Eclipse Echo Of Dimension Build 13867918 (upd.21.04.2024) - TiNYiSO

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Eclipse Echo of Dimension — go on incredible adventures and explore the mysterious remains of an alien civilization. Simply put, the boundaries between reality and dimensions will be blurred here. And with each new step you can discover something new or get closer to a mystery. This is a traditional walking simulator with a twist of adventure. Where you will turn into a traveler through time and space. In addition, there was a place for fragments of alien poetry. And each of them allows us to understand more and more the past.

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  • Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Build 14052884 (upd.21.04.2024) - RUNE

    Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Game Free Download Torrent
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    Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes is a colorful story in a fantasy setting that can captivate the player for a long time. In the world called Alldraan, local magic plays a special role, its strongest witchcraft tools are called runic lenses. Competing for territories and resources, local countries and peoples actively used them in battles. Therefore, improving the effectiveness of this martial art became a key success factor for the Galdean Empire. Not stopping there, she sends expeditions to search for powerful artifacts. A talented human officer, Sane Kesling, participating in them at the end of the world, meets Nova, a villager. In the future, it is these two who will have the opportunity to solve problems and end another war.

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  • Case Files Behind Closed Doors Build 13989355 (upd.21.04.2024) - TiNYiSO

    Case Files Behind Closed Doors Game Free Download Torrent
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    Case Files Behind Closed Doors — by chance you find yourself in the center of a mysterious murder investigation. The cruel guy was killed, and now you have to understand who is behind it. So which of the four suspects is the killer? Game plot. First, carefully study the interrogation of the suspect. Then do a thorough analysis of the CCTV footage. In addition, look at crime scene photos and do other necessary things. Using the available evidence, you will have to separate the truth from the lies. Find all sorts of contradictions in all the evidence and make a number of key decisions.

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  • WW2 Bunker Simulator Build 14120299 (upd.21.04.2024) - TENOKE

    WW2 Bunker Simulator Game Free Download Torrent
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    WW2 Bunker Simulator — a military action simulator with elements of strategy, where you have to survive in a Nazi bunker, facing many random tests. German elite troops and the coast of Normandy are separated by a single bunker. You were chosen to protect him at all costs. Eat, sleep, cook, plunder, shoot and be vigilant: the enemy will not forgive weakness. You are an American soldier with the outstanding 101st Airborne Division. The soldiers of this division always fought desperately and performed tasks at all costs. They did what others could not. Your colleagues seized a German bunker during Operation Normandy, and you must keep it at all costs.

    This game has been updated 21-04-2024, 05:49 to the latest version Build 14120299 (upd.21.04.2024).

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  • Stargate Timekeepers v1.00.34 (upd.21.04.2024) - RUNE

    Stargate Timekeepers Game Free Download Torrent
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    The events of the Stargate Timekeepers project take place within a separate universe called SG-1. It all begins with the Battle of Antarctica, where Commander Eve McKine leads the battle against Anubis fleet. After this, the user will be able to take control of a squad subordinate to this very Eve in order to penetrate behind enemy lines and complete a number of dangerous tasks. The outcome of the war depends on this, so no one has the right to make a mistake. The story campaign of Stargate Timekeepers consists of 14 consecutive missions, during which you will have to fight several unique types of hostile creatures at once. Some people focus on close combat, while others, on the contrary, prefer to stay at a distance from the target. Some locations for example, the starting one can be passed in stealth mode, eliminating enemies one by one.

    This game has been updated 21-04-2024, 05:44 to the latest version v1.00.34 (upd.21.04.2024).

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  • Planetiles v1.0.2 (Build 14007909) - TENOKE

    Planetiles Game Free Download Torrent
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    Planetiles throws you into the abyss of galactic terraforming. Here you have to transform barren planets into vibrant ecosystems. But it’s not just about planting trees. Resource management is key, as you’ll have to carefully plan every step to ensure your nascent world thrives. Placing tiles is the main task of Planetiles. Each placement shapes your growing biomes, as well as triggering events and unlocking bonuses. The real test will be the missions you encounter. Completing them is crucial, as it replenishes resources and fuels your space expansion. As you delve deeper into the title, you will encounter various situations that require both planning and improvisation.

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  • Hidden Facade Build 14093660 (upd.21.04.2024) - TENOKE

    Hidden Facade Game Free Download Torrent
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    Hidden Facade is an exciting game that combines action, adventure, indie and RPG. Developed and published by Dean, it transports players to an exciting world of adventure and mystery. In the game you have to explore a mysterious world, solve mysteries and meet new characters. Thanks to the exciting storyline and various possibilities for character development, every player will be able to feel like a real hero. Hidden Facade is an ideal choice for those who like to test their skills in fighting enemies, explore mysterious locations and solve difficult tasks. Join this exciting journey and uncover all the secrets that Hidden Facade hides.

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  • The Shell Part II Purgatorio v1.0 (upd.21.04.2024) - TENOKE

    The Shell Part II Purgatorio Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Shell Part II Purgatorio is a game from Innocent Gray developed for the PC platform. The project combines genres and elements such as visual novel and horror. Additionally, players highlight such features of the game as detective, investigation, visual novel and romance. The game is designed for single player play multiplayer modes are not provided. The game is distributed worldwide using a one-time purchase model. The game was published by Shiravune. At the moment, the game stage is launched, and its release date is 18.04.2024. The Shell Part II: Purgatorio cannot be downloaded for free, since the game is distributed on a one-time purchase model.

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  • Omega Mouse Zero Build 14123350 (upd.21.04.2024) - TiNYiSO

    Omega Mouse Zero Game Free Download Torrent
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    Omega Mouse Zero is an exciting combination of action, adventure and role-playing. Developed by OMEGABYTE and published by the same publisher, it opens up a world of incredible adventures for players. In the game, you have to take on the role of a mouse who goes on a great journey in a world full of dangers and mysteries. With an exciting combat system and character development, you will be able to go through all the challenges, meeting new friends and enemies. Omega Mouse Zero is the perfect choice for those who are looking for the adrenaline of battles, the thrill of discovering new worlds and the feeling of incredible adventures. Join this exciting journey and help the mouse to cope with all the challenges.

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  • Minishoot Adventures Build 13950850 (upd.21.04.2024)

    Minishoot Adventures Game Free Download Torrent
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    Minishoot Adventures is an unusual mix of classic twin-stick shooter and metroidvania, with an emphasis on exploring a colorful fantasy world. Alien invaders have not only captured your planet, but also imprisoned your friends in magic crystals. You miraculously managed to escape, but now the fate of the Earth is in your hands. Embark on an exciting adventure, go down into the dungeons in an attempt to free your comrades, and don’t forget that patrolling the territory awaits you on the surface. deadly drones. The original idea is perfectly complemented by intense gameplay with dynamic shootouts in the bullet hell format.

    This game has been updated 21-04-2024, 14:49 to the latest version Build 13950850 (upd.21.04.2024).

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