Torrent not downloading

The download torrent may not start for several reasons:

1. In your torrent client download uTorrent program, DHT protocol may be disabled. Check if DHT protocol is functioning in your torrent client and if these checkboxes are activated in the torrent file settings before starting the download.
If DHT is not working (you’re not seeing peers/seeds as shown), the file download will not begin.


In this case, either change your torrent client or find a way to activate DHT within it.


2. The game was recently released, and there are many more people wanting to download it than there are seeders. In this case, it’s advisable to wait until users who want to download the game start seeding it. Simply add the torrent to your client and wait for the download to commence.

If the game is old or not very popular: Here it gets a bit trickier. You can wait for some time, or you can try downloading a different repack or a pirated version from the Games PC section, or set the download to run overnight. Sooner or later, it will download. The issue of no downloads (seeds) is not on our site it depends solely on users. If you download, please continue to seed as long as possible to allow others to download as well.

4. Broken download link: These are very rare cases on our site and can be considered unique because we monitor the freshness of the uploads. However, if you do come across such a torrent, you can report it in the comments section under the game, and we will promptly prioritize fixing the issue. We will replace the torrent with a working one and ensure it’s being seeded.