Railroad Corporation Niagara River Build 9269315 upd.10.08.2022 - SKIDROW

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Railroad Corporation Niagara River — expansion is another challenging scenario for the long game. You are presented with a unique opportunity that will strengthen your position as a market leader in your industry. United States with Canada. You have to build over the mighty Niagara River. Construction work requires a large and reliable supply chain that must operate efficiently, meet deadlines and meet the requirements of government inspectors. Buy Canadian licenses and expand your infrastructure. It’s up to you to provide not one, but two sides of the river with all the resources necessary to meet a tight schedule. Use your experience, connections and tools at your disposal to manage the project at any cost, be it bribes or contracting ferry services to carry basic cargo across the river. Going international will give us capabilities that far exceed those of our peers, rewarding us with a competitive advantage, and advantages tend to pay off in cash.

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  • Planet Centauri v0.13.6d upd.10.08.2022

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    Immediately it is worth noting that the game Planet Centauri can be attributed to amateur projects (above it only three people work). The developers immediately said that inspiration is drawn from the popular game «Terraria», hence the great similarity. Of course, there are also distinctive features in the game: various huge monsters, the ability to tame monsters and create robots, a variety in the creation of weapons and armor, various spells, a huge interesting world and much more.

    This game has been updated 10-08-2022, 14:45 to the latest version v0.13.6d upd.10.08.2022.

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  • Painkiller Mutilator v1.7 upd.10.08.2022

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    Painkiller Mutilator — is a fan-made mod for classic DOOM parts. There are two playable characters Danial and Belial, all weapons from Painkiller: Hell Damnation, as well as Painkiller Overdose, all monsters from the original game and even a couple from Killing Floor 2, HD Textures, 3D models, blood and dismemberment. The game becomes more brutal than before, plus add to this unique dismemberment models, a headshot system, finishing moves, beautiful effects and particles, etc. Thanks to all this, Painkiller is transformed into something new. If you are a fan of the Painkiller series and you are tired of replaying old levels, you are looking for new sensations try this mod. Download the modification and enjoy the game for real men today.

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  • V Rising v0.5.42584 Hotfix 10 upd.10.08.2022

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    V Rising — is a new and unlike anything MMO in a dark fantasy setting. Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and play as a vampire awakened from a hundred-year sleep. Raid nearby villages in search of blood, hide from the sun, fight people and magical creatures. Can you become the next Dracula and restore the vampire empire. Explore a boundless gothic open world. Travel through dense forests, break into cities and explore dungeons. Look for valuable resources that will be useful both for pumping your own skills and for rebuilding your castle.

    This game has been updated 10-08-2022, 14:08 to the latest version v0.5.42584 Hotfix 10 upd.10.08.2022.

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  • Them and Us v1.0.7 Build 9267419

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    Them and Us is a horror game with a touch of action and survival, in which you have to go to an alternative past and fight with numerous zombies in the role of an ordinary girl. In the yard, the plot is 1978. A bus rushes through the remote wilderness, and suddenly an accident. Only one passenger survived — a girl named Alicia. But the most important thing is not this, but that there is no one nearby, and now the main character needs to get out of the situation herself. And all would be well, but only the dead could begin to rise from around. What to do? Where to run? What happened here? You will find the answers to these questions as you progress through the game.

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  • Warhammer 40000 Battlesector v1.01.33 (57079) - GOG

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    Warhammer 40000 Battlesector — will join the famous series of the same name in 2021. Behind the development of the project is the Black Lab Games company, which has already dealt with other games of this genre. In a new turn-based strategy game in the Warhammer universe, Sergeant Carleone, along with his allies, will try to save Baal Secundus from the Tyranid invasion. The storyline campaign consists of 20 exciting missions that will demonstrate the consequences of the devastation of Baal. The player will have to form his own army and equip it well. Not only various types of weapons, of which there are more than fifty in the game, will be used, but also special heroes endowed with unique abilities.

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  • Al Andalus 711 Epic history battle game v1.0 Build 9280271 - DARKSiDERS

    Al Andalus 711 Epic history battle game Game Free Download Torrent

    Al Andalus 711 Epic history battle game is a first-person graphic adventure game set in a historical version of medieval Spain in the 8th century. The player assumes the role of a young fisherman who will go to a number of locations to complete various missions. Teudis, a young fisherman from the Kingdom of the Visigoths, works in his hometown of Malacca. Unbeknownst to him, Tariq, the general of the Umayyad Caliphate, intends to land a large army in Visigothic lands. Will Theudis be able to sabotage his enemies, outrun them or engage in major battles to stop the Saracen invasion. Only you can decide that. As Feudis, the player must make important decisions that will determine the future of the Iberian Peninsula. Solve puzzles, infiltrate camps, sabotage your enemies and escape as you embark on a fearless pursuit to stop the advancing Saracen army.

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  • Attacker Chan v1.0.1 Build 9288023 - DARKSiDERS

    Attacker Chan Game Free Download Torrent

    Attacker Chan — destroy the out-of-control furs. Make your way to the enemy base while avoiding the satellite guns. Come on Attacker-chan. In this game, you can note the main features that will help make the gameplay more diverse. This is a 2.5D short roguelike game. Enemy furs and robots are done in a cute war-fantasy style. The two game modes are Normal mode with infinite respawn and Expert mode without respawn. Game time from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Simple controls: movement jump attack melee shooting dash.

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  • The Dark Heart of Balor Build 9257288 upd.10.08.2022

    The Dark Heart of Balor Game Free Download Torrent
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    The Dark Heart of Balor — is a dark fantasy side-scroller game where you play as a demon-possessed Hunter. The archdemon Balor opened the Gates of Hell into the human realm, and hordes of demons and monsters rushed into the human world, destroying everything in their path. You must protect those still alive and eventually destroy Balor to close the Gate. Your quest will take you across the continent of Eridun into dark crypts, demon-infested wastelands and demonic cracks in the fabric of the world. It will be full of deadly traps, ambushes and puzzles. Fiendish enemies on your way will test your fighting skills and new secret powers. Will you become strong enough to put an end to Balors terror. The fate of the world depends on you, Hunter.

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  • Timothy and the Tower of Mu Build 9279218 upd.10.08.2022

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    Timothy and the Tower of Mu is a retro 2D action-platformer aimed at intermediate and hardcore players. The game is set in a world that is both cute and creepy, combining old-school gameplay and classic humor with modern elements like the cooking system and breaking the fourth wall. Rise to the top of the Tower of Mu as you fight for survival against 10 bosses, 50+ unique enemies and countless challenges. Meet 10 characters on your journey as you delve into the history and lore the world has to offer.

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