I Saw Black Clouds v1.0 (upd.30.03.2021) - SKIDROW

I Saw Black Clouds Game Free Download Torrent

I Saw Black Clouds — an interactive psychological thriller with supernatural elements and branching plots. In the center of the game’s plot is a girl named Christina, who was forced to return to her hometown after the death of a close friend. Now she has to reveal a number of dark secrets. Speaking of the consequences in this game you will find realistic physics with an advanced damage system. Machines are damaged in the same way as they would in reality. The hoods bend, the cars themselves roll over from strong blows, the engines fly into the cabin and everything like that. As for the range of cars, it is incredibly wide. Here you can find trucks, ordinary pick-ups, sedan and hatchback cars, minibuses, and even cool sports cars. After choosing a car, you yourself can choose the route, interference, obstacles and even the time of day at which your check-in will take place.

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TheHunter Call of the Wild Build 1991335 (upd.30.03.2021) + All DLC - CODEX

TheHunter Call of the Wild Game Free Download Torrent
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If you thought that the game spaces of virtual adventures can no longer provide interesting and original adventures, then you are deeply mistaken. This time we have a nice gift for you in the form of a game project called TheHunter Call of the Wild, which suggests going on a long journey and taking on the role of a simple animal or hunter. In fact, you will be offered to simply plunge into adventure and just carefully study the entire game world, which will be presented in the vast vast universe inhabited by animals and nature, the area of which reaches 50,000 square km. And this will all be available for research and the subsequent formation of a sensation of wild travel. The game is designed for players of up to 8 people, so you can enjoy an interesting adventure with your friends, explore vast areas and simply enjoy the beauties that were created with the help of the game engine Apex. It remains only to download The Hunter Call of the Wild torrent for free and you can go on an adventure to achieve your goals.

This game has been updated 30-03-2021, 10:08 to the latest version Build 1991335 (upd.30.03.2021) + All DLC.

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PULSAR Lost Colony v30.8 (Beta) - SKIDROW

PULSAR Lost Colony Game Free Download Torrent

In PULSAR Lost Colony you will become the captain of your own space ship. You are waiting for the endless expanses of space, filled with various adventures. The main feature of the game is a first-person view. You will control the ship or fight in space in the first person captain. Explore new planets, trade, or try to get rich quick by robbing other ships. But do not forget that death in the game is permanent! If you are killed — all the save will be deleted and the game will have to start from the beginning. All this gives realism and makes the players think carefully before performing dangerous actions.

This game has been updated 30-03-2021, 12:25 to the latest version v30.8 (Beta).

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Empyrion Galactic Survival v1.4.5 - CODEX

Empyrion Galactic Survival Game Free Download Torrent
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Small studio EmpyrionGame offers to enjoy the game, which is called — Empyrion Galactic Survival. They say that this word was used by the ancients to describe what is beyond the sky. The gamer will find out what is hidden there. And there is a whole galaxy, and in the game it is always unique due to procedural generation. Another feature of Empyrion is that you can board a ship and go to any planet, to land at any point. Perhaps, such a great journey the gaming industry did not offer before.

This game has been updated 30-03-2021, 04:51 to the latest version v1.4.5.

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Blue Fire v3.1.2 (upd.30.03.2021) - CODEX

Blue Fire Game Free Download Torrent
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Blue Fire — is an action-adventure platformer that takes you on a thrilling journey through the forgotten kingdom of Penumbra. Many years ago, these lands were brutally attacked by terrible monsters who completely devastated the once rich territories. Only a few managed to survive the attack, and now they sacredly keep the secrets and secrets of long-forgotten castles. Go to explore the surrounding locations, fight monsters and upgrade your skills. Collect suitable weapons and equipment, improve the strength of your armor and the power of weapons to be able to challenge the most powerful enemies.

This game has been updated 30-03-2021, 04:34 to the latest version v3.1.2 (upd.30.03.2021).

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Forager v5.0.0 (upd.29.03.2021)

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Do you think clicker is a side chin of computer genre? Yes, you just have not played Forager. Yes, you have to rape your mouse button, you have to click a lot, but with this the game is made in such a way that it delays you and you do not notice the time spent playing the game. Before you 2D-game with an open world, which collected the ideas of Stardew Valley, Terraria and Zelda. Produce resources, build, create your small industrial city. Start with the extraction of wood and stone, build a stove and produce more complex objects. Gradually make an industrial revolution. And if you are too lazy to extract resources, why not take advantage of capitalism. Buy cheap, sell high.

This game has been updated 29-03-2021, 05:13 to the latest version v5.0.0 (upd.29.03.2021).

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Inspector Waffles v1.0 (upd.28.03.2021)

Inspector Waffles Game Free Download Torrent
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Inspector Waffles — a new PC game released by Goloso Games. By genre, this is a point and click adventure in which you have to play as an inspector investigating the causes of the death of the fluffy fluffy, found at home in Cat Town. Oh yes, the game in the world with furry characters is anthropomorphic animals. The hero has to find out what it was: a sly murder or suicide. The developer notes that he independently made the game for almost 1 year, starting in 2017. The game will appeal to all fans of the genre and detective stories, where you need to interact with objects, interrogate people, solve puzzle.

This game has been updated 1-04-2021, 10:00 to the latest version v1.0 (upd.28.03.2021).

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Shing! upd.25.11.2020 - CODEX

Shing! Game Free Download Torrent
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Shing! — is a powerful dynamic 2D beat-em-up action adventure game in which you’ll have to go on a crazy journey, fight hordes of demons, and more. The game takes place in a fantasy world in which demons began to destroy everything in their path, creating chaos and devastation. Well, you, in the role of a mad ninja, will have to go on an epic adventure, gather a squad of friends, warriors-pranksters, and destroy all the evil spirits that are trying to destroy the world. But it won’t be easy. You will have to fight a lot, learn a lot of new things, learn new mechanics, and create such things so that the demons scatter to the sides.

This game has been updated 28-03-2021, 03:48 to the latest version upd.25.11.2020.

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Mayhem in Single Valley v2.0.00 (upd.27.03.2021)

Mayhem in Single Valley Game Free Download Torrent
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Mayhem in Single Valley — is a game with an interesting concept in which the character you play for realizes that he is a game character. How will his perception of the world change. How does it relate to graphics developers. What is his opinion about the developers who put him in a dangerous and far from ideal world. Help the main character come to self-awareness and find the meaning of existence.

This game has been updated 27-03-2021, 16:22 to the latest version v2.0.00 (upd.27.03.2021).

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The Fabled Woods v1.0 (upd.26.03.2021) - SKIDROW

The Fabled Woods Game Free Download Torrent

The Fabled Woods — is a first-person narrative adventure walking simulator with a touch of quest in which you will have to travel to the vast expanses of a beautiful fairytale forest, full of secrets and intriguing secrets. The game was developed by CyberPunch Studios and offers players an unforgettable journey into the depths of a mysterious enigmatic beautiful forest that seems peaceful and kind. But be that as it may, and this forest actually hides many secrets, intriguing mysteries and secrets, and not only, and you will have to try to find out about them. Get ready, as there are truly unforgettable adventures ahead of you. Well, first of all, it would be worth saying that in this game, players will be offered as many as three storylines, closely intertwined with each other.

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