you will have hints and help, on the difficult one you have to cope completely on your own. Here you can satisfy your zeal for construction work. You will be able to build not only ordinary houses. Create shops, industrial buildings. It should be noted that you will have all the necessary equipment and tools at your disposal. They are quite realistic. Use them wisely. It is necessary to ensure that construction materials are always available at the construction site in full.

    This game has been updated 30-07-2022, 12:08 to the latest version v1.1d upd.30.07.2022.

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  • Void Dementia Build 9112512 upd.13.07.2022 - DOGE

    Void Dementia Game Free Download Torrent
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    Void Dementia — is characterized by fast action and hardcore production. This is an action game that will enhance the user’s sense of challenge and immersion in the game through story and voice acting elements. The God of the world is fallen and divided. As the unknown division and chaos of the world continues, the main character, Cecile, wakes up. Having lost all her memories, she faces the approaching Void. We don’t know why she’s here or what she was doing here until her memories return. You have to find her memory and find out who she is and what this place is. She is a weapon master with a high level of proficiency in three types of weapons katana, dual blade, and greatsword. She is the best swordsman who can freely change weapons against enemies.
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  • Hollow 2 Build 8515494 upd.08.07.2022 - DOGE

    Hollow 2 Game Free Download Torrent
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    In Hollow 2, players miraculously end up on the Miner-1 space station. You will need to go along the deck of the ship and plunge into the innermost depths of Mark’s subconscious. What really happened here? Is the past connected to todays events. You need to run, fight, hide and explore. Do everything possible to destroy Miner-1. Horror awakens again on the deck of Shakhtar 1. With every minute, the story of Mark’s family life and tragedy is becoming clearer. His deepest pain and most intimate emotions can explode at any moment in an absolutely unpredictable way. The curse of this mining station is a real loop of endless pain. It’s hard to restore it. This requires the truth and only the truth. But these gloomy corridors jealously guard all secrets. They miraculously intermingled with Mark’s various memories.

    This game has been updated 8-07-2022, 07:33 to the latest version Build 8515494 upd.08.07.2022.

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  • Per Aspera Blue Mars v1.7.2 - DOGE

    Per Aspera Blue Mars Game Free Download Torrent
    Per Aspera Blue Mars — introduces players to new ways to interact with your ocean-sized bodies of water and all the benefits they offer! You have changed the face of the Red Planet with the update of Green Mars now let is move on to blue. The game is sci-fi oriented, which means that all technologies and buildings are quite realistic, and can be used in the future when colonizing the Red Planet. You have to play as a developed artificial intelligence, the goal of which is to build a prosperous colony on Mars, and make the planet habitable before people settle on it. To do this, you need to terraform Mars, changing the atmosphere on it to suit the needs of man.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:37 to the latest version v1.7.2.

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  • Tin Can Escape Pod Simulator v1.0.04a upd.03.07.2022 - DOGE

    Tin Can Escape Pod Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    Tin Can Escape Pod Simulator — is a space simulator that sends us towards unpredictable events, secrets and dangers, immersing us in a series of exciting adventures. The storyline tells that the main character managed to save his life due to the explosion of a spaceship and now he has to survive in the dangerous conditions of the surrounding world. From now on, the life of the protagonist lies in his own hands and only quick-wittedness will be able to help him. You are in an escape pod that needs to be constantly supplemented and modified with all kinds of details in order to be able to cope with obstacles and dangers on the way.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:32 to the latest version v1.0.04a upd.03.07.2022.

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  • Yaengard Update 5 Hotfix - DOGE

    Yaengard Game Free Download Torrent
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    Yaengard — is a strategy role-playing game inspired by classic TTRPGs such as Dungeons and Dragon, which brings roguelike dice to the digital adventure. Develop your group of villagers into heroes by making difficult decisions and shaping personalities. Combine abilities, equipment and character traits to create something truly powerful. Your decisions change not only the world, but yourself. Make noble decisions and you will embody nobility in how you fight, what you can do and where you will go. Create your own style and prove that it cannot be stopped. 20 unique classes with countless possible combinations of character traits, unique benefits and rarities that you will encounter in your adventure. A wide selection of weapons, abilities and benefits that you can find, combine and use. Find rare abilities, figure out how to use them, and open new doors to victory.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:21 to the latest version Update 5 Hotfix.

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  • INDUSTRIA v1.2.1 upd.02.07.2022 - DOGE

    INDUSTRIA Game Free Download Torrent
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    INDUSTRIA — is a shooter game similar to Half-Life 2 and Portal 2. The game begins on November 9, 1989 in the German capital. Soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city was filled with euphoria and chaos. The protagonist of the game is Nora, whose loved ones disappeared in a secret research center near East Berlin. After receiving a farewell message from him, the protagonist sets out to rescue him, but when she gets there, she only discovers that extensive activities are underway at the facility to destroy evidence of a mysterious project. The quest finally takes her to an alternate surreal world of steam engines, where mystery haunts mystery and everything is controlled by a sinister artificial intelligence.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:01 to the latest version v1.2.1 upd.02.07.2022.

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  • Planetary Annihilation TITANS Build 115872 - DOGE

    Planetary Annihilation TITANS Game Free Download Torrent
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    Planetary Annihilation TITANS — is an excellent global military strategy in which you have to go into deep space and begin to conquer a variety of planets, using the power of your faction. Unfortunately, there is no specific plot in this game the developers did not limit the players and simply allowed the players to independently think up the storyline. At the same time, there is another small «but» — the fact is that in this game there is no specific visual or military division into fractions. The fractions have the same technique, the same opportunities. On the one hand, this plays a negative role for diversity, but on the other hand, a balance has been created in this way, thanks to which in battles everything will depend only on your tactics, strategic thinking and abilities.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 17:48 to the latest version Build 115872.

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  • Wildcat Gun Machine v1.006a upd.02.07.2022 - DOGE

    Wildcat Gun Machine Game Free Download Torrent
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    Wildcat Gun Machine — is a mixture of insane top-down action and RPG, an adventure in which you immerse yourself in a series of battles against monsters and monsters, complete tasks, fight bosses. Unfortunately, nothing is really known about the plot, but in fact, this does not make the game less interesting. On the contrary, learning as you progress through the game about everything that happened in the local world, your interest will be fueled. Moreover, the passage of the game will be accompanied by crazy battles, bright apocalyptic locations, and much more. Hit the road, fight, survive, pump, and enjoy the unreal action.

    This game has been updated 2-07-2022, 18:26 to the latest version v1.006a upd.02.07.2022.

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