Evans Remains v1.0 (upd.26.11.2020) - GOG

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Evans Remains — is a platformer combined with a visual novel. One day, the heroine of the game Dysis receives a letter from the missing genius Evan with a request to find him. The girl goes on a journey filled with dangers, obstacles and puzzles. Along the way, she learns about the disappearance of Evan and her role in history. You will not find battles and enemies. You can skip any puzzle if you wish. Pixel platformer with elements of a visual short story in which players must find a missing boy long ago named Evan. Players need to explore the game world, solve puzzles and find out where he sent a letter asking for help from and why he asked a girl named Disis for help.

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Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp v1.16b (upd.26.11.2020) - GOG

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Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp — the sequel to Monster Prom, which takes you to a completely new summer camp environment with new characters for the novel, and adds a fresh twist to the game. Monster Prom is a humorous dating simulator featuring mature themes, swear words and obscene scripts. The plot tells the gamer that he has 3 weeks left before the prom, that the hero is a monster and still has not found a mate. But this is in the order of things, since many of the school have similar problems.

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Pombero The Lord of the Night - DARKSiDERS

Pombero The Lord of the Night Game Free Download Torrent

The gameplay here Pombero The Lord of the Night — as a whole is not too complicated, and does not offer anything complicated. You will explore the environment in a variety of locations, solve numerous puzzles, guess riddles and look for clues that will help you find answers to your questions. The emphasis here is on finding objects and survival. But if everything is clear with survival run away from the monster and try to avoid close contacts with him, then with the second it is more and more difficult. Here you will have to show maximum care objects are scattered and hidden in the most unpredictable places, and you will have to work hard to find them. And in Pombero The Lord of the Night, you will find a sea of scary moments in which it is not a sin to be afraid, an intriguing story with a very unexpected ending, and not only that. It will be interesting, though at times very scary.

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Mini Metro v24.11.2020 - 3DM

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It would seem that the difficult thing is to build a subway? But starting the game «Mini Metro» you understand that it is not so easy to organize optimal routes in a rapidly developing city. Initially, you need to connect only two stations, after the city will grow and new stations will appear. The difficulty is that by starting to build a metro, you should not get lost in your created branches and make an optimal route for the city’s residents. Each time the city grows randomly and the necessary stations appear in different places, because of this there is no possibility to start the game at first, already knowing the preliminary plan of its future metro. Relaxing music and minimalistic design in the Mini Metro game allow you to relax and relieve stress. It would seem, at first glance, a simple idea and execution in the game drags on for long hours.

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Odd Realm v0.9.0.13 (upd.25.11.2020) - SKIDROW

Odd Realm Game Free Download Torrent

Odd Realm is a pixel strategy like the popular Dwarf Fortress. Take over a group of settlers to build a prosperous settlement. It will not be easy, you will be confronted by gangsters, neighbors, climate and even the gods themselves. Skillfully lead your people, explore the world and even dangerous dungeons. After all, all the most valuable hidden deep underground.

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Ravenfield Build 22 (upd.25.11.2020)

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Ravenfield is an example of how a shooter with primitive graphics and even without multiplayer can be insanely fascinating. The essence of the game is simple: you need to dominate the opponents on the map. To do this, together with your team you have to capture all the key points. Use a variety of weapons, as well as a variety of techniques that can be found on the map. If you think that in this game alone in the field is not a warrior, then you are simply bad at fighting. It would seem that Ravenfield does not bring anything new, because there are a bunch of AAA projects of a similar type, but it’s the simplicity of the gameplay that is the key feature that attracts players.

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Tin Can v0.0.63 (upd.24.11.2020)

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Tin Can — is a space simulator that sends us towards unpredictable events, secrets and dangers, immersing us in a series of exciting adventures. The storyline tells that the main character managed to save his life due to the explosion of a spaceship and now he has to survive in the dangerous conditions of the surrounding world. From now on, the life of the protagonist lies in his own hands and only quick-wittedness will be able to help him. You are in an escape pod that needs to be constantly supplemented and modified with all kinds of details in order to be able to cope with obstacles and dangers on the way.

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Neon Abyss v1.3.2.4 (upd.24.11.2020) - Goldberg

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Neon Abyss is a game filled with some kind of madness, which is a good representative of the action genre with role-playing elements. Here you have to go to dangerous dungeons that are able to constantly change and develop. Also, the game is distinguished by its mechanics, where you will have complete freedom of action. You will make raids to cleanse the underground kingdom from the adherents of evil. These raids can greatly change the dungeons, so watch your choice and the adoption of one or another decision. All cards in the game have the feature to be randomly generated, which makes your pastime more exciting.

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Breaking Gates v1.0.29 (upd.22.11.2020)

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Breaking Gates — 2D Hack and Slash ARPG is an action RPG with hack and slash combinations. Take control of a brave hero who is able to defeat powerful enemies with combos and special attacks. Embark on an exciting journey through the game’s colorful world filled with monsters and beasts and become a legendary adventurer and treasure hunter. Collect valuable items on the way, fight enemies and enjoy great graphics.

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Green Project v1.3.5 (upd.21.11.2020)

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Green Project — is a quality survival simulator. The plot tells the story of an astronaut who had to spend three hundred years in Earth orbit in a ship inside a cryogenic chamber. When it came time to return back, it was discovered that a fungus had spread on Earth that destroyed all life. Caught in complete solitude, the main character now has to survive on the deserted expanses of the planet. To stay alive, he will need the help of a player. Together with him, the character will acquire resources, equip a shelter and fight all sorts of difficulties.

This game has been updated 21-11-2020, 08:40 to the latest version v1.3.5 (upd.21.11.2020).

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