KittenMouse Summer Of Love Build 10324384 (upd.06.02.2023)

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KittenMouse Summer Of Love — it is the summer of 2020, and the city is burning with fiery riots. One man fights for justice against the mafia. A first-person shooter with several types of weapons. Single player campaign with 5 dynamic levels. A fascinating story of one man’s struggle to protect his community. You play as KittenMouse, who protects his house, his town and his local car dealership during the fiery Summer of Love 2020.

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  • The Pioneers Surviving Desolation Patch 0.35.02 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    The Pioneers Surviving Desolation — takes the player to the year 2084, when humanity decided to start colonizing space. Jupiter’s moon Io, which is characterized by harsh conditions, was chosen as the first such object. In the survival simulator, the player will have to take command of the mission of Io-1 and rebuild the base in a place that is not intended for life. This celestial body is characterized by extreme temperatures, volcanic activity, earthquakes and magnetic storms. The station in The Pioneers Surviving Desolation will have to be equipped with a team of three people. At the beginning of each mission, the player will be given 3 randomly selected characters and 15 available ones.

    This game has been updated 6-02-2023, 04:43 to the latest version Patch 0.35.02 (upd.06.02.2023).

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  • Turbo Overkill v0.33 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    Trigger Happy Interactive studio debut. In Turbo Overkill, we play as Johnny Turbo, a cyborg who has returned to his hometown of Paradise. His task is to destroy the artificial intelligence that controls the city. The game takes place in a dystopian, cyberpunk future. The protagonist is Johnny Turbo, a cyborg and mercenary returning to his hometown of Paradise. Once there, he discovers that the entire city is being controlled by an artificial intelligence named Syn, who has taken possession of the inhabitants and started a reign of terror with an army of cybernetic soldiers. Desperate for money, Johnny accepts the seemingly impossible task of destroying an artificial intelligence while facing off against his henchmen and rival bounty hunters.

    This game has been updated 6-02-2023, 04:35 to the latest version v0.33 (upd.06.02.2023).

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  • Saints Row v1.2.5.4537292 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    Saints Row 2022 — is a scandalous and bloody action game that will take place in the fictional city of Santo Illeso, where one group is trying to create a criminal empire. The main character will be accompanied by 3 more characters who will support him in his difficult missions. You will meet the tactician Elei, the self-confident DJ Kevin and the experienced mechanic and driver Nina, with whom you can build your kingdom. Also, you will take part in exciting battles, with enemy factions flooding the streets and deal with the company of Dos Panteros and Marshall. Players will engage in bloody, epic battles against street thugs to compete for dominance. The heroes will face sandy roads and crazy wingsuit races, and not only fierce firefights with unique weapons and unusual outfits.

    This game has been updated 6-02-2023, 04:33 to the latest version v1.2.5.4537292 (upd.06.02.2023).

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  • SO BELOW Build 10468119 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    SO BELOW — alone or with friends, this game is about survival and defeating the creatures below. Collect valuable information, use gadgets and find relics throughout the haunted location to defeat them. Team up with friends, choose a role and become the best hunting team. Or if you’re brave enough, do it yourself. EMF detector. Parabolic microphone. Video camera. Camera photo. Geiger counter. Motion detection flashlight. UV flashlight. An ordinary lighter. Oil lamp. Crucifix. Relic of Dorje. Price Bell. Unique generated areas, landmarks, and even procedural mazes create a new challenge every time you track down an object. You will need to learn and adapt to each unique situation in order to win.

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  • Edens Last Sunrise Build 10462985 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    The main cycle of Edens Last Sunrise is based on easy time management. As the commander of Project Cradle, you will establish control over the Great Continent by gathering resources and support, training your troops, and managing their equipment, classes, skills, and trust in you. Dispatch missions occur at the beginning of each week, where you cleverly dispatch your troops to solve certain situations based on their individual strengths and abilities. Throughout the week, you’ll be presented with options to spend your time participating in battles as they arise, training skills for groups of allies, chatting with new friends, or even just exploring the world on your own and seeing what’s going on. However, be wise in how you spend your time because the next big operation is always.

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  • The Multi Medium Build 10468194 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    The Multi Medium is a visually unique 2D puzzle platformer adventure where you play as an interspatial explorer in a multiverse. The whole world is watching as you embark on a first-of-its-kind expedition to explore parallel universes, but something goes wrong, the technology has malfunctioned, and you can’t return home. Lost in the multiverse, you embark on a journey to find your place in each world and space. Jump, climb, swing, swim, flip and fight your way through 10 different universes, each with its own art style, setting and story. Each level of the game is drawn or drawn on a different physical medium, scanned, and then brought to life in the game. Absolutely no digital art was used during the creation of the game.

    This game has been updated 6-02-2023, 16:36 to the latest version Build 10468194 (upd.06.02.2023).

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  • Far Away From Home Build 9716553 (upd.06.02.2023)

    Far Away From Home Game Free Download Torrent
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    Far Away From Home is a tactical role-playing game in which players control a hero named Simon. The protagonist travels in the company of other characters, exploring a large open world. The gameplay of Far Away From Home is represented by turn-based battles, where you will need to control one or another hero every turn. Each unit in the party has its own unique characteristics and fights with the help of individual abilities. The skills of the characters are pumped with increasing levels. A wide arsenal of weapons and magical abilities is available.

    478.5 MB
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  • Second Front v1.131 (upd.06.02.2023)

    Second Front Game Free Download Torrent
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    Second Front is a classic turn-based strategy game with sandbox elements. Move to the battlefields of World War II and take part in bloody battles, where the outcome of the battle depends on your every action. Gather a squad of several types of infantry and tanks, and then demonstrate your power. Develop an effective strategy, learn from your mistakes and try again to achieve the desired result at any cost. Fascinating and eventful gameplay opens up a huge number of opportunities for the realization of ideas. An interesting feature of Second Front was the presence of both a full story campaign and a huge number of individual scenarios.

    This game has been updated Yesterday, 05:31 to the latest version v1.131 (upd.06.02.2023).

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  • JETT The Far Shore Given Time v2.1.4 (upd.06.02.2023)

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    JETT The Far Shore Given Time — which you will be able to download as a torrent for free very soon, is an indie cinematic adventure game with a large open world and space style. Here you have to go on an intergalactic expedition, during which you can secure the future for the entire human race. Reincarnate into a scout named Mei, who will have to become the first person to land on a mysterious planet completely shrouded by the ocean. Have at your disposal a special jet with which you can explore this large-scale world covered with waves, deserted shores and otherworldly forests. Adapt to challenging conditions and endure the many challenges that come your way.

    This game has been updated Today, 04:48 to the latest version v2.1.4 (upd.06.02.2023).

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